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WEEKEND #08, 2015

(Mid-Season Report)

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware



How they did it is becoming more obvious, but Who did it is still a mystery

The big question everybody has been asking this past week is how can seven Rehoboth Beach Patrol lifeguard stands disappear without a trace on the same morning.

About a third of Rehoboth Beach lifeguards arriving for duty Thursday morning reported their lifeguard stands missing. Seven of the patrol's 19 manned stands had disappeared. They were missing from Brooklyn, Laurel, Hickman, Stockley, Norfolk, Saint Lawrence (Siberia) and Prospect (Birdland) streets. Here is the map showing the manned stand locations.

Guards on the south side of town set up at the edge of the beach while public works crews delivered the seven replacement stands which were in place around noon. Six stands were extras from the public works yard and one more was a spare typically placed near the Cuba chair. It took guards several days to finally attach their stand flags and drill holes for umbrellas.

Photo courtesy Holly Hocker

A state police helicopter came and helped search the surf early Thursday afternoon. But no luck.

The disappearance of the chairs came a day after the USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Lifeguarding Championships which were held in Rehoboth Beach. Rehoboth Beach Patrol finished second overall. Here are the results published in the Gannett papers.

"It is also a strong possibility that there is a connection between the USLA event and this incident," says Lt. William L. Sullivan of the Rehoboth Beach PD. "We have a few leads and will be following up this week," he said. The stands are worth $800 each, he noted, "which obviously makes this a felony investigation."

Originally, it was unclear if the stands were hauled from the beach or simply dragged into the ocean. But the Coast Guard has been receiving reports from boaters that lifeguard stands have been spotted floating in the ocean. Around 6:40 a.m. Saturday, two were seen about four miles directly east of South Bethany. Around noon on Sunday, a stand was spotted less than four miles off Bethany Beach.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Nicholas Ameen said Sunday evening that one lifeguard chair has been seen near Ocean City and the Coast Guard is attempting to recover it and any others they can locate. In addition, Lt. Sullivan also noted Sunday evening that he has received word that at least one of the lifeguard stands was found off Ocean City and was towed by a fishing boat to the West Ocean City Fishing Center.

Coast Guard Station Indian River responded to one of the many reports the Coast Guard received for floating lifeguard stands on Sunday. The crew found one around 7:35 p.m., less than a mile from Fred Hudson Road, north of Bethany. But the station's small boat did not tow it back to the Inlet.


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This "bird was trying to get the attention of our Blue Heron Stake," says Gerald Sipes, of the Lighthouse Inn B&B. The one on the left is fake but the one on the right is real!

"After dancing on the car and walking around the backyard for 40 minutes," Sipes said the bird finally gave up and flew away. "I'm happy it did not go to the front of the house and discover the sushi bar [the goldfish pond]," he added.

He has identified the bird as a young night-heron. There are two species in Delaware, Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned. The adults look different from each other, but the young look almost exactly alike. Based on the long neck and heavy black bill, he is pretty sure this one is a Yellow-crowned. The spread wing behavior is to help control mites. "We have no idea why it's hanging around on our car, but definitely could see it munching on hors d'oeuvres out front [goldfish pond]."

They have seen the birds fly over, but in 20 years, have never seen one land in the ocean block of Delaware Avenue.

Photos courtesy Matt Turlinski


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Drag volleyball is to Rehoboth what the Running of the Bull is to Dewey. Both are traditions rich in history that outsiders may simply have trouble understanding. This yearly event is explained in more detail in this Daily Times article.

The ceremony this year at the Starboard featured Master Cpl. Jeff Davis, dancing Youtube sensation and Dover cop whose video singing along to Taylor Swift went viral. Here he is mingling with the crowds.

The honorary starter on stage was Gary Williams, legendary University of Maryland head basketball coach.

Traffic on Coastal Highway was halted to allow the herds of participants to safely cross the road. Here is the DelDOT traffic camera at 2:10 p.m.

For the fourth year, the event included a Running of the Bull for children.

This year's event even featured a flyover.

Photos courtesy Kristen Latham, A Day In A LIFE Designs


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This past week, highway crews have placed crosswalks across all lanes of Coastal Highway at Rehoboth Avenue-Extended.

As part of the improvement project, DelDOT has plans to implement new crosswalks and pedestrian signals at Rehoboth Avenue-Extended, Holland Glade Road, Lighthouse Plaza, Old Landing Road and one more at Midway. That is in addition to the two existing ones in the Rehoboth area at Bay Vista Road and at the Tanger Outlets Surfside.


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Rehoboth Beach police have charged a 33-year-old Georgetown woman after she allegedly entered the Espuma Restaurant off Wilmington Avenue around 6 p.m. Monday via the employee entrance. According to one employee, the woman, who was unknown to them, entered the restaurant, was combative, making threats, shouting obscenities and exposed herself prior to the arrival of police.

Lt. William Sullivan said Wednesday that police have charged the woman with Menacing, Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct. "Alcohol was definitely a factor in this complaint," Lt. Sullivan noted, as "She was given a PBT [portable breathalyzer test] at the station which had her BAC [blood alcohol concentration] very high."

Police later released the woman's name, Jennifer Bachmann, and her mug shot.

She was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution because of her level of intoxication.


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by Dagmar Kirchner Henney

Showing now at CAMP Rehoboth are the works of Brian Petro, a full-time multifaceted D.C. artist acclaimed by the Washington Post. His name may sound familiar because he has been creating and donating artwork to CAMP Rehoboth for almost 20 years.

Petro is an accomplished artist who has mastered numerous art mediums. He does it all – almost – from drawing, graphite, charcoal, oil painting, beeswax, photography, newsprint manipulation, sculpture, to name a few. This is his Beeswax Series.2, molten beeswax, charcoal and pencil on archival watercolor paper.

Each artwork is original, thought-provoking and leaves the viewer with an appreciation for the effort it took to create.

His art bursts with color and amazingly enough, he uses beeswax and other brilliant techniques in his works. Petro's artwork shows his wondering and inquisitive mind. His style in his art lies between his rural central Pennsylvania upbringing and his continuing life in the big city, with his studio now in D.C.

This year Petro celebrates his 16th year of creating artwork professionally. His artwork has been shown in multiple venues, such as New York, Philadelphia, Hawaii, New Orleans, D.C., Brazil, England, Spain and of course, Rehoboth Beach!

He prides himself in his ability to tell a story using tiny moments of design to reflect upon and by manipulating everyday items many of us take for granted. We have lots to be grateful for, he says, noting how civilization has progressed over the years through improvements of things many of us never consider.

His exhibition remains on display at CAMP Rehoboth and he also has pieces at Rehoboth's Gallery 50.


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Showing now at Rehoboth's Philip Morton Gallery are the works of local artist Lee Wayne Mills. He too is another skilled artist who works with multiple media – pastel, ink, acrylic, recycled elements and collage assembly. But he says he prefers a stick to a brush. He is shown here with The River Clock, an assemblage consisting of found and recycled wood objects.

Mills explains how he enjoys trips to the Elk Neck State Park in Maryland where he collects pieces of wood in scavenger hunts along the shore near the mouth of the Susquehanna River. He considers this a reverse puzzle. He knows the parts but how to put them together to make art and help tell a story?

This is his Freedom, a brilliant assemblage consisting of found and recycled wood objects.

Mills described his father as an army guy who was also a Sunday painter. Between his dad and a neighbor, Virginia Hart, another painter, he became exposed to art at a young age. Although he was going to study medicine in school, he ended moving into the world of art.

According to his artist statement, he has always felt that he has built his art on the foundation of abstract expressionism. All of his works show the ever changing moment of his life… the summation of emotions and ideas. They are his mindscapes and topographies of his life.

Mills says he enjoys having a professional like Eric Davison hanging and exhibiting his works. When he comes and sees for the first time how the gallery has interpreted and presented his works, he says it makes one think of what an artist gets from an exhibition. It inspires him to want to create more.

Please see the Cape Gazette for more on Mills, or better yet, visit the Philip Morton Gallery in person.


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More than a dozen authors joined readers at Browseabout Books this past Sunday to celebrate The Boardwalk, a collection of short stories set in Rehoboth and published by Cat & Mouse Press. Many local authors have stories in the book which contains winning entries from the 2014 Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest.

Wining writers for the next Cat & Mouse Book, Beach Days, will be announced on August 1. Nancy Sakaduski, the owner of Cat & Mouse Press, says the book will be published in November and feature the winning stories for 2015.

She has already announced the name of next year's book, Beach Nights, the companion to Beach Days.

For writing tips, events, news and other information of interest to local writers, visit the Writing is a Shore Thing website.



DNREC issued this news release last week warning beach visitors to be on the watch for potentially dangerous Portuguese man o' war which are rarely seen this far north. Here is more info from the OCBP newsletter and a Fox News report from July 6.

Photo courtesy DNREC


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REHOBOTH'S FIRST ROBBERY FOR 2015--- Rehoboth Beach police are searching for a man who robbed two juveniles at gunpoint Friday night, the first robbery of the year in the city limits. Police describe the suspect as a white man in his 20's with a brown goatee, shoulder-length brown hair, blue hooded sweatshirt with an emblem on the left breast area, light colored pants and flip-flops. The juveniles were robbed around 10:30 p.m. on the Silver Lake pedestrian bridge behind the elementary school. One neighbor has expressed concern that the area around the pedestrian bridge is not well lit and has numerous low-hanging limbs obstructing visibility and lighting.

The suspect reportedly held what appeared to be a black semi-automatic handgun and robbed the juveniles of money, police said. The suspect was observed leaving in a smaller model vehicle that was parked in the area of Stockley Street near the Tot Lot and pedestrian bridge. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Rehoboth Beach Police Department at (302) 227-2577 or Crime Stoppers at http://www.tipsubmit.com.


FIRST MOPED/SCOOTER STOLEN IN REHOBOTH BEACH FOR 2015--- An orange Tao Tao moped with a blue "Dewey Surf and Skate" sticker on the front was reported stolen just before 3 a.m. Saturday. Lt. William Sullivan says it was taken from the area of Aqua Grill on Baltimore Avenue.


MAN GETS STABBED IN EYE BY FLY-AWAY BEACH UMBRELLA--- A man on the beach this past Tuesday suffered a serious eye injury when the point of a fly-away umbrella struck him in the eye. It happened around 3 p.m. in Sussex Shores, just north of Bethany at Gum Road, after the umbrella blew down the beach and struck the 67 year old in the face. An ambulance took him to Beebe Hospital. According to the Bethany Beach DEOS weather station, at the time the winds were around 11 m.p.h. with a gust of about 15 m.p.h.


WOMAN PULLED FROM O.C. SURF IN CARDIAC ARREST, DIES--- A woman who was removed from the Ocean City surf early Wednesday in cardiac arrest was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Bruce Goldfarb, spokesman for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said Friday afternoon that the cause and manner of death had not yet been determined. The incident was reported just before 7:30 a.m. Wednesday at 3rd Street. Capt. Butch Arbin of the O.C. Beach Patrol said his guards were not on duty at the time, but they "were setting up for Junior Beach Patrol when the 9-1-1 call came in. one of our Sergeants and Crew Chief were first on scene with an AED." The woman was taken to Atlantic General Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Ocean City police have yet to provide any details on this incident.


SEAL SIGHTED SUNDAY OFF O.C.--- The Ocean City Beach Patrol had several reports of a seal sighting Sunday around 2 p.m. One of the reports, says Capt. Butch Arbin, was highly reliable since it came from an OCBP crew chief who has a masters in marine environmental science.


SEA TURTLE NEWS AND OTHER NEWS FROM MERR--- Suzanne Thurman, MERR Institute executive director, says her organization investigated two dead Kemp's ridley sea turtles, one at Bennetts Pier on the Delaware Bay and another at the Point at Cape Henlopen. In addition, a big leatherback was seen swimming in Indian River Bay on Wednesday. MERR's annual dolphin count is this coming Saturday with the Dolphinfest on Sunday at the picnic pavilion in the Cape Henlopen State Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will feature vendors, education exhibition, dolphin spotting, MERR drumming ceremony and games for children.



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Ocean Pines candidate is suspect in drunk driving, hit-and-run

Teen in critical condition after skateboarding accident in Montego Bay area of O.C.

O.C. Mayor: 'An awful lot of discussion' before O.C. zoning change approved

O.C. identifies downtown as first bike route priority; state funding application eyed

New bike safety lanes coming for Ocean City cyclists

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