WEEKEND #1, 2021

(Memorial Day Weekend)

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Rehoboth is preparing for its first visit of President Joe Biden which could happen later this week! This will be his first visit since taking office.

Last week, Secret Service activity has noticeably increased around his beach house and in North Shores.

Last Wednesday, iDewey posted a screenshot of this Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King helicopter landing in the Gordons Pond parking lot of the Cape Henlopen State Park. The VH-3D is from the Marine Helicopter Squadron (HMX-1) that flies the President. Whether or not the helicopters will actually use this lot for routine landings remains to be seen, but the President's beach house is within walking distance.

Photo courtesy iDewey

Michael Globetti, DNREC spokesman, said on Thursday that he could confirm that "a portion of the Gordons Pond parking lot was closed Wednesday and used for a White House Military Office helicopter exercise."

Area airports are already preparing for a temporary flight restriction (TFR) expected this coming week that will have a significant impact on air traffic throughout the region. Coast Guard helicopters and vessels are expected to patrol the Cape Henlopen area and military elements are moving into the region to support a presidential visit. Fighter jets and aerial refueling planes will likely patrol the sky.

The Biden-beach news reports are already on their way! Here are a few:

Additional Biden-in-Rehoboth reports and photos will be posted on WGMD.com as they become available. Kindly send yours along!


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Two women were hospitalized after a third-floor balcony floor gave way and they fell about 10 feet to the second-floor balcony. It happened here at the Adams Ocean Front Resort Villas on Read Avenue in Dewey Beach around 4:45 p.m. on Monday.

Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, police spokesman, says both women were taken to the hospital but amazingly, neither had life-threatening injuries. A 57-year-old woman suffered a fractured pelvis and ribs while a 47-year-old broke her femur. Both come from Ohio.


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Event recognizes Rehoboth Beach Patrol's century of service.

The Rehoboth Beach Patrol started its 2021 guarding season this past Saturday with a bell-ringing ceremony on the boardwalk. Despite the cold and blustery rainy morning with sea foam spraying across the beach, the guards and their captain were preparing for the challenge. "He's got a new energy he is bringing to the beach patrol," Mayor Stan Mills said about Capt. Jeff Giles, the patrol's new captain. "One of the new programs he has brought to us is ringing of the bell," Mayor Mills explained.

"That bell is to signify the beginning of each lifeguard day from today, Saturday, through the end of their lifeguard season in September," Mayor Mills said after he rang the bell for the first day. "For me personally ringing the bell is an honor and it signifies the commitment, diligence and professionalism of our men and women on the Rehoboth Beach Patrol," he added.

Photo courtesy City of Rehoboth Beach

Capt. Giles, a former state trooper, said "It is an honor... It is a privilege to come back full circle for me," noting that he had last served on the patrol in 1986. He is joined by at least two other veterans including Chiefs Derek Shockro and Rich Szvitich. Here he is with Chief Nico Caceres who held the bell for Saturday's ceremony.

Mayor Mills said that the ringing of the bell also signifies and acknowledges all of the training the guards receive. "They are safety officials," he explained. "They respond to our swimming and medical emergencies. But at the same time, they are a front face of Rehoboth Beach. They are ambassadors and are representing the community, goodwill and friendliness," he pointed out.

For more details on the patrol and this event, see the city's website and this recent Delaware Today article, Rehoboth Beach lifeguards celebrate a century of safety.



This is what the beach in Rehoboth looked like Saturday morning when lifeguards were setting up the stands for their first day.

More than two inches of rain fell on Rehoboth Beach this past holiday weekend. Wind gusts on Saturday and Sunday were frequently in the 20 to 35 m.p.h. range according to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk DEOS weather station.

The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel reported on conditions from Rehoboth on Saturday.



Four people were stabbed in Ocean City during a fight at a house party on 130th Street around 12:35 a.m. Friday. Three of those injured were taken by ambulance to Northside Park where Maryland and Delaware state police helicopters flew them to trauma centers.

The fourth man declined further medical treatment. None of the injuries were critical. Police arrested two men at the scene.

Police charged the suspects -- 18-year-old Stas Urbanski-Hughes of Frankford and 18-year-old Brandon Storm Allen Messick of Ocean City -- with assault and other offenses.

Photos courtesy Cesar Campos, Campos Media


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Brenda and Robbie Matthews have been trying to find their 33-year-old daughter, Sallie Matthews. Friends and family have been posting her photo at the beach in hopes it will get her in touch with her parents.

Her parents say she suffers from depression. But when she left for work on May 17, the last day they saw her, she hugged her father as she departed for work with no indication that anything was wrong. She never reported to her job. Nothing obvious has been shared on her Facebook page either, although they believe her smartphone has run out of airtime.

The family lives in the Seaford area. But she has been seen at the Delaware beaches. Her car was towed from a Fenwick Island State Park lot, so she is probably relying on public transportation or walking.



This dead dolphin was discovered tumbling in the surf Sunday morning. Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, police spokesman, says he dragged it up on the beach for the MERR Institute to examine. He described it as a baby dolphin.

No word yet from MERR on a possible cause of death. Lifeguards later buried it near the dunes.

Photo courtesy Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, Dewey Beach Police


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Condo is among properties now using booting in addition to towing!

You have been warned! "Landlords are having vehicles towed from private parking lots," says Brian Hancock, Star of the Sea condo manager.

This was one of the two autos he had booted on Memorial Day. Both will get towed if the owners do not check-in at the front desk before it closes, he said.

The condo's signs warn that motorists must display their parking permits.

"Best start the season as we mean to go on," Hancock added.

Photos courtesy Brian Hancock



This two-day project was completed just in time for the holiday weekend!

The crane from the Sautter Crane Rental service was used to perform scheduled maintenance work on the cell antennas.

Police blocked Laurel Street while the work was being performed.


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State Auditor Kathy McGuiness joined mayors from Newark, Dewey and Lewes to host a press conference last Wednesday on the Dewey Beach Baywalk. She is working with county and local governments and school districts to help them transparently document how they spend their federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds.

She pointed out that watchdog reports have given Delaware a "C+" and "D+" ratings and ranked the state in the bottom 10 states in providing online access to government spending data. More details are in this news release.


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Sean Kelley, professional photographer, held a grand opening for his gallery in Rehoboth Beach's Penny Lane Mall last Thursday. This is his fifth summer and now he has turned the gallery into a cooperative with these three other artists.

Kelley in blue is shown at the opening with colleagues Angelica Clemmer and Gandhi Hurwitz on his right and Lisa Miller on his left. The musician is Jeff Evans.

"We are providing wall decor for Delmarva," Kelley explained. "It is a small gallery, but we are powerful," he said, noting that each of the four artists share space in the gallery and responsibilities.

Kelley's photography on display depicts the ocean and beachscapes typically on metal, canvas and in traditional photo prints.

Clemmer specializes in graphic arts typically used for logos and T-shirts but she also paints with acrylic on canvas, snowboards, snowskates and skateboard blanks. She tries to spread positivity, goodness and happiness. "I like to express with color mainly good vibrations," she said.

Hurwitz prints photos on wood, metal, acrylic, canvas and paper. "Different images just do better on certain mediums," he explains, "so I experiment with that. But my love is just the natural world... landscapes, nature, wildlife, beachscapes," he said.

Hurwitz uses ultra-fast shutter speeds to freeze water, whether the subject is ocean waves, creeks, streams or a fountain. He loves the shapes that can be found in the water, dramatic lighting and how water reflects the iridescent light. "There is a certain way I feel when I am in a place like that," he said, and "what I try to do is just capture that feeling and print it so other people can share it."

Miller specializes in fine art oil paintings. "I love this area," she says, and that is her inspiration... all the beautiful scenery that is around here, especially the sunrises and sunsets. "They are probably my go-to, I love them," she explained. Every night is a different scene and she tries to capture that in photos and then paint it in her studio using a palette knife instead of brushes. She says her palette knife technique produces a lot of texture and that impressionistic style.

More info is on the Sean Kelley Art & Friends Facebook page.


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Osprey Catch by Rick Tananis...

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POLICE INVESTIGATE COMPLAINTS OF VISITORS URINATING IN DUNES IN SOUTH REHOBOTH--- Rehoboth Beach police handled several complaints of persons urinating and defecating on or along the sand dunes between Queen and Penn Streets on the far south side of town on Memorial Day afternoon. One man was cited. This was reminiscent of a similar incident several Memorial Days ago. The complaints are mostly from property owners and decrease as the ocean water temperature increases over the next few weeks. The closest public restroom is on Delaware Avenue.


MAN CRASHES MERCEDES INTO PARKED CARS IN DOWNTOWN REHOBOTH BEACH--- A man driving a black Mercedes crashed into two parked autos on Bayard Avenue at Munson Street just before 1 a.m. last Thursday. He was taken into custody after given a field sobriety test. No word yet from police on charges. His airbag had deployed and he suffered cuts to his face. The street was covered with a significant amount of debris.


AUTO CRASHES INTO LEWES CONVENIENCE STORE--- A 17-year-old girl working in a convenience store was injured after an auto came crashing into the building. It happened around 10:45 a.m. last Friday at the Hazzard Auto Repairs on Savannah Road in Lewes. It was not a load-bearing wall. The girl was injured when a glass deli case knocked her over and she cut her nose. No word yet from police on charges, if any.



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