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WEEKEND #04, 2017

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




A scathing letter signed by 10 Dewey Beach police officers, the beach patrol captain and the building inspector accuses Marc Appelbaum, Dewey Beach town manager, below, of sexual harassment and many other alleged improprieties.

The letter, addressed to the mayor and commissioners, was dated last Wednesday but appeared in news publications on Friday. Parties on both sides have been reluctant to comment concerning the explosive 11-page letter, stating that it is a legal issue.


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A Rehoboth Beach public works employee was arrested this weekend after a traffic stop revealed that he had a registration sticker on his personal car taken from a city-owned truck. An officer on patrol made the traffic stop on Grove Street around 10 a.m. Saturday. His car was impounded and he was taken to the police station.

"This is a personnel matter," City Manager Sharon Lynn said later Saturday. "I cannot comment on [it] at this time."


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Rehoboth Beach police, with the assistance of public works personnel, spent early Sunday evening trying to determine who dumped about 20 white plastic kitchen trash bags in the woods of Central Park. The trash bags, many stuffed with Grotto Pizza boxes, beer cartons and bottles, were discovered about 100 feet into the woods from the intersection of 3rd and Cookman Streets.

Police did remove some potential evidence before dumping the bags into a city trash truck.



Rehoboth Beach police responded to the second block of Columbia Avenue around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday after a property owner reported a suspected burglary in a garage apartment.

Further investigation revealed that an unknown suspect trespassed upon the property and entered an unsecured garage apartment, says Lt. Jaime Riddle. "Nothing was stolen from the residence; however, it appeared that the suspect had stayed there," he said. "This was not a burglary, but rather a trespass."



This Cape Gazette article referenced last week did not include the profile links to Susan Gay and Comm. Kathy McGuiness, which the paper ran previously. Click here for the Susan Gay article and the Comm. McGuiness one is here.

As a reminder, Susan Gay, incumbent Comm. McGuiness and Lisa Schlosser are running for one of the two commissioner seats. To be eligible to vote in the city election on August 12, 2017, you must register on or before July 13. For details see the city's website.

Photos courtesy of the candidates


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A teen on a bicycle refused to stop for Rehoboth Beach police around 4:50 p.m. Saturday. He took police on a wild chase starting on Philadelphia Street, then Delaware Avenue, Wilmington Avenue and finally to 2nd Street where police cornered him at Delaware Avenue.

The bike was returned to the teen's grandmother and he was taken away by police. No word yet on charges.


4 female exchange students injured in bike accidents in past two weeks.

A state police news release last Sunday indicated that a bicyclist had been charged with "Riding A Bicycle On a Sidewalk or Crosswalk Where Prohibited" for the June 6 accident that happened at the entrance to IHOP, shown below, on Coastal Highway.

A trooper from Troop 7 explained this past week that bicycles were indeed allowed on Coastal Highway sidewalks and that he could see how somebody made the mistake reading the charges in the DSP computer system. The actual charge for the June 6 accident was failure to yield as stated in 21/4143 "Crossing at other than crosswalks (a) Every pedestrian [or bicyclist] crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk must yield right of way to all vehicles upon the roadway."

He noted that Coastal Highway passes through local municipalities which may have their own bike ordinances, but outside of those towns, riding bicycles on the Coastal Highway sidewalks is allowed.

Since June 5, female foreign students riding bikes have been involved in four minor accidents with autos in the Rehoboth area. The most recent was reported this past Tuesday, June 13, and police are trying to locate the driver of the striking auto. On Tuesday, police say, the 22-year-old female bicyclist was struck by a vehicle, knocking her to the ground around 10:19 a.m. near the Rehoboth Giant.

The driver of the striking vehicle stopped and contacted the bicyclist who initially advised she was ok and no information was exchanged, police said. But after continuing to work on Rehoboth Avenue, the bicyclist reported the incident and was later taken to Beebe Hospital with an arm injury. The bicyclist could only describe the driver of the vehicle as an elderly white woman driving "a large dark vehicle." Police ask anybody with information in regard to this accident to please call Cpl. Wayne Ingram at Troop 7, Lewes (302) 644-5020.

As a reminder, DelDOT and its partners are once again manning bike safety checkpoints this summer to equip bicyclists with FREE lights, helmets, safety brochures and make minor adjustments. For the dates, times and locations, see WGMD.com.


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Sometimes police get really lucky and drunk drivers come to them, as was the case this past Saturday night. Spectators from the Henlopen Condo watched the whole thing. Rehoboth Beach police had just been assisting with a medical emergency for a girl suffering an allergic reaction around 9:30 p.m. in the ocean block of Lake Avenue. Moments later, a gray Jeep Patriot SUV drove up. "We couldn't figure out why he approached at such a fast clip and just sat there until eventually an officer approached," says one witness, who took this photo.

"Every other car drove around the scene. We saw the scrapes and damage to his side-view mirror." Indeed, police soon noticed what appeared to be fresh damage to the Jeep SUV as well and instructed the driver to perform a field sobriety test. After failing the test, he was handcuffed, taken away and the Jeep was impounded.



The Rehoboth Art League opened its 44th Annual Members' Fine Craft Exhibition last Friday night with magnificent works from many local artists and artisans.

Sandy Curson, a Rehoboth Beach resident and an art teacher for 36 years, exhibited her line of beautiful home-made pottery. "I love living down here at the beach," she states, "and I really much like to paint scenes that are about the seashore, sea life, ships and things that are very beachy." Here she is with her Turtle Moon bowl.

From start to finish, the process to create one of these bowls takes about a month. The clay has to be thrown on the wheel, then she turns the bottom, it is fired, then painted, then fired again. The stoneware clay bowls are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe!

Peter Emanuel was another artist attending the opening showing off his three mandalas. A mandala, Emanuel points out, is a meditation aid used to help one focus. The repetitive patterns, he observes, are said to be a calming influence for those who meditate.

He uses game pieces, a sort of throwback to games we used to play as children. Emanuel's Rehoboth mandala features everything Rehoboth from the street names, the Funland tickets, custom-made Rehoboth playing cards and real Dogfish Head bottle caps!

Emanuel claims he did not drink all those beers, he simply got the bottle caps directly from the Dogfish Head brewery! "I'm telling you," he adds, "a glass of merlot and a tube of glue, a little bit of patience and you'd be surprised what you can do!" He will have his first art show this summer at RAL's annual outdoor show in August.

The members' exhibition runs through July 23.


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Members of the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society packed the Rehoboth Beach Museum Thursday night for the opening of the latest exhibition, "Angry Water."

Paula Roberts, the curator, says this exhibition features lots of interesting information that will bring back memories for people who lived through the storms or lived through the rebuilding, or have seen the shipwrecks. "We tried to do less telling and more showing with this exhibit, so we wanted to do more pictures and stories and things people could just relate too," she says.

Roberts points to the narrative of national publications after the Storm of '62, such as this issue of "This Week Magazine" and the wonderful stories on how communities came together after such a calamity. The museum has made copies of the publications for visitors to read at the museum's front desk.

This is one museum that does not mind selfies. In fact, they are encouraged. Here is Roberts at the helm of a doomed voyage.

RBHS member Carl Preate poses with Nancy Alexander, museum director.

The final part of the exhibition is about restoration, Roberts points out, and how we have learned from the past. While the storm in 2016 was so terrible, it was not a hurricane, it was a severe nor'easter much like the Storm of '62. "The fact that we had built dunes and planted beach grass made the damage much less significant than it would have been had we not done that," she points out.

So we have learned from the past. We also have modern technology such as radar that allows us to track storms and ships. And then there is the economic aspect. "Hopefully we are learning how to do it better and prepare better so we can keep all this wonderful stuff going," Roberts adds.


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Today, June 19, would have been Cheryl's 54th birthday.

"Cheryl was a wonderful friend to me and a great supporter of KINfolk," said Kathy McNamara, KINfolk event chair. "She was a little person with a big heart, a winning smile and happy personality. She left a shining light in the hearts of all who knew her. She will be greatly missed," McNamara added. McNamara is shown here talking with Cheryl during a previous KINfolk fundraiser.

The show will go on, but will not be easy without Cheryl. This year, KINfolk is having its annual wine tasting and art auction on Wednesday, July 19, at the Virden Center in Lewes on the University of Delaware campus -- a new location for the event.

KINfolk supplies free laptop computers and Internet access to hospitalized and homebound children to keep them in touch with family, school and friends and to help them fight the stress of their illness.

Contact Kathy at (302) 645-6971 for tickets or information or check the KINfolk website. Tickets will also be available at the door. Admission is $30.



See the Shore News Beacon for more incredible photos from this weekend's O.C. air show!

Photo courtesy Shore News Beacon


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FIRST STOLEN VEHICLE FOR 2017 IN R.B.--- Rehoboth Beach police are investigating what is reported to be the first stolen auto of the year. "We are not releasing a lot of the details at this time as the investigation is active and ongoing," says Lt. Jaime Riddle. "The release of information could possibly hinder the investigation," he added. Lt. Riddle says he can confirm that last Tuesday, around 1:20 p.m., police took a report of the stolen green Subaru Forrester with Pennsylvania license plates. The Subaru was last seen in the 200 block of Hickman Street.


NEAR-DROWNING IN POOL AT RED MILL POND--- A 6-year-old girl nearly drowned in a pool adjacent to Red Mill Pond this past Thursday. It happened on Kaplan Cove just before 4 p.m. According to reports, she had been bobbing up and down in the pool for maybe three or four minutes. But amazingly, she was in good condition and alert when taken to Beebe Hospital.


EMS WORKERS RESUSCITATE MAN AT LONG NECK CARWASH--- A 60-year-old man lapsed into cardiac arrest around 10:30 a.m. last Thursday while at the Long Neck carwash on John J. Williams Highway. CPR was started immediately and an ambulance crew arrived moments later with an AED which was used to shock his heart. The patient regained a pulse. Glenn Marshall, Sussex County EMS spokesman, says because of HIPPA, he cannot provide any details.


MAN FLOWN TO TRAUMA CENTER AFTER FIGHT IN O.C.--- A man around 20 years old had been beaten in a fight last Monday and was flown to a trauma center. He was found semi-conscious around 4:10 a.m. at the Sand Pebbles on 65th Street with a busted jaw and neck injury. EMS personnel took him to the Jolly Rogers lot where a state police helicopter flew him to a trauma center.


LARGE DEAD LEATHERBACK COMES TO SHORE IN O.C.--- What was described as a large dead leatherback sea turtle came to shore around 4:30 p.m. Saturday in Ocean City at 4th Street. Public works personnel later removed it to the 65th Street facility.


GUEST DIES IN O.C. MOTEL ROOM--- Ocean City police investigated the death of a guest at the Sahara Motel which was reported around 9:15 a.m. Saturday at 1900 Baltimore Avenue. The medical examiner will attempt to determine the cause and manner of death.


O.C. BEACH PATROL CAPTAIN ATTEMPTS TO RESUSCITATE WOMAN IN CARDIAC ARREST WITH HELP OF OTHERS--- One of the first people to arrive on the scene Sunday when a woman was found in cardiac arrest was OCBP Capt. Butch Arbin. He said when he heard the call dispatched on the EMS channel around 2:40 p.m. at the Inlet Lot, he and the crew chief who sits south of the OC Pier also responded. "Knowing we had easy access to the Inlet Lot and I carry an AED in my vehicle," he said, "I responded." Upon arrival they found a mini-van with the rear passenger door open. With bystander assistance they removed an unconscious woman from the van, assessed her vital signs and began CPR. "Once I attached the AED I had them stop CPR as it indicated a shock [was required]," he said. "We continued CPR until paramedics arrived and we turned patient care over to them," he added. They took the woman to the hospital and that was the last update Capt. Arbin received as of early Sunday evening.



Resort communities: Rental tax extension threatens tourism

Pool openings delayed due to J1 visa hang-ups (foreign exchange students)

Shark attacks, injuries rare in Delaware

Lewes Dairy is headed to Millsboro

Weekend full moon brought thousands of horseshoe crabs to Delaware beaches

Coast Guard medevacs fisherman 50-miles off Cape May

Coast Guard, partner agencies save loggerhead sea turtle off Delaware coast

Camping growing in popularity at DNREC's Delaware state parks

Concern over LGBTQ issues in Cape schools sparks CAMP Rehoboth meeting

Kmart redevelopment underway in Rehoboth

New Jewish deli opens near Rehoboth

Makin' Whoopie Pies in Rehoboth Beach (from Hershey Park)

Rehoboth fireworks set for July 2

2 highly anticipated restaurants - Bluecoast Seafood and The Vineyard Bar - debut in Rehoboth Beach

A turtle tutorial comes with a good hook (Silver Lake snapping turtles)

Complaint about how much Rehoboth Beach is getting in property taxes

Family business finds opportunity in trash law (Rehoboth Beach valet service)

Wanted man in Grove Park at night resists arrest by Rehoboth Beach police (10:30 p.m. last Thursday)

21st Annual Running of the Bull in Dewey Beach has its own website and new date (June 24)

State police seek driver in serious pedestrian hit-and-run (Ocean View, 11 a.m. last Monday)

Welcome to America, land of mixed messages and double standards. Breasts, especially, continue to confound us

Unsanctioned event expected late July in Ocean City

First-degree assault arrest after O.C. store stabbing

Court rules for White Marlin Open in prize money dispute

Summer special election to decide paramedics bargaining issue?

Scooter driver led police down packed boardwalk before crashing into dumpster

Berlin men arrested for O.C. armed robbery

Opinion confirms O.C. likely within right to ban female toplessness; topless advocate: 'Now we take the issue to court and see who wins and loses'

Ocean City receives advice letter from Attorney General on matter of toplessness

OCPD issues heads-up about next month's College Takeover Event

Resort shocked by SHA's planned Baltimore Avenue overhaul with streetscape project in pipeline

Proposal to put bike racks on O.C. buses squashed

Native American Exhibition grand opening at Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum

Potential Berlin annexation worries citizens, planners



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