WEEKEND #1, 2024

(Memorial Day Weekend)

May 28, 2024

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Rehoboth Beach started the season with a slew of changes impacting the beach patrol and especially visitors of Deauville, which has essentially become a state park within Rehoboth Beach.

Trash cans were removed, and Deauville has been converted into a carry-in/carry-out park, independent of city infrastructure.

As planned, state officials assumed control of the Deauville beach, its parking lot and tennis courts. The beach area extends roughly from the jetty north of Pennsylvania Avenue to the town's northern edge.

The four Rehoboth Beach Patrol stands that covered this area for decades were replaced with state park chairs and state park lifeguards with their own rules. There are five lifeguard stands at Deauville beach staffed by 12 Delaware State Beach Patrol (DSBP) lifeguards, says Shauna McVey, DNREC communications manager. Gordon's Pond remains unguarded.

"We're going to work with them and alongside them and that area I'm sure is going to be just as safe as it ever was," says Chief Derek Shockro of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol. "Delaware State Parks has some amazing lifeguards there," he added, "and we're looking forward to working with them to make sure the entire one-and-a-quarter mile of Rehoboth Beach is safely guarded."

Saturday morning, DNREC park rangers -- including Chief Wayne Kline of the Delaware Natural Resources Police -- were on patrol in Deauville. Chief Kline said they will be enforcing state laws here, no city ordinances. That leaves this Rehoboth 1992 surfing ordinance in limbo.

The Catts' beach shacks in Deauville are still used for umbrella and chair rentals. But the iconic "snack shack" off Park Avenue is now used by the lifeguards.

DNREC personnel were using this Airstream trailer to sell parking permits, among other items.

A one-day weekend vehicle pass is $20. Pedestrians and bicyclists are still allowed for free.

"We were sorry to have lost overseeing management of Deauville beach but we were not interested in the new fee structure imposed by DNREC that amounted to an increase of 10,000 to 12,000 percent," Mayor Stan Mills said on Monday. "DNREC obviously has experience in managing state parks so the transition from city management to that of the state should be easy," he added.


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The Rehoboth Beach Patrol started the season operating from a shipping container in the parking lot between the old Pennsylvania Railroad House and the Village Improvement Association.

"It almost feels like we are at the Cape Henlopen State Park, camping," says Chief Derek Shockro of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol. "We have still all the amenities that we need to continue with first-class ocean rescue services to the residents and patrons of Rehoboth Beach. So, no matter where we got to work out of, we're still going to continue to do our job to the highest capacity."

"We still have the same amount of lifeguards that we had last year, and we have fewer stands, and then you add what state parks is going to add to the northern end of our territory and... we are going to have a lot of highly qualified surf-rescue lifeguards providing the best in public safety now here in Rehoboth Beach," Chief Shockro pointed out.

The patrol's medics stage at the Delaware Avenue information booth.

The building the RBP had used previously on Baltimore Avenue is being replaced with a modern facility that is facing delays.

The now-traditional ringing of the bell has been replaced with the raising of the flag since the RBP bell had been placed in storage.

"This year we recognize the 103rd start of a beach patrol season in Rehoboth Beach and the fourth year for Jeff Giles as captain of the RBP," Mayor Stan Mills pointed out.

"I am appreciative of everyone's flexibility in dealing with temporarily relocated headquarters and medical stations as well as relocated public restrooms. It won't be too long before our ceremonial beginning of summer includes a ribbon cutting for our new combination RBP/public restrooms facility ready to serve all for decades to come," Mayor Mills added.


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After years of inactivity, the Rehoboth Beach Patrol has placed its 19-foot fiberglass-hull dory back in service. Chief Derek Shockro spearheaded the project last fall to refurbish the boat for use this season.

This style of boat is popular with beach patrols at the Jersey shore, Chief Shockro points out, because many of those beaches, which have an unusually long shallow surf, are best protected by lifeguards both on shore and using similar vessels. Having a boat deployed like this one, the patrols can react much faster than having somebody swim or paddle out 200 to 300 yards depending on the size of the rips.

Here in Delaware, Chief Shockro explains, they plan to use the dory for sport and training, noting that this particular model is designed to stay afloat by holding air in compartments beneath the deck and shed water through the scuppers (slots in the hull) and the open stern.

This boat promises to offer an opportunity to RBP guards who attend the regional boat competition in New Jersey and the Nationals, he says. The only other patrol to have such a boat in Delaware is Sea Colony.

The guards in this area, he says, are known for being good runners. "We are the sand troopers... If we can get more competitive in the boats... this can hopefully help us in our points and maybe we can improve from years past," he added.

"We can go run and swim all day long but your body needs to have a few other modes to adapt and to move forward with our training," Chief Shockro points out. "So we have paddleboards... We have surf skis, which are like a competitive ocean kayak, and we have this boat. So it gives our guards here a few different options to stay fit and continue with their training. So once again, make our beaches the safest in the US," he adds.

That's Chief Shockro on the right, with Senior Lifeguard Oscar Hageman.


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Local officials joined veterans, local organizations and visitors at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand on Monday morning in observance of Memorial Day. At the lectern is Tom Dahl, American Legion Post 5 commander, who was the master of ceremonies.

Among the participants were representatives from the American Legion, VFW, Elks Lodge, Civil Air Patrol, JROTC, Daughters of the American Revolution, Delaware Society of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Kiwanis Club.

Greg Gause, American Legion Post 5 chaplain: May God bless the noble experiment we call the United States of America. Prosper her, stimulate us to honor and respect those who died defending her. Please give courage and wisdom to our local and national leaders and bless all who are assembled here. Amen.


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A huge American flag flew from a gigantic Albatross Crane over Lingo's on Rehoboth Avenue this past holiday weekend in celebration of the firm's 50th anniversary.

Karen Maull, one of the Rehoboth rental managers, has been with Lingo for 27 years. She says they probably handle the most rental listings in the area.

"But you know, it's a family-based business and you know we're happy to help and try to treat everybody like family. I think all of our clients we try to treat like family," she added.


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The Sean Kelley Art & Friends gallery hosted its grand opening for the 2024 season this past Friday. He opened the shop solo in 2017 and switched to an artist co-op in 2020. This summer Kelley is joined by Angelina Kosinova, Lisa Miller and Kaitlin Monroe. The artist co-op shares this tiny but efficient space in Penny Lane in the ocean block between Rehoboth Avenue and Wilmington Avenue.

Here Kelley is at the opening with Miller, and their respective works.

Kosinova, from Ukraine, is the latest member of the gallery. She uses sand in her pieces to create beachy artworks. Miller, from Lewes, is a traditional oil-on-canvas painter. Kelley is the photographer who is here in the summer from Northern Virginia. Monroe, who lives in the Camp Arrowhead area west of Lewes, takes photographs of people underwater and then puts them on canvas.

"We're a boutique shop. We're small but mighty," Kelley explains. He points out that, unlike other art galleries, one of the four artists will be staffing the shop this summer, not just any regular employee!



Local author Stephanie Warlick -- Stephen Simmons' daughter -- held a book signing Sunday at Browseabout for the debut of her interactive children's picture book, "Squirrels Bowling on the Roof: A Silly Story that Sounds Sensational."

Her book promises to be a gateway to a realm of endless possibilities, perfect for children who need a nudge to conquer their fears and embrace the power of creativity. Join Suzie on her whimsical quest as she bravely faces the mysterious noises outside her window, turning fear into laughter with the help of her vivid daydreaming.

Beyond an entertaining and empowering children's read, this book is a treasure trove for educators and parents alike. With its thoughtfully chosen fonts teaching proper lettering alongside the narrative, it seamlessly blends fun with learning. Warlick also includes invaluable tips on how to engage with children about their fears and transform them into colorful and joyful mental images.

She is also the owner of 5FT View Consulting, LLC. Her book, including a few copies signed by her, is available at Browseabout and on Amazon. The Kindle version is only $2.99.

Photos courtesy Stephen Simmons



For those who have not already heard, my mother -- and biggest supporter -- died at Beebe Hospital on September 16.

I am still not back on track but I stumble forward. Here we were just a few Memorial Day Weekends ago on the beach near the Henlopen.

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BIDENS EXPECTED TO RETURN THIS WEEK--- The President and the First Lady are expected in Rehoboth on Thursday. Her birthday is Monday. Please keep the camera handy and send along your photos!


WOMAN FLOWN TO TRAUMA CENTER AFTER GOLF CART FLIPS--- A 33-year-old woman was injured after she was partly ejected from a golf cart when the driver, a 41-year-old man, lost control as he was negotiating a curve. They both come from Ellicott City, Maryland. According to Lt. India Sturgis, state police spokesperson, it happened around 5:15 p.m. Monday on private property on Signature Boulevard west of Fenwick, near the Freeman Arts Pavilion. The golf cart landed on top of the woman.


O.C. POLICE ARREST MAN WITH GUN AFTER ASSAULT OUTSIDE POPULAR NIGHTCLUB--- Ocean City police say a man was captured on video beating another man unconscious on 49th Street around 2:30 a.m. this past Sunday. "Officers learned that the suspect exited the vehicle near the entrance area of a local restaurant/bar and pointed a handgun at the victim's head," says Ashley Miller, police spokeswoman. "The suspect then began striking the victim in the head until he fell unconscious," she said.

Officers observed a vehicle matching the description headed south on Coastal Highway and conducted a high-risk traffic stop at 41st Street, Miller said. The front-seat passenger was identified as the main suspect. He and the female driver were detained without incident and were later arrested. Police found a loaded handgun in the auto, she added.



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