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This page is devoted to Washington DC. It contains links for Trunktracker information and conventional data, along with amateur radio sites.

Digital trunktrackers made by GRE, Radio Shack and Uniden can trunk the DC Metro police/fire system. However, along with the ability to digitally trunk, these scanners are more complex than their predecessors. Many people find it easier to download data from a known web site, and use an application to do the programming, rather than do it by hand. The popular RadioReference website has a subscription plan that allows a user to download data from their database, utilizing one of the many applications designed for this purpose. Links for these applications can be found here

If anyone should find other DC scanner related sites, please email ka3jjz at netscape dot com and we'll add the link, space permitting.

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DC Collaboration Page NEW
DC Metro data
DC TRS data
Potomac TRACON (Wiki article) UPDATED
Programming the DC police in digital scanners (Wiki article)
Washington DC data


Delmarva Milcom Monitoring (Wiki article) UPDATED
ZDC Washington Center Frequencies


Air Medical Evacuation Helicopters
CHM's 2013 Inauguration Issue (PDF)
David Schoenberger-Washington DC page
DC Scanning blog by David Schoenberger
DC Media Frequencies
DC Public Safety Radio Network documents
NOAA Weather Radio and SAME codes
Press Kit from DC's Unified Communications Center Open House
Police Service Areas (PSAs) and Districts
Signal Harbor's P25 FCC Data-DC


Live Scanner links on RadioReference wiki
Online Amateur Radio links on RadioReference wiki


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DC Emergency Radio Network
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