WEEKEND #10, 2021

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Injuries amazingly minor considering the extensive debris field

It took nearly two hours for officials to clean up Coastal Highway this past Saturday night after a five-vehicle crash left an unusual amount of debris scattered on Coastal Highway. Amazingly, ambulances took only three people with minor injuries to the hospital.

First responders closed the northbound lanes just before Terrace Road shortly after the crash happened around 8:30 p.m. Northbound traffic detoured through downtown Rehoboth Beach while the investigation and clean-up were underway.

MCpl. Heather Pepper, police spokeswoman, says a 25-year-old man from Georgia was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

The northbound lanes reopened around 10:25 p.m. More photos are on the RB VFC website.


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This man allegedly tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill at Funland around 9 p.m. this past Friday. He wore a red Chicago Bulls baseball cap, the red/white T-shirt split down the middle and black shorts. Funland did not accept his bill and he tried at least one other business before Rehoboth Beach police were alerted and began searching for him.

During the previous weekend at least one business on the boardwalk had taken in several bogus $20 bills but we are told those had different serial numbers than the one this man tried to use. Police also recovered counterfeit currency that was given to the info kiosk at Delaware Avenue on Sunday morning.


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This will be the President's second visit to Rehoboth since taking office

Although the First Lady and other Biden family members have been regulars at the Biden beach house this summer, the President has only been here once since taking office. But his second visit appears to be near. The FAA posted this notice on Sunday and a visit for this coming weekend was mentioned during Friday's White House press briefing.

Keep an eye open for Marine One and the decoy helicopters!

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During the past three weeks or so, lifeguards at the Delaware beaches have whistled swimmers from the water several times after spotting "suspicious marine life." That prompted this lengthy discussion on iDewey's Facebook.

"We do water clearings for 'marine life' including but not limited to schools of fish and/or other marine animals that are observed in swimming zones frequently and regularly," says Dewey Beach Patrol Capt. Todd Fritchman. "We keep people out of impact zones until [the] life moves on. Our region is the breeding grounds for many shark and ray species so they are always there in season," he pointed out.

Photo courtesy iDewey

"There have been a number of rays and skates lately; however, that is common for this time of year," says Bethany Beach Patrol Capt. Joe Donnelly. "As for sharks," he adds, "I have not seen a lot of shark activity at least in Bethany Beach. I can't speak for others, but I do know that when rays and skates breach the surface on their sides, it can look like a shark fin. A lot of people on the beach have expressed that until the lifeguard explains it to them."

It is often challenging even for lifeguards to determine if those fins that breach the surface are rays or sharks. CBS2 reported on this situation this past week from the Jersey shore.


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The LeeWay Striker, the world's fastest research and hydrographic survey vessel, has been active just off the beach south of Dewey for the past several weeks.

Photo courtesy Ørsted

Image courtesy VesselFinder.com

Brady Walker, Ørsted's Mid-Atlantic market manager, says his company is conducting survey activities off the Delaware/Maryland coast for its Skipjack Wind 1 project through the fall. "Similar to the survey activities we have completed in years past," Walker says, "research vessels will be investigating the composition and contours of the ocean floor. The purpose of these activities is to explore the viability of several potential cable route options and other turbine siting activities related to Skipjack."

He provided this document with details on three of these survey vessels. To see what ships are in the area, check one of the vessel-tracking apps or websites like this one.


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Last Wednesday's ribbon-cutting for the Lighthouse Restaurant was a bittersweet moment for folks in Dewey Beach. The event was held on the late-Mayor TJ Redefer's birthday. Redefer died in April of 2020.

"I am honored that they chose TJ's birthday to open this beautiful place that TJ worked tirelessly. He was very excited for this to come to fruition," says Bobbie Redefer, his widow. "The fact that they honored TJ on his birthday with the opening is beyond words," she said, noting that last year the town had dedicated the adjacent BayWalk on his birthday as well.

Missing of course is the iconic lighthouse which was destroyed in an uninsured arson in April of 2020. A Wilmington man now faces charges for that fire.

"The whole Lighthouse Cove project from start to finish was about creating a family-resort atmosphere," says Thom Harvey, chairman of Harvey Hanna and Associates, the property developer. The project delivered about a half acre of beach, the BayWalk, 84 condos, 130 hotel rooms and the Lighthouse Restaurant. "We worked hard to try and create that kind of atmosphere... and I think we have accomplished that," Harvey added.


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A DelDOT repair crew came to 1st Street and Rehoboth Avenue last Wednesday to address a problem with the pedestrian signals. When the signals were discovered incorrectly informing pedestrians to walk when they should stop, and vice versa, one was wrapped in a plastic bag on July 17.

Last Wednesday, the complaint made it to DelDOT's TMC. "We had a minor issue at that intersection, our Traffic Management Center (TMC) dispatched a signal tech. TMC has confirmed it is now fully functional and working fine," says Kathryn Beasley, DelDOT spokeswoman.



Here is the line for Freeman's Corn on Plantation Road this past Friday morning.

The farm stand has become so popular that the folks on the Rehoboth Beach Nextdoor group have been sharing details on its availability.

Photo courtesy David Koster, PortraitsInTheSand.com


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With only a couple of weeks until election day, all four candidates have been out in force hitting the meet-and-greets the past few days. Here is Tim Bennett and Toni Sharp meeting voters at the home of Frank Cooper and John Bisch on Silver Lake this past Saturday.

Bennett said he has been encouraged by the support he has received considering he started with little name recognition and was a virtual unknown in Rehoboth political circles. "The Rehoboth voters are smart and engaged and they know that, despite all the static and campaign materials they are now getting daily, I am the only candidate who is new to city politics, who represents the future, who is unencumbered by past votes, who has not had to recuse themselves from votes, and I am not afraid to answer questions," Bennett stated.

Former Comm. Sharp, who decided to run again this year, said voters have been asking quite a bit about Clear Space, which is why she has posted this link on her website including a video clip from April of 2019. Voters are also continuing to ask her about parking, the direction of the city, and how the city spends tax dollars, she says.

Rachel Macha had a meet-and-greet at the home of Siran and Dave Faulders on Munson Street. Topics discussed included infrastructure projects, CDP, Clear Space, tree canopy and creating unity in the community.

Comm. Richard Byrne and Macha attended a meet-and-greet at the home of Jane Klein. Both Byrne and Macha have made it clear that they do not support LLC's having the right to vote. Byrne stated that his record shows he has always opposed LLC voting and believes in the principle of one-person one-vote. Other topics discussed were pedestrian safety, infrastructure needs and the impact of climate change.

The election is Saturday, August 14. For more info and details on absentee ballots, see the city's website.

Some photos courtesy the candidates


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The 13th Annual Run for the Paws is scheduled for Saturday, August 7, at 7:30 a.m. in Dewey Beach. The 5K run and 1-mile pet-friendly walk will start on Dagsworthy Street and finish near the Dewey Beach Lions Club where an epic after-party will follow which is free for all participants.

All proceeds will go directly to help local pets in need. For more info, to register or to make a donation, please visit: seashorestriders.com.

Contact Cheryl Crowe to sign up as a volunteer (302) 745-9915 or email.

Photos courtesy Cheryl Crowe



The first time Rehoboth Beach artist Diane Scobey visited the Delaware Botanic Gardens, she knew that it would be paradise for birds, so she approached them to inquire about their plans to add bird boxes. When she learned that they had planned to partner with Sussex Technical High School to build 80 boxes, she wanted to help. Scobey underwrote the fundraiser program where the school kids made those bird boxes and DBG found the sponsors.

The program has been a success with only 20 boxes remaining. The boxes are specifically designed to attract wren, bluebird, downy woodpecker and pileated woodpecker. Scobey gave the DBG this bluebird that she had carved.

Scobey has been woodcarving mostly birds for more than 25 years and can often be seen working on them on the beach or around town. She currently is part of a club that meets weekly in Milton.

The DBG bird box program started in the fall of 2020. Since Scobey was so excited about it, when it came time to pick her spring carving project, the bluebird seemed an obvious choice. It is carved from basswood which comes from the English linden tree. Basswood is typically used for woodcarving and is not the same as balsa wood. Basswood is known for being the ideal carving wood due to its light weight and smooth texture.

Shown are Sam Cashdollar, director of grounds and facilities, Sheryl Swed, executive director, Diane Scobey, artist/donor, Ray Sander, board of directors president. The bird is named AJ Blueberry!

Please see the DBG website for info.

Photos courtesy Jennifer Rubenstein



An osprey in silhouette by Rick Tananis...

Sunset at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Dewey Beach by Rachel Macha...

Pelicans "guarding the oysters" on Rehoboth Bay by Diane Scobey...




MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman from the MERR Institute says that last week her organization had no strandings or investigations to report.


TODDLER BURNED AT DEWEY BEACH BONFIRE--- A three-year-old girl burned her knee, foot and hand after she fell on a bonfire in Dewey Beach last Tuesday. It happened off Clayton Street around 9:15 p.m. She was taken to the hospital with what sounded like non-life-threatening burns.


MAN ARRESTED AFTER YELLING AND MAKING THREATS--- Rehoboth Beach police arrested a man last Monday after he was reported behaving irrationally yelling and screaming. He walked into one restaurant in the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue and was warned and told to leave. About 35 minutes later, police received another complaint from Wilmington Avenue that he was yelling that he was "going to kill white people." That is when he was arrested.



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Maryland record set with 301-pound swordfish off Ocean City coast



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