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WEEKEND #07, 2016

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




Dewey Beach was packed this past Saturday for the incredibly popular home-grown annual running of the bull festival. "All of us at The Starboard could not be more pleased and thankful for the outpouring of folks who come to enjoy the fun, silliness and hospitality we provide, especially on our 20th annual Running of the Bull event," says Steve "Monty" Montgomery, owner of The Starboard. "We work extremely hard to coordinate a smooth event that brings in such a large crowd, which has now been dubbed 'the 4th holiday weekend' in Dewey Beach." He estimated that the event brought in more than $7,000 for the Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company.

Montgomery said this year's bull run also brought record crowds with lines stretching down the block before 10 a.m. waiting to enter The Starboard. "While some waited hours to get in, others came early and made the most of this festive atmosphere," he said. "Thanks to so many who help keep this a safe but silly and fun event. It's a team effort and it's likely this day will break any sales record in The Starboard's 58-year history!" he added.

Here is Matador Garret Walsh challenging the bull.

For a second year in a row, this year's event featured a flyover of World War II era airplanes over Dewey and Rehoboth.

The 5th Annual Kids Bull Run was earlier in the morning on New Orleans Street with prizes, skim-boarding and games.

This Daily Times article explains the history and evolution of this famous Dewey Beach event.

Photos courtesy Natalee DeHart, GoodCleanFunLife

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Noticeably absent from Independence Day festivities last week in Rehoboth Beach was Cheryl Blackman, probably the city's best known celebrity. Cheryl is once again coping with cancer and is receiving home hospice care several days a week. But that has not discouraged her enthusiasm and her eagerness to enjoy her Rehoboth Beach friends. Cheryl is well known for her colorful patriotic outfits, especially on holiday weekends. Here she was during a previous July 4th.

Cheryl has been an icon in downtown Rehoboth for years and most everybody who has met her has fond memories to share about her. "We are looking for people to send us their Cheryl Stories," says her sister, Sharon Sherwood. So please take a moment to share your favorite Cheryl memory. They can be short or long. "We hope to put all these memories together in a book for Cheryl," Sharon says.

Please send these stories and memories by e-mail to MissPiggyCheryl@gmail.com or via U.S. Mail to 505 Stockley Street-Extended, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971. "That would make her very happy," Sharon adds.

Cheryl is known not only for her love of people but for her work for local charities. She has put much effort into canvassing popular nightspots selling raffle tickets for charities such as KINfolk. She takes great pride in her work for those organizations.

"Cheryl is a true Rehoboth icon. Everyone knows and loves her," says Kathy McNamara of KINfolk. "She is definitely a people person. She has a personality and smile that draws everyone to her and she seems to brighten everyone's day just by being herself. Everyone looks for her on the boardwalk to say 'hi' and to see what fun outfit she is wearing for each holiday. She has been a great asset to the community and all the charities and organizations that she has helped including KINfolk."

Since 2004, when she first started selling raffle tickets for KINfolk, McNamara says Cheryl has made well over $100,000 in raffle ticket sales. "She has done a great job for KINfolk and we are so very proud of her and all that she has done for us. I know that everyone's thoughts and prayers are with her and we wish her well. She is a very caring and giving person. I am very glad to know her and to call her my friend."

Cheryl and Kathy, below, at one of the KINfolk fundraiser events.

One of the best biographies about Cheryl is this 2007 Cape Gazette Saltwater Portrait by Ron MacArthur.


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By this time every summer, beach visitors and lifeguards spot charter fishing boats close to shore dumping fish guts and other bait -- known as chum -- into the ocean typically to attract sharks. Is this alarming or not a big deal?

For starters, Capt. Douglas Messeck of the DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police says this issue comes up every year and no laws prohibit such activity, although a town could pass an ordinance regulating such activity. The only obvious law that might currently come into play, he notes, requires all vessels to observe a slow/no-wake speed within 100 feet of any shoreline, swimmer, structure or vessel. The boats are not prohibited from fishing close to shore, but he also points out that the vessels typically appear closer than they actually are.

Capt. Messeck says the sharks are already there in the water and the fishermen are simply trying to lure them to the boat. It is not something we should be alarmed about, he says, adding that swimmers should worry more about suffering spinal injuries or getting caught by a fish hook.

Rich King of Delaware Surf Fishing agrees with Capt. Messeck. "I would not be concerned at all," King states. The fishing boats "have been doing this forever. The sharks they are targeting live very close to the shoreline... If this were a problem it would have been an issue years ago. Sharks do not target people for food."

"If people could see what the banner plane pilots see they would not go into the water," King adds. "Boats chum them up but not anymore than they already are. The area in front of Rehoboth Beach is a popular place to fish for them."


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Scooters are often involved in accidents on Coastal Highway with cars, but rarely another scooter as happened this past week. Around 3:45 p.m. this past Tuesday, state police say these two scooters were involved in a crash outside Rehoboth near Big Fish Grill. Traffic was already heavy because of the holiday, but this brought it to a crawl.

Master Corporal Gary E. Fournier, state police spokesman, says a 24-year-old Newark man was cited for following too closely behind the other scooter that was stopped. The 24-year-old sustained minor non-life-threatening injuries and was treated and released at Beebe Hospital. The 27-year-old Millsboro man driving the scooter that was struck had minor injuries and declined medical treatment at the scene.


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Yet another craft brewing company has opened its doors in the Rehoboth area. Revelation Beer is in a warehouse on Central Avenue at the edge of West Rehoboth nestled between a gravelly road full of house trailers and the upscale Canal Corkran development. Revelation also caters to passing bicyclists offering bike-bottle-sized "browler" containers to haul home the brew!

For details see this Daily Times article or visit the Revelation Beer website.


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SQUATTER COMPLAINTS IN R.B.--- Rehoboth Beach police recently investigated two complaints of people possibly squatting in other's homes. The first case was reported around 8:25 a.m. last Tuesday when a contractor arriving to work on a house in the 200 block of Country Club Drive discovered a man and woman asleep inside and remnants of a party. Officers caught the couple still in the house, but no word yet from police on charges, if any.

On Saturday, Rehoboth Beach police investigated an incident on Jones Lane, the new street in town behind the 7-Eleven, where it appeared somebody had slept on the porch and left hand prints all over the windows. It possibly happened on Wednesday.


TEEN's DEATH RULED ACCIDENTAL FROM ALCOHOL AND XANAX--- Bruce Goldfarb, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner spokesman, says the cause of death for the 18-year-old man who was found dead in Ocean City during senior beach week was ethanol and alprazolam intoxication, which was ruled accidental. The teen's body was discovered at the Jocelyn Manor Condo in the 200 block of 8th Street on June 17. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


SUSSEX PARAMEDICS DELIVER BABY--- County paramedics successfully delivered a baby on Saturday on Virginia Drive in Plantation Park near Frankford. The emergency maternity call was dispatched at 9:19 a.m. The baby was born minutes later and taken to the hospital with mom via a Millville ambulance.


REHOBOTH BEACH DUMPSTER COLLECTION AND LAWN MOWING HOURS--- Over the July 4th weekend one private trash hauler was heard emptying dumpsters in Rehoboth Beach before 6 a.m. which led to a police complaint. Edward Graves, Jr., code enforcement officer, said this past week that Rehoboth Beach currently has no regulations for dumpster collection. However, he says the noise produced may cause a violation. The noise ordinance does cover the sound spikes caused by the dumpster and in most cases the sound level produced is under the maximum decibel level permitted, he said, noting that there is a published case study supporting this issue.

As for lawn mowing, contractors may only work Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. between April 1 and November 1. From November 2 through March 31, contractors may also work on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Landscaping companies fall under this regulation as well, he notes. Property owners performing work themselves are not regulated, he adds, but activities that cause a nuisance such as noise or early working activity can be a violation.


WEEKLY MERR UPDATE--- Suzanne Thurman, the MERR Institute executive director, says MERR had received a report of a deceased 40-foot humpback whale floating off Bethany this past weekend. But as of Sunday afternoon, it had not made landfall. Also, MERR is seeking volunteers for the annual dolphin count this coming Saturday. See WGMD.com for details.


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Housing shortage wreaking havoc on foreign workers

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Virginia teen dies in U.S. Route 50 crash (Wednesday, 8:50 p.m.)

Is it safe to go into the waters around here?



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