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The Capitol Hill Monitors is a club for scanner radio enthusiasts in Washington, D.C., Maryland, northern Virginia and lower Delaware. CHM sponsors tours and meetings throughout the year. The club's newsletter supplements other hobbyist publications such as Monitoring Times.

The CHM Newsletter

The Capitol Hill Monitor is the non-profit newsletter of the Capitol Hill Monitors. The newsletter keeps scanner enthusiasts abreast of local meetings, tours, frequency profiles and other topics of interest.

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Sample Issue: Scanning the 57th Presidential Inauguration(PDF)

The archive of past CHM newsletters can be found here

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Regions Covered on this page

Delaware District of Columbia Maryland Virginia

Scanner Topics

Scanners Applications Equipment Topics
Analog Trunkers Software Antennas Connecting Scanners via USB
Digital Trunkers Programming FAQs Accessories Connecting Scanners to Soundcards
Handheld Receivers RR Web Service Filters Delmarva Milcom
Desktop Receivers Aeronautical Manuals Glossary
PC Driven Federal Powering the Scanner Modifications
  Marine Channels   Narrowbanding
  Railroad   Rebanding
  SATCOM   Reviews
      Trunking (PDF)
      Trunking Decoders
      VHF/UHF Skip


Maps and associated data for GPS-aided scanners (courtesy Dewey Watkins)

Maryland Eastern Shore (Caroline, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne's, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico and Worcester)

Northern Maryland (Baltimore City/Co, Carroll, Frederick, Harford and Washington)

D.C. and Southern Maryland (Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, and Prince George's)

Central Maryland (Anne Arundel, Howard and Montgomery)


Scan-DC Listserv

Scan-DC is an electronic-mailing list dedicated to discussion of scanner radio-related topics in the Washington-Baltimore area. List members send messages to the MailMan software which distributes the messages to all list members. Members can receive the messages individually, or in a periodic digest which collects multiple messages and distributes them as a single message.

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Newsletter Staff and E-Mail Addresses

Alan Henney, General Editor and Acting Treasurer ()
Dr. Willard Hardman, Executive Editor
Mike Peyton, Technical Advisor
Ken Fowler, Virginia Correspondent (kd4iiw "at" juno dot com)

For more details contact:

Alan Henney
6912 Prince George's Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912-5414
301-270-2531 voice * 301-270-5774 fax