Channel Name Old Channel Name Output
RINS 1 COG 1 868.5125
RINS 2 COG 2 866.8375
RINS 3 COG 3 867.2375
RINS 4 COG 4 867.4875
RINS 5 COG 5 866.8625
RINS 6 COG 6 867.7625

RINS = Regional Interservice Channel

COG = Council of Governments (DC)


The following frequencies can be found outlined on the RadioReference wiki:

  • Common Public Safety (ITAC and new 700 Mhz allocations)
  • Emergency Medical Services Radio (includes new narrowband allocations)

    Information is now being maintained on the Maryland page at RadioReference. Also see the 'Medevac' and 'Emergency Medical Resources Center' links for more information


    Additional information can be found on the Air Medical Evacuation Helicopters article


    Date of last update: April 20 2008


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