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WEEKEND #7, 2019

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




The July 3rd fireworks show was amazingly popular but ran smoothly despite the thousands of visitors in Rehoboth Beach.

(See more fireworks photos from Sam Markman online.)

The show was beautifully choreographed and the visitors were well behaved. During the fireworks detail, between 7 p.m. and 12:20 a.m., Lt. Jaime Riddle says Rehoboth Beach police handled only 13 complaints.

During that same time period, he said EMS crews took seven people to the hospital from various locations. Most of them sounded like minor injuries or possibly heat-related problems such as this EMS call at the foot of Wilmington Avenue for a woman who nearly fainted.

Throughout the holiday week, the traffic was often unpredictable, the worst so far this summer.

This past Saturday the beach around Rehoboth Avenue was packed, almost blanket-to-blanket, with hundreds of people crowding into the ocean.

Photos courtesy Sam Markman and Dr. Michael Trahos


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Amazingly, only minor injuries were reported after this Honda CRV flipped after it collided with the DART bus this past Saturday. The accident happened in the southbound lanes of Coastal Highway outside Rehoboth at the entrance to the Comfort Inn around 5:10 p.m.

MCpl. Michael Austin, state police spokesman, says the 2016 Honda was driven by a 34-year-old Palmyra, Pennsylvania man who made an improper lane change and collided with the DART bus which was driven by a 26-year-old man from New Castle.

It appeared that the right front bumper of the bus caught the rear of the Honda which caused it to flip onto the driver's side. The Honda had five occupants, including the driver, two of whom were treated for minor injuries.

No passengers were onboard the DART bus and the driver was not injured. The driver of the Honda was cited for making an improper lane change, MCpl. Austin said.


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Around 100 protesters holding signs and demanding change attended the "Stand for the Human Rights of Asylum Seekers and Immigrants" rally sponsored by the Progressive Democrats of Sussex County on Coastal Highway outside Rehoboth this past Independence Day.

The group cheered often as passing motorists honked their horns in support. "I am here because of the current U.S. Government policy that is dehumanizing victims of poverty and violence," says Joanne Cabry, chair of the Progressive Democrats of Sussex County and protest organizer.

"We have detention camps throughout this country where we are holding civilians who are convicted of no crimes but are there purely because of the policy of the U.S. Government. That's why I am here," she added.

The event started at 6 p.m. on the southbound side near the IHOP and by 6:30 p.m. it had stretched to the Exxon station. That is when participants started lining the northbound side as well. Cabry said she was the last to depart around 7:30 p.m.

They held a similar rally last year, but Cabry added that if things do not change, "We won't wait another year while the U.S. Government continues to dehumanize people who come here seeking asylum."



Zelky's -- home to three arcades and a donut shop on the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk -- has been in business for 34 years and never entered the realm of virtual reality (VR) gaming until this summer! Matt Weiner, whose family owns the arcades, said they carefully selected these three cutting-edge VR games -- Chaos Jump, RECLAIM and Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride -- after attending an industry gaming convention in Orlando.

Virtual Rabbids is a brilliantly designed two-person full-motion ride that mimics a roller coaster but actually never goes anywhere! Between what the riders see in the goggles and the perfectly synchronized movements of the full-motion seats, it gives the mind and body the sensation of actually being driven through the various scenarios.

"It's hard to explain this," Weiner says as he lifts the goggles, "the only way is to experience it!" Virtual Rabbids puts the visitor into the "Rabbids world" with its goofy bunny-rabbit creatures who are a lot like minions, Weiner explains. Customers choose from three different scenarios and it takes them on a roller coaster-like experience traveling through the various scenic worlds. Everywhere they look while wearing the goggles they are looking into the imaginary 3-D world. The three-minute ride cost $5 per person.

The other two VR games, Chaos Jump and RECLAIM, are actually experienced using the same gear. There are currently only about 25 of these game sets in the world that were designed by a company in Montreal which Weiner says has become one of the world's big VR gaming hubs.

Both adventures are intended to be four-player games. In Chaos Jump, you and three friends are armed with laser guns while traveling through time from dimension to dimension into a virtual universe to battle alien robots, collect gold rewards and finish off the robot army using teamwork to ultimately take down the big boss. Each scene is a totally unique environment ranging from a haunted opera house to a World War II battle. You can look around everywhere and even see your friends! Your friends are your competition as you compete for the best score and aim to win the crown!

In each round you receive an individual score as well as a group score. The person with the highest score gets the crown from each round. In the final level you are confronted by the "big boss" with a big red triangle on his head. As a team you have to defeat him to beat the game. The cost is $10 per player, but the swipe cards offer customers discounts if they purchase $25 in game credits.

RECLAIM, the other game played on this platform, puts you against your friends in a player-versus-player shootout. You shoot laser guns and throw grenades to compete while you teleport, duck and deflect your opponents. Zelky's is sponsoring local VR tournaments during the daytimes for prizes. The plan is to eventually host tournaments with customers in other arcades throughout the world using this platform. For more info see the Zelky's website or Facebook page.


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While vacationing in Key West, Patty and Larry Sinkus probably did not realize they were on the verge of starting their new business venture: Cruisin' Tikis Rehoboth Bay. As they were relaxing at a beach-side bar, a passing tiki-boat caught their eye.

They were intrigued and decided to take the boat trip the following day. During that tiki-boat cruise, Larry recalls that he and his wife suddenly realized how perfect this could be for the Rehoboth Bay. They inquired about franchise info, and that is how they made Dewey the 21st franchise and purchased the 52nd tiki-boat ever made!

The boat is equipped with a swim ladder, stereo system, bar-top and bar stools. Customers must bring their own food and beverages but they do supply a cooler with ice. The couple is currently offering two-hour trips at noon and 3 p.m. that depart the dock at the Rehoboth Bay Marina for $75 per person or $400 for the whole boat with a maximum of six customers. They hope to offer additional voyages later this summer. They also have a July discount advertised on their Facebook page.

"Why go bar hopping when you can hop on a bar," Larry points out! "Being on a boat with your friends is the destination." Having retired from the Coast Guard, Larry knows all about boats. The bottom of the octagonal 16-foot tiki-boat, he says, consists of 20 sealed and pressurized plastic drums and is powered by an outboard 30 h.p. Suzuki engine. "We don't travel very fast or far," Larry adds. The boat cruises at about five knots with a draft of only about 14 inches so it can easily maneuver across sandbars. For details, see the Cruisin' Tikis Rehoboth Bay website.



Former D.C. Councilwoman/Rehoboth Beach property owner Carol Schwartz, and former Dewey Beach Commissioner/Mayor Diane Hanson are on book tours this month.

Schwartz was at Browseabout Books this past Saturday signing copies of her autobiography: Quite A Life! From Defeat to Defeat... and Back. The most interesting part of her book, Schwartz points out, is that her childhood was more difficult than her political career. "I think it gave me the strength of personality that allowed me to be able to take on that difficult job on the council all those years and even the difficult task of trying to be mayor of D.C.," she said.

Here is Schwartz signing a book for George and Colleen Batsakis who just purchased a copy. "She is a local hero... and I always remember her as the voice of reason through all those years of service in D.C.," George said.

"I did not want to write my life's story," Schwartz explained, "because I did not want to relive it... and I did, and I found it actually therapeutic. While I was writing it, it was very emotionally disturbing, but at the end of it, it was very relieving in many ways." It took more than three years she said because she would get so upset as she relived various aspects of her life, she'd have to walk away.

Also signing books this past week in Rehoboth was Dr. Jill Biden. Chris Lindsley will return this Thursday for another Land of Fun book event.

This Friday, July 12, former Dewey Beach Mayor Diane Hanson will be part of a joint book event at Bethany Beach Books starting at 7 p.m. Her new book, Management Unleashed, Leadership Lessons from My Dog, was coauthored with Todd Cameron.

As the first female in management at a major corporation, Hanson says she was in a challenging assignment. At the same time, she and her husband had adopted a large and unruly sheepdog from the SPCA. In an effort to get the sheepdog under control, she took him to private lessons with a police dog trainer.

"The trainer had us both straightened out in about an hour and I marveled at the similarities in behavioral responses in dogs and humans," she observed. "It was the budding of an idea for this book that developed over the years in my career as a corporate manager, entrepreneur, chair of a non-profit board, and as Mayor of Dewey Beach," she pointed out. Management Unleashed is a fun and quick read with lasting, immediately-applicable insights. This book will have you recognizing behaviors in your employees, children and pets -- and these principles will enable you to deal effectively with professional and personal situations!


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The Rehoboth Beach Museum hosted a celebration last Tuesday marking the 10-year anniversary of the signing of SB-121. That bill added sexual orientation to the state's existing anti-discrimination law which forbids discrimination in housing, employment, public works, contracting, public accommodations and insurance.

Nancy Alexander, museum director, explained to the audience that in revamping the museum they wanted to assure that they were as inclusive as possible in all aspects of the museum's exhibitions. "One thing that was inevitable in making our decisions and that was honoring this very special community that is special to us here in Rehoboth," Alexander stated.

Among those attending the Decade of Equality celebration were Kathy McGuiness, state auditor, Nancy Alexander, museum director, Murray Archibald, CAMP Rehoboth co-founder and Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf, Speaker of the Delaware House of Representatives.

More details are on WGMD.com.


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This past Saturday, the Heidi Lowe Gallery opened its latest exhibition, Enlightenment, which features jewelry by Stacey Lee Webber from Philadelphia who works exclusively with coins. The pieces in this show she had started as a collaboration with Oscar de la Renta for New York City Fashion Week, Heidi Lowe explained.

Webber meticulously hand-sawed these coins using a jeweler's saw to such incredible detail. They include vintage silver coins featuring Lady Liberty and 14-karat vermeil.

Webber makes both jewelry and tools. Here is a pair of her two-dimensional works, X's and O's, which were cut from old copper pennies!

"She's always commenting on the blue-collar worker and money, where it plays in this world," Lowe explained.

The make-your-own-ring class also continues on Wednesday mornings in July and August. More info is on the HLG's website.




The Junction and Breakwater bike trail...

Photos courtesy Diane Scobey and Kathy Buonocore


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MOTORIST CRASHES INTO COASTAL HWY MEDIAN IN OCEAN CITY TAKING OUT FENCING--- A single-vehicle crash destroyed several sections of median fence on Coastal Highway in the area of the Ocean City Convention Center. First responders arriving on scene around 3:30 a.m. Sunday found the car resting partly on the median with the driver's door covered with fencing and its airbags deployed. Fortunately there was only minor injury, if any, to the occupant who police took into custody. No word yet on any charges. Photos are on the Shore News Beacon Facebook page.



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On July 4th, O.C.'s Inlet parking lot at 95 percent capacity by 11 a.m.

Coast Guard assists 3 aboard vessel sinking off Ocean City (previous weekend)

Golf Course Road closure pushed back again, set for July 10 now



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