WEEKEND #06, 2023

July 3, 2023

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Saturday was hazy and visitors could not easily see the sun or the blue in the sky. But with a slight breeze and 75 degrees, this to some was better than bright sun and 85 degrees!

Late Saturday afternoon, police cracked down on people drinking alcohol on the beach, writing citations for several.

Photo courtesy Richard Tananis

This was vintage peak season traffic. Here is Saturday's congestion on Coastal Highway outside of Rehoboth.

Rehoboth Beach once again had its fireworks show on Sunday, ahead of all the other towns. The launch site this year was moved south to New Castle Street for safety reasons. This amazing photo captures that new launch site, the fireworks, and even the moon which is right in the center!

Photo courtesy Richard Tananis

Here people were celebrating Pride on the July 4th weekend at Gordon's Pond!

Photo courtesy Diane Scobey


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This time it was found on a replenished beach in Bethany

For the second time this season, bomb experts detonated an ordnance that was discovered during the current beach replenishment of the Delaware beaches. Stephen Rochette, spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, says this piece of ordnance was discovered in the basket that is used to catch such items as the sand is pumped onto the beach. It was found last Wednesday morning off Central Avenue in Bethany Beach.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

After its discovery, an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team from Dover Air Force Base was called to handle the situation.

Capt. Christina Camp said the team identified the ordnance as an American-made Bofors Mk. 2 40mm ammo from World War 2. "After positively identifying the ordnance," she said, "the team safely disposed of the items by detonation. Alongside of Delaware State Police, our EOD team has conducted two ordnance responses to Delaware beaches this year."

That previous EOD incident requiring a detonation was in Dewey Beach on June 7.

Also, this summer, beach patrols and police have been receiving and turning over 50-caliber bullets and shell casings like these which were found during a previous beach replenishment. They are not as easily filtered by the pumping system because of their small size.

Capt. Camp added that "EOD asks that if someone comes across an ordnance, to stay away from the object and notify authorities immediately."


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And other Biden beach tidbits

These interesting blue triangles began appearing on various objects in the Rehoboth area during the President's previous visit. What they have in common is that they are found along the motorcade routes. This is the booth at Gordon's Pond.

And here is Henlopen Avenue which was used as a motorcade route to the Biden family beach house.

Photos courtesy Diane Scobey

According to one of our POTUS watcher experts, the state police and Secret Service often mark items such as these along the motorcade route after checking them for explosives. But the markings typically change in both color and shape.

Unlike the American press, the British will publish photos of a President's non-adult children or grandkids. This Daily Mail article featured some recent Biden family photos including the President's most recent trip to Rehoboth Beach.


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This Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker (717-148) flew twice over Rehoboth Beach this past Tuesday afternoon at about 2100 feet marking the 100th anniversary and critical capability of aerial refueling.

Photo courtesy Eric Allen

The U.S. Air Force conducted flyovers across all 50 states, naming it Operation Centennial Contact. More than 150 tankers from 26 total installations were scheduled to participate with KC-135 Stratotankers, KC-10 Extenders and KC-46 Pegasus aircraft.

This particular tanker is part of the 756th Air Refueling Squadron permanently based at Joint Base Andrews. It flew over parts of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and New Jersey, making what looks like the outline of a rabbit?

Photo courtesy ADSB Exchange


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Rehoboth Beach police investigated this collision between a moped and a Hyundai Tucson around 4 p.m. on Friday here on King Charles Avenue and Rodney Street. An ambulance came to check over the man riding the moped who had some minor scrapes to his legs.

No word yet from the police on any charges.


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Rehoboth Beach now has a new employee on the beach to inform visitors of the city's ordinances.

Lynne Coan, city spokeswoman, says Rodger Furse began his beach ambassador role with the Rehoboth Beach Patrol this past weekend. "We anticipate that he'll be working five days a week and lots of weekends. His role is to be a friendly face to remind folks about the beach rules, including not allowing tents, smoking, alcohol, or dogs on the beach," she said.

Photo courtesy Jimmy Olson



For the second time this summer, a street sign from Queen Street was uprooted and tossed into Silver Lake. The most recent incident was discovered just before 7 a.m. this past Friday.

No word yet from police on a motive or suspect.

Photo courtesy Robert Thompson



Carol Nelson posted this photo on Nextdoor of an interesting find she had while gardening in Canal Pointe outside of Rehoboth.

She writes: "Today, I was working on my above-ground garden. Using a spade, I dug a hole to remove some dirt in order to plant some dill. I was shocked to find this egg in the dirt that I dug up. The egg is bigger and heavier than a chicken egg and was about 7 inches down in the dirt. Any ideas? Snake egg? It's hard to imagine I haven't noticed a snake given that I've been working in my veggie garden a lot lately."

This egg has flecks of soil on it, she points out, it is not speckled.

"I normally wouldn't disturb an egg," she added, "but I was worried it might be a snake so I moved it to the woods near the garden and I buried it around the same depth."

How it got buried so deep is a bit of a mystery. But one theory was that a fox stashed it there for later consumption. Nelson says she will continue to watch it and let us know what develops.

Photo courtesy Carol Nelson


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Jerry Strum opened his latest show at Gallery 50 this past Friday. His current exhibition consists of abstracted acrylic paintings. "Previously," he points out, "my work exhibited at Gallery 50 was representational seascapes and landscapes done with pastels. This was a radical departure that was precipitated during Covid when I was suddenly given a gift of a large block of time with no galleries or shows or which to prepare."

Strum had done abstracted work as an undergraduate student but after a career as an educator when he returned to his art, Strum began with watercolors, and then pastels doing landscapes and seascapes. "I wanted to return to creating abstracts," he explained, after he participated in a couple of online workshops.

This body of work was created in Frederick, Maryland, where Strum participated in an open studio workshop with The Delaplaine Arts Center. That workshop was facilitated by a well-known abstract artist in the Frederick region.

Strum's exhibition will be on display at Gallery 50 through July 19.

Photos courtesy Dale McGann



Back in May, I debated about whether to keep my weekly reports going for 2023 given my mother's condition. I am surprised I made it to this big holiday weekend.

But this report is being written from Beebe Hospital where I have been with her since Friday. She is in ICU. I won't be able to cover Rehoboth as usual until further notice.

Please remember us in your prayers and keep the photos and news coming as we will return later this summer.



Big Bird over Rehoboth by Richard Tananis ...

Summer storm 10.4 miles offshore! by Mary Beth Darr via Christopher Darr ...

Going in Circles by Susan Howard ...

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THE WEEKLY MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman from the MERR Institute says her organization conducted a sea turtle release last Thursday. "We picked up the turtles up near Long Island and brought them down. The turtles included a juvenile loggerhead named Coconut and a juvenile Kemp's ridley named Spunky that were rehabilitated at the Mystic Aquarium and a juvenile Kemp's ridley that was rehabilitated at the New York Marine Rescue Center," she said. They were actually ready for release but the water temperatures were still too cold in New York and Connecticut so MERR volunteers helped them get down here to warmer waters. They were released at Tower Road in the state park. More info is in the Cape Gazette. She said MERR had no strandings or death investigations in the past week. The annual MERR dolphin count is scheduled for July 15 with dolphin cruises planned for July 9 and August 13. Info is on the MERR Facebook.



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Army Corp of Engineers presents lake management draft plan in Rehoboth Beach

Public frustrated with Silver Lake, Lake Comegys plan

Front patio seating approved for Starboard Claw

Dewey commissioners approve ordinance amendments

Wilmington man, 23, charged in Dewey Beach DUI

Rehoboth-Indian Beach Club thrived before WWII

Fenwick Island explores banning the sale of marijuana

Fenwick approves budget, comp plan

Indian River celebrates 70th anniversary of volunteer firefighting July 8

SHA halts Route 90 roadwork; project to resume July 10

Violations found at Saltwater 75; entertainment hours reduced

New OC committee explores fee-in-lieu parking concept

Fire at Smokers BBQ Pit on Decatur Highway in West Ocean City (4 a.m. last Tuesday)



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