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WEEKEND #9, 2019

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




This century-old red oak on the corner of 5th and Sussex streets lost yet another major limb this past Saturday which knocked out power to several customers during the heat wave. This was the second time this month and the third time in the past year that this has happened to perhaps one of the oldest and largest trees in downtown Rehoboth Beach.

The owner of the property, David Dreher, says it is his understanding that the tree had been there since the home was built in 1920. The tree had been struck by lightning several years ago and that appears to have led to decay and further weakening of the structure.

They have hired an arborist to clean up the tree on a regular basis. But Dreher says the tree has become a public-safety issue at this point and must be removed. He expects the removal to cost more than $5000.

City arborist, Liz Lingo, says he may take immediate action to abate a life-threatening situation without prior approval. "In this case, there are a lot of logistical issues involving road closure and electric shut off, and the removal is not scheduled at this time," she added.

As for replacing the tree, Lingo says Dreher will be held to the city's tree code's mitigation and minimum density standards, but the specific requirements are unknown at this time. "When they submit the application," she said, "I will use the provided information and visit the site to calculate any replanting requirements."

According to Jake Sneeden, Pepco Holdings regional communications manager, trees cause about 30 percent of customer power outages. This year, he says, crews will trim trees and remove vegetation along more than 1,400 miles of aerial electric lines across Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland as part of the company's effort.

Photos courtesy Jennifer Duncan and Charlie Garlow


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The old red oak on Sussex Street was not the only tree having issues during this past week's heat wave. A major limb from this loblolly pine tree nearly crushed this Toyota during the thunderstorm this past Wednesday evening.

This is in the second block of Saint Lawrence Street. Liz Lingo, city arborist, says the tree is on private property. She has not been contacted regarding whether or not the owners will seek to remove the tree.

Rich Macha, a nearby neighbor, said the storm also knocked out power to the street but fortunately no one was hurt.

Photos courtesy Rich Macha, Comm. Stan Mills and Hoyte Decker



FAA crash investigators kept busy in the Ocean City area responding to two different airplane mishaps this past week.

On Tuesday, the pilot of this Cessna 172RG (N9715B), believed to have been fish-spotting for Omega Protein, a well-known menhaden harvester, landed in the ocean just off 21st Street around 6:10 p.m. The uninjured 23-year-old pilot made it to shore minutes later. This plane had retractable wheels and was pulled out on its belly using a tractor and cables, according to Lt. Edward Kovacs of the Ocean City Beach Patrol. Cesar Campos of Campos Media produced this video showing the initial stages of this salvage operation.

Several news outlets, including the Daily Mail, posted video of the plane actually landing in the ocean, most of which came from Facebook posts. See WGMD.com for more info.

Three days later, around noon on Friday, this Van's Aircraft RV-7A (N849GS) departed the Ocean City Municipal Airport. Jessica Waters, town spokeswoman, says the plane departed the airport around noon but shortly after takeoff it began experiencing engine problems. The pilot radioed the airport to announce an emergency landing. In attempting to land, she said, the plane failed to stop on the runway and ran off the end of Runway 14/32 resulting in the plane flipping on its top. The 69-year-old pilot was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. See WGMD.com for more.

Photos courtesy Cesar Campos, Campos Media and Maryland State Police


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For the second time this summer, bystanders and first responders were able to resuscitate a man who collapsed on the beach or boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. During this past week's heat wave, a man had been found by fellow beach visitors on the beach in cardiac arrest around 5:14 p.m. on Wednesday. That's when police found bystanders performing CPR on the 55-year-old man at Prospect Street

One of the responding officers had an AED which delivered a shock to the patient. But he continued to be in cardiac arrest. They rushed him into an arriving ambulance where they were also met by a paramedic crew.

Lt. William Sullivan says the man was taken to the hospital where he was admitted. "I was advised that he was conscious and alert upon arrival at the hospital," Lt. Sullivan added. As of Sunday, there was no update on his condition.

The previous CPR case that resulted in resuscitation happened on the morning of June 23 when a man out exercising collapsed on the boardwalk near Baltimore Avenue. Bystanders and police along with EMS also rushed to his aid. He too was taken to the hospital and admitted.


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The two motor scooters (mopeds) that had been reported stolen to Rehoboth Beach police last weekend have been found according to a Nextdoor social media post by the owner of this red 2009 ETon Beemer III. It was found along with the other stolen scooter behind Bethany Blues outside Lewes.

No word yet from police on any suspects.

Photo courtesy Jonathan Mensch


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The third-annual Budweiser Clydesdale Parade hosted by the Dewey Business Partnership and the Town of Dewey Beach will return this Wednesday. The theme of the event will be "The Great American Summer Celebration."

The parade begins at 6:30 p.m. at The Starboard and will stop at each Budweiser-serving bar along Coastal Highway in Dewey Beach to deliver the traditional case of Budweiser on the south side of the highway. Pre-party will be held at The Starboard and a post-party will be held at the end of the parade line on Van Dyke Avenue where they will meet the post-party celebration and be unhitched.

Photo courtesy Dewey Business Partnership



The Back Porch Café in downtown Rehoboth Beach welcomed back Rodney Cook this past Sunday for his 13th consecutive summer watercolor exhibition. The show features 45 paintings primarily of scenes in Rehoboth Beach along with several from Puerto Vallarta, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Here Cook is with his Howard Street Bridge!

Cook is sort of the Norman Rockwell of Rehoboth Beach as his works offer a broad popular appeal in the beach resorts since he captures the essence of life in these towns that are familiar to many who reside or visit here.

Every year Cook captures a different aspect of life from those locations. Each of his shows is the result of his latest adventures. Here is his Hot Sun Lavender Skies, one of his Rehoboth beachscapes.

For more info visit his website. Cook's work will be on display through August 14.


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Bruce Clayton's latest photo exhibition opened this past Friday at Gallery 50. The theme of this show is: "by the sea." Clayton is a triathlon coach who does open-water swimming.

"I feel grounded by the sea," Clayton explains, "because I feel balance and this is where I love to be." Most of his photography in this exhibition is from Rehoboth Beach "without screaming Rehoboth," he points out!

There are no Dolle's signs and the only army tower is this unique shot he took from inside the north tower at Gordon's Pond beach! There is an opening, he says, that he can actually squeeze through that he discovered by chance one day. This is his favorite piece.

"I like to take iconic things and put a different spin on them and maybe make them iconic in my own way," he points out.

He uses a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Clayton's show will run through August 8 at Gallery 50.



"We like to do the duo shows" at CAMP Rehoboth, says Leslie Sinclair, exhibition curator. "It doubles the fun. It doubles the number of people here, the exposure to the different art and it connects the two artists and their friends and family," she points out. Indeed, this past Friday night's opening was no exception.

By the Sea and Beyond features the oil paintings of Donna Deely and the reverse-glass paintings of Richard Thibodeau. One would never guess that these artists who Sinclair brought together for this show just met for the first time!

Deely studied art in college but never thought she could make a living at it. She retired in New Hope, Pennsylvania where somebody saw her work and asked if she wanted to do a show. That launched her reinvigorated art career. Her oil paintings range from the beach to the farm, both eclectic and whimsical.

Thibodeau is reintroducing an old technique that was done in the 1900's which was reverse painting on glass. This was something that he says has become a lost art. He first started doing this technique 40 years ago before he switched to using acrylic on canvas.

Thibodeau says he always starts by making an outline on the glass, almost like doing a coloring book, using a fine #1 paintbrush which is as small as a pen tip. Then he adds the detail by hand followed by the stained glass paint. What results is the artwork on the "other side" of the glass which protects it from the elements.

The exhibition will be on display in the CAMP Rehoboth gallery through July 31. See this article for more info.


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The Rehoboth Beach Homeowners' Association Candidate Forum is scheduled at CAMP Rehoboth for Friday, July 26, at 6:30 p.m.


Mark Betchkal--- He has been hosting meet-the-candidate events at Rise Up Coffee on Rehoboth Avenue. His next meeting is this Wednesday, July 24, at 3 p.m. Betchkal has his platform among other info added to his website. He plans to post more info shortly and updates his Facebook page on a daily basis. Betchkal will be the next candidate interviewed by Mike Bradley on WGMD this coming Wednesday, July 24, at 8:40 a.m. Betchkal said he does not have any campaign signs. "Signs do not vote. People do," he added.


Edward Chrzanowski--- No new news to report from the Chrzanowski campaign this past week. However, he, along with Charlie Garlow, has been successful at erecting their campaign signs at many businesses throughout town. They are the de facto "business friendly" candidates.


Charles Garlow--- Garlow, who is probably enjoying the campaign more than any other candidate with his unique sense of humor, says he has had a very full house this past week. The Garlow daughters, Caitlin and Nellie, have been in town helping him with his campaign. Here he is with Caitlin holding his campaign sign in his convertible e-Porsche this past Sunday... "All the way down Rehoboth Avenue and back. Yee haaa!"

For those who do not know, Garlow had the engine removed from this Porsche and replaced with a battery-powered motor... very appropriate for a candidate who stresses climate change. When asked what voters in town tell him they are concerned about most, Garlow replied: Global warming!


Susan Gay--- Gay has been keeping active the past couple weeks with meetings and meet-and-greets. Here she is at the beautiful home of Mark Saunders and Robert Thoman in the Country Club Estates this past Saturday for one of her many meet-and-greets.

Gay explained to the audience that some of the biggest concerns she hears from voters right now are in regard to the proposed water and sewer rate hikes and other issues where residents are concerned that they are being treated unfairly. She stresses her experience on the planning commission and how that has readied her to become a commissioner.

Another big concern she has is that we must define the town's future. "The city is at a crossroads," she told the audience, "because we got major development and changes going on with at least three new hotels, the prospect of the Clear Space Theater, the canal dock project, discussion of a parking garage, discussion of the new mixed-use zoning... there is so much change going on that we need to define how that all fits together and how it fits with the scale that we have now."

Gay is hosting "Coffee with the Candidate" at Rise Up on Tuesday, July 30, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and another at The Coffee Mill on Sunday, August 4, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. She has a couple of events planned in various neighborhoods across town. Please see her website and contact her directly for dates and locations.


Gary Glass--- No new news from the Glass campaign this past week. But his signs are being erected in residential neighborhoods often where Gay has her signs as well.


Suzanne Goode--- "Generally, the residents to whom I am speaking feel Mayor Paul Kuhns, and the business-friendly commissioners, to include Steve [Scheffer], appointed by Kuhns, are dismissing the residents and their financial interests at every opportunity," Goode said. "I am depending on the voters reading the Cape Gazette and other sources like yours to inform themselves," she said.

"My website is getting a lot of views, so I am hopeful the issues I highlight there will resonate with folks," she added. Goode is not erecting campaign signs either and said on Nextdoor.com that she decided against "plastering the City with election signs... I for one will not advocate for a cleaner environment while polluting our local environment with yard signs, many of which will go to the landfill in mid-August," she wrote.



Rehoboth sunrise from Funland's roof...

My sprinklers make a rainbow...

Photos courtesy William Henschke and David Koster, PortraitsInTheSand.com



MERR INVESTIGATES DEATHS OF 2 SEA TURTLES--- Suzanne Thurman, MERR Institute executive director, says her organization investigated the deaths of two loggerhead sea turtles found last Monday in the Cape Henlopen State Park. Both appeared to have been killed by boat propellers, she said.


WOMAN BURNED WHEN PAM CONTAINER EXPLODES WHILE COOKING--- A 20-year-old woman suffered 3rd-degree burns to her neck, arm, leg and hand after a can of Pam cooking spray, left next to the stove, exploded. She was flown to a burn center with burns to 30 percent of her body. It was reported around 11:25 a.m. last Monday on Docs Place in Millville.


FISHERMAN TAKEN TO HOSPITAL AFTER STINGRAY ENCOUNTER--- Last Tuesday a Pennsylvania man fishing on the Point surf fishing beach in Cape Henlopen State Park was attempting to remove a skate off of his line and suffered a puncture wound in his right arm and left hand, says Joanna Wilson, DNREC spokeswoman. He was treated on scene by State Parks Natural Resources Police officers, Cape Henlopen State Park lifeguards, Lewes Fire Department and Sussex County paramedics. He was then taken to the hospital by ambulance.


ZIPLINE FALL RESULTS IN MEDEVAC--- A woman in her 40's or 50's suffered a compound leg fracture after a fall from some kind of "zipline" around 11:35 a.m. last Friday in Ocean City. A state police helicopter landed at the Ocean City Coast Guard station and flew her to a trauma center.


ANOTHER AFTER-HOURS NEAR-DROWNING OFF SEA COLONY--- For the second time this month, a man was pulled from the ocean at Sea Colony after nearly drowning while swimming in the ocean after lifeguards had gone off duty. This time, around 6:30 p.m. last Friday, a 54-year-old man had struck his head, briefly lost consciousness and experienced weakness in his upper limbs. As a result, EMS personnel decided to fly him to a trauma center. A similar incident happened around 7 p.m. on July 8.



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Section of Delaware Route 1 sags in the heat in Milford area (Thursday)

Milton's Backyard Jams and Jellies showcased at White House

Carney signs bills allowing hotel tax in Sussex, Rehoboth

Robinsonville Road project seeks 253 houses on two parcels

New Lewes parking meters challenge users

New Sussex County DRBA commissioner, Veronica O. Faust of Lewes

Consultant: Sussex workers need affordable housing

Presidential candidate, Md. Congressman John Delaney, finds relief in Rehoboth

Wireless technology ordinance introduced in Rehoboth

Rehoboth Beach Mayor Paul Kuhns feeling good about summer 2019, connecting communities

Rehoboth woman arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest (previous Sunday)

Height of proposed Belhaven draws questions in Rehoboth

Rehoboth adds features to web to search for business licenses, permits, property info

Rehoboth citizens: Keep peak/non-peak utility rates

Man dies after Jeep leaves John J. Williams Hwy near Love Creek (7 p.m. last Wednesday)

Four file so far for three commissioner seats in Dewey Beach; deadline is August 22

In Dewey, residents debate town's handling of violence

Beach town criticized for acquisition of surplus military equipment

New auditor, military equipment surplus debated in Dewey

FVS ice cream boat brings treats to you

Dagsboro names Seaford Lt. Flood new police chief

Motorcyclist dies as result of Roxana crash with deer (11 p.m. last Monday)

Roundabout proposed in Ocean Pines for Route 589

Applicants down for Ocean City Beach Patrol

June smoking citations down 88 percent in Ocean City

Goby loves plastic bottles receptacle proposed in Ocean City

Divided Ocean City Council turns down bar's tour bus parking request

Sea lice return to Ocean City

Boat collision with 4 injured (Sinepuxent Bay near the Marsh Harbor Marina last Tuesday)

Little traction for relaxing O.C.'s off-season pet rules



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