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Are you looking to purchase a scanner, but aren't interested in Radio Shack products? Do you want to find a local retailer? Are you looking to find some part you're missing for that project sitting on your bench, and want to find it locally? Then check out some of the retailers, supplied by fellow Scan-DC members, and the RadioReference Maryland forum. As always, caveat emptor! Check out these folks with other members if you are unsure of what you are buying, and from whom.

If you are a retailer or reseller with an address in Maryland, DC, northern Virginia or Delaware, we'd like to add your website to our listing. Please contact one of the staff below, and we'll get it listed here.


Also see:
Michael Heavener (authorized Uniden Dealer)
GeoSolar Energy & MTC Communications
301 926-1891
Box 2171
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20886
Purchase Price of Scanners includes programming

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Newsletter Staff and E-Mail Addresses

Alan Henney, General Editor and Acting Treasurer ()
Dr. Willard Hardman, Executive Editor (hardman1 "at" ix dot netcom dot com)
Mike Peyton, Technical Advisor
Ken Fowler, Virginia Correspondent (kd4iiw "at" juno dot com)

For more details contact:

Alan Henney
6912 Prince George's Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912-5414
301-270-2531 voice * 301-270-5774 fax

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