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WEEKEND #10, 2016

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware



Arcade gets tough on crime with the use of technology

Put the right people in the right place at the right time given the right technology and they can make a difference fighting crime. The synergy came together again this past week in Rehoboth Beach with the arrest of a repeat theft suspect.

One business in town has been especially aggressive this summer cracking down on theft. Matt Weiner, manager of the Beach Arcade South, says he has taken a "real stance against theft." Arcades are traditionally high-distraction areas, perfect for pickpockets, shoplifters and those who break into machines just for some change.

So the Beach Arcade has installed a high-quality video surveillance system that has been helpful about a dozen times this summer with police investigations, Weiner says. A wallet thief last Monday was captured on one of the establishment's many video cameras.

Thanks to those surveillance images -- such as the one below showing the suspect, later identified as Eian T. Stradley -- police already had him on their radar when he struck again this past Wednesday once again at Beach Arcade South!

Minutes after the theft was reported late Wednesday afternoon, Sgt. Victor Letonoff had radioed his officers to pay special attention to Grove Park, the 7-Eleven, Royal Farms, bus stops and the Silver Lake pedestrian bridge in case the suspect was homeless; he could be using those areas.

Right on cue, six minutes later, Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, Dewey's everywhere man, had just completed a last-minute mail run for the Dewey town hall when he spotted Stradley on Rehoboth Avenue approaching the Royal Farms at 5:01 p.m. "Send me a unit to the circle," he said on the RBPD radio channel, "I think I got your suspect. He just walked into Royal Farms."

Sgt. Dempsey said later that Rehoboth police had CC'ed him with the arcade surveillance photo so he recognized Stradley right away as he drove past him on Rehoboth Avenue.

Once inside the Royal Farms, Sgt. Dempsey kept Stradley under observation as Rehoboth officers arrived. Stradley went to the register about three minutes later and that is when the police made the arrest. They cuffed him and placed him in the back of this patrol car.

Rehoboth police charged Stradley with one count of theft under $1500 and one count of theft of lost or mislaid property under $1500. Both charges are class A misdemeanors. Stradley was released on $1000 unsecured bail. The money stolen in these cases totaled less than $500.

Sgt. Letonoff, by the way, has a feature article, Notes from the Sergeant's Desk, on page 74 of the August, 2016 Delaware Beach Life.

Surveillance photo courtesy Beach Arcade South


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It was always assumed that Tommy "TC" Coveleski was destined to become Rehoboth Beach Patrol captain, like his father, Frank Coveleski, whose plaque appears on RBP headquarters. But that was never to happen. For whatever reason, TC was never promoted to captain, eventually left the patrol and died this past winter after a long battle with cancer at the age of 60.

The Coveleski family is well known for its years of service lifeguarding area beaches. A plaque in TC's honor is scheduled to be dedicated Monday, August 8, at 5 p.m., at Rehoboth Beach Patrol headquarters. It will be mounted next to his father's.

"Ask anyone who patrolled the shores of Rehoboth Beach between 1972 and 2006: Who has had an outsized impact on the RBP and the community of Rehoboth Beach, through people inspired, lives saved and communities brought together? The resounding answer will be Tommy Coveleski," says Jim Heller, a former RBP lieutenant.

"One of the fascinating things about Tommy is that he was everywhere; always leading; always inspiring; eternally vigilant," Heller states. "Tommy, during my time at the RBP, touched upon and positively influenced nearly every significant moment of my lifesaving career. From the Northernmost part of Fort Apache to the Southernmost part of Birdland; from the doldrums days of 110-degree heat to the hurricane days of 15-foot waves, Tommy seemed to constantly keep track of and positively influence every lifeguard, every incident and every community member."

"While Tommy's life seems fleeting," Heller continues, "his memory and impact will continue on. His corpus may someday soon be no longer with us, but his spirit will live on. The question we should be ready to ask ourselves when the day actually comes is not how will we live on in Tommy's physical absence, but rather how will we live like Tommy? Tommy's life and spirit is one worth remembering and celebrating. Tommy made an impact which outsized his physical stature, and which was larger than any one person or 'vessel.' Having inspired countless lifesavers to have optimism and tenacity in the face of great challenges; having saved countless lives through your ever-present awareness and inspiration, Tommy, you are my hero. Never loud. Never boisterous. Never in-your-face. But, always there; always aware. Always the leader of the people."

Heller, now an attorney, along with former RBP lieutenants Dr. Pete Hartsock and Mark Marderwald authored this article about TC in the April, 2016 Delaware Beach Life.


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Some businesses continued despite the failure

For more than an hour last Monday, some Rehoboth and Dewey electric customers, including the Star of the Sea Condo, residential customers, restaurants, shops, street lights, city offices and even the change machines were impacted by a power outage. Matt Likovich, Delmarva Power media relations manager, says an equipment problem caused the power outage for 534 customers.

Along Rehoboth Avenue, some businesses that never lost power were adjacent to those that were without power. This was First Street Station.

Like the commercial neighborhoods, the residential neighborhoods and street lamps were seemingly randomly impacted by the outage.

The outage was from roughly 8:04 p.m. to around 9:15 p.m.


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A 69-year-old Pittsville man driving this Chevy pickup truck was killed around 8 a.m. Sunday after he crashed into the Food Lion tractor trailer on Ocean Gateway (U.S. Route 50) at Race Track Road (Route 589) in the Berlin area. He was pronounced dead at the scene and the highway was closed for several hours.

State police say the preliminary investigation suggests that the 2001 white Chevy pickup driven by Mervin Louis Martin was traveling east on Ocean Gateway at the intersection of Race Track Road. Evidence and witness statements indicate that Martin left the left side roadway, struck a ditch and then reentered the roadway striking the tractor trailer that was making a left turn from Race Track Road onto eastbound Ocean Gateway. The tractor trailer was driven by Russell K. Morrison from Fayetteville, Pa. He was not injured.

Photo courtesy Christopher Casale



It was one of those peak summer weekends where it felt at times as if there were just too many people driving, biking and walking around town. Confrontations were unavoidable. Rehoboth Beach police responded to two confrontations on Saturday.

According to a witness in the ocean block of Wilmington Avenue, a bicyclist had claimed he was cut-off by a motorist driving an SUV around 4:50 p.m. That led to an angry exchange of words which brought police to the scene, below. One of the parties had already left prior to arrival of police.

Just before 7:15 p.m. that same day, a motorist and a pedestrian got into a confrontation in front of the Starbucks on Lake Avenue. According to a man sitting on the bench, a woman driving a vehicle was in the crosswalk trying to turn onto Rehoboth Avenue. That is when a male pedestrian pounded on her car with his hand and told her that she was blocking the crosswalk... and crosswalks are for pedestrians. She got out of the car and the two started arguing. Despite a quick police response, less than a minute, both parties were gone.

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Rehoboth Beach officials are proud of the city's near-perfect pedestrian safety record, and they want to keep it that way. For the past couple Saturday evenings, officers have been selectively greeting pedestrians at intersections along Rehoboth Avenue. They did not issue any citations yet, just a friendly flier, from the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, reminding them of pedestrian safety tips.

The actual flier and several others are on the OHS website.


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Revelation Brewing cuts the ribbon at its new brewpub

Hundreds of people attended the Revelation Craft Brewing Company's ribbon cutting this past Friday and got an opportunity to sample what Rehoboth's newest brewpub has to offer. The pub has actually been open since July 1.

What does the Revelation Craft Brewing Company plan to do that the other area brewpubs are not already doing? "We have a system," says Patrick Staggs, Revelation's president and COO. "It is a small system, but it is a scaled-down version of the big systems and what that means is, we can do a lot of different beers. We have 11 beers on draft. For a four-barrel system, that is pretty unique for what people are doing around here. And it gives us [not only] a lot of repeatability but a lot of flexibility as well," Staggs pointed out.

"We designed this place for a lot of intimacy with our beers," he said. "What that means is it is a very relaxed, calm environment. All of our servers are trained both in beers and the brewing process. So when you come in, we want you to learn about all the different styles you are tasting as well as the process. We'll take you in there, we'll show you, we'll let you taste things that are in-process, different ingredients, we want to make sure it is a full educational experience."

"We're right off the bike trail," Staggs pointed out, "So we're really bike and dog friendly. If you bike-in you get a free bike growler, a 32-ounce container designed to fit into bike cages." The pub plans to be open year-round with distribution starting hopefully this fall.

Harry Metcalf, left, toasts with partner, Patrick Staggs. They are two of the business' four partners along with Brian Nelson and Brian Keith. The children are Staggs' kids: Carter, 7, Arilyn, 4, and Brendan, 9.

"This has been a dream of ours for at least a few years and for me personally it has been a dream for the past 15 years," Staggs told the audience. Some 15 years ago his sister-in-law bought him a homebrew kit. "I did everything with that... got the ingredients... followed the directions... made some beer. That first beer... I was so excited... I bottled it... opened that bottle, and I can tell you that beer tasted like crap. And I thought there has to be something better than this. There has to be more to this because I have had great beers and this is not it. So that started my whole journey... I've had the dream since then of opening my own brewery and with the help of great partners... it is finally reality," Staggs added.

Craft beer is all the rage now at the shore. See the August issue of Delaware Beach Life and this guide to Delmarva's craft brewery utopia from the Gannett papers. Revelation Craft Brewing Company is at 19841 Central Street just outside Rehoboth Beach.


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A cooling station on the bike trail just outside of Kings Highway in Lewes that a neighbor established recently on hot days.

Photos courtesy Evan Stoddard of Garnet Valley, Pa. and Tony Crivella



MAN GETS STINGRAY BARB IMPALED IN KNEE--- An ambulance from the Mid-Sussex Rescue Squad took a 58-year-old man to Beebe Hospital after he had gotten a stingray barb impaled in his left knee. He was in severe pain. It was reported around 1:30 p.m. this past Thursday. No word from officials if he had been swimming or fishing.


2 FISHHOOK INJURIES ON REHOBOTH BEACH--- Rehoboth Beach lifeguards assisted two visitors this past weekend who had gotten fishhooks impaled in their feet, one of them was taken to Beebe Hospital by ambulance. She was a 53-year-old who got hooked just before 2 p.m. Friday near Wilmington Avenue. The RBP medic was unable to remove it safely so an ambulance took her to the hospital. Around 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, a boy in the Deauville area also caught a fishhook, but he did not require an ambulance.


MORE BOGUS ONLINE RESORT RENTAL PROPERTIES--- Last week Rehoboth Beach had received a couple reports of rental property scams on craigslist. This weekend, Bethany Beach police had a complaint regarding bogus rental properties listed on flipkey.com.


MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN COASTAL HIGHWAY SCOOTER CRASH NEAR LEWES--- According to Master Corporal Gary E. Fournier, state police spokesman, around 3:35 p.m. Friday, a scooter was headed south on Coastal Highway in the bus lane approaching the entrance to Starbucks just as a Mazda CX5 was making a left turn from northbound Coastal Highway into the parking lot of Starbucks. All three lanes of southbound traffic stopped and allowed the car to cross, but the Mazda driver failed to see the scooter which still had the right of way. The 60-year-old male scooter rider was taken to Beebe Hospital with head injuries. He wore no helmet and was initially unconscious after striking his head. Police charged him with driving a moped without being licensed as an operator of a motor vehicle. The 34-year-old man driving the Mazda was cited for Failure to Yield the Right of Way While Making a Left turn. No injuries were reported to the Mazda driver or his passenger.


DEWEY, REHOBOTH POLICE FIND MISSING WOMAN, INVESTIGATE POSSIBLE SEX ASSAULT--- Dewey and Rehoboth police spent the early hours of Sunday searching for a woman who disappeared with a man she had met at a Dewey bar. She later used her cell phone to call family. She told them she was in the surf, partially clothed and she did not know exactly where. For 35 minutes police searched the surf until they finally found her just south of the Rehoboth Beach city limits around 1:45 a.m. She was taken to Beebe Hospital for a sex assault exam. No word yet from police if any charges will be filed or even if a crime had taken place.


ANOTHER RBPD CAR DAMAGED BY CARELESS/DISTRACTED DRIVER--- For the second week in a row, a Rehoboth Beach police car has been damaged by a careless civilian driver. Around 2:15 p.m. this past Thursday, Chief Keith Banks was struck by a woman who was driving without a valid license. Read more on WGMD.com. The previous week, a distracted driver crashed into another Rehoboth Beach car while searching for a Pokémon Gym.


MAN INGESTS WEED-INFUSED GUMMI BEARS IN DEWEY, GETS SICK--- A 24-year-old man was taken to Beebe Hospital last Wednesday after he suffered an anxiety attack after consuming a batch of marijuana-infused Gummi bears along with psychotic medication. It was reported on Dagsworthy Avenue around 3:25 p.m.


BRIT THROWS RED BULL CAN AT POLICE, GETS ARRESTED--- Rehoboth Beach police arrested a British man after he threw an empty Red Bull can at police around 1:10 a.m. Thursday at Whiskey Jack's on the boardwalk near Baltimore Avenue.



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