WEEKEND #10, 2022

August 1, 2022

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Around 500 guests including 350 past and current Rehoboth Beach Patrol guards celebrated the Patrol's 100th anniversary Saturday night at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center. The celebration, delayed a year because of Covid, brought together several generations of RBP alumni, including 92-year-old Jerry Radkin, the oldest attending lifeguard, with current guards and younger alumni.

The RBP traces its origins to 1921 when Benjamin Shaw started a two-man beach patrol with the help of the Red Cross. Shaw Park was named in his honor but has since been renamed Grove Park!

Here is Oswald Winchester, the first African American lifeguard, who guarded the segregated beach called the Crow's Nest in 1947. He is shown with 18 other guards at the old RBP headquarters.

Photo courtesy Rehoboth Beach Museum

Since that time, the patrol has grown to a force of 65 personnel.

This centennial anniversary event "signifies just the amount of time and effort that all the guards put into protecting the public here in Rehoboth and you think about 100 years, it's very humbling for all of us to come together," says RBP Capt. Jeff Giles, who is the Patrol's 20th captain.

Here's Capt. Giles congratulating Colin Fuchsluger as the 2022 Rookie of the Year at Saturday's celebration!

Photo courtesy Greg Wilson

Capt. Giles points out that lifeguarding has not changed much over the years. "What's funny is coming in and doing lifeguard training as I did 40 years ago! You still have to do the same thing. You got to sit on the stand. You got to watch the water. You got to understand the current. You got to recognize a problem before it happens. And that is something that you need to be taught. It's something that you get instructed on. And you know, it's something that we teach every day," he explains.

Capt. Giles and his wife, Julie, recognize Denise Allen (center) for organizing the reunion.

Photo courtesy Greg Wilson

Long-time lifeguard veteran and RBP Chief Derek Shockro also credits training which has led to the RBP's success. The "big thing is our training and our rookie training and the amount of effort that goes into it in order to become a lifeguard in Rehoboth Beach," he says. RBP does not use a lot of rescue devices because most of the action, he explains, occurs within 20 or 30 meters of the shoreline. "So we go through hard training, and then really it's the lifeguard and the buoy. And that has been our main lifesaving device that we've used, and what we'll continue to do and every once in a while might be supplemented, but from the beginning to where we are right now, that has been it," he said.

Former RBP Capt. Kent Buckson did not attend, although guards from his 21-year tenure did.

Debbie Marson, the RBP's second female guard in 1980 under Capt. Jeff Cannon, summarizes what so many others feel about having had the enjoyment to be on the patrol. "Rehoboth is so amazing and it's always been amazing," she says. "It's so very family oriented. It's kept its size down. It's just a wonderful place for families to come out and you know, it's just a great place. I love love love Rehoboth."


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A nine-year-old boy was taken to the hospital Sunday after he got stuck when a piece of wire became impaled in his toe. It was reported around 2:30 p.m. here on the dunes south of Grenoble Place. The beach patrol called for EMS personnel from Rehoboth Beach VFC who ultimately cut the wire with it still embedded in his toe.



This is something we don't see often in Rehoboth Beach, an unauthorized vehicle on the beach and abandoned at that.

Photo courtesy Richard Tananis

Police found this Jeep Compass abandoned around 2 a.m. Friday near Queen Street. After some investigation, officers found its drunken occupants at a beach bonfire south of the city limits.

Perhaps they were lucky the Jeep had gotten stuck in the sand. Police cited the driver for having a vehicle on the beach and allowed them to leave via a rideshare. Coastal Towing later removed the Jeep around 8 a.m.

Photo courtesy David Lynam


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Graffiti has become quite problematic this summer. Police have been taking multiple reports each week recently.

The scribblings have been found often in the public men's restrooms throughout town and on other surfaces such as street signs and parking kiosks.

But this week, several buildings were tagged, among them the Atlantis Inn, Tidewater House, the Sirocco and the Oceanus, shown here.

But the old Sirocco seems to be a favorite for the "artists" given the building's current status. It's been targeted throughout the summer.

No word yet from police on motive or suspects.


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David Lynam, a former lifeguard who runs the beach concessions in Dewey Beach, was credited this past week for rescuing a dog from the ocean near Silver Lake. It was reported around 8:25 a.m. last Monday before the Rehoboth and Dewey guards were on duty.

A few guards from both patrols along with the Rehoboth Beach VFC did respond, but Lynam, who had guarded for two years in Dewey, had already come to the rescue.

Photo courtesy Tony Crivella, Dewey Beach Preservation & Raking

"A lady just ran up to me and said that a dog was disoriented and was way out in the ocean," Lynam said. "So I swam out. It couldn't see over the chop so it didn't know where the beach was. I was yelling to it and it came to me. I didn't want to grab it because it was swimming fine so I just herded it for less than a minute and then it saw land and it was all good," he said.

The dog had been in the ocean for about 20 minutes. "The funny thing is I had loose shorts on and they were coming down to my knees every 10 feet. To anyone who was watching I can swim much faster," Lynam pointed out!

"Just happy I could help. A nice ending is always a plus. The lady was very upset. I just drove off to finish my recycling," he said adding that he "hopes to have tighter shorts on if it ever happens again."


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Last Sunday's motor scooter (moped) crash on the shoulder of Coastal Highway at Church Street outside of Rehoboth was indeed similar to the previous ones. Sr. Cpl. Jason Hatchell, state police spokesman, says the 18-year-old male rider was headed north along the shoulder approaching Church Street as this Mitsubishi Eclipse was turning across from the southbound side of the highway, he said.

Northbound traffic was backed up for a red traffic signal at Rehoboth Avenue-Extended and the stopped traffic extended south of Church Street. Drivers in the northbound lanes left an opening for the Eclipse to cross the northbound lanes. But as the Eclipse crossed the northbound lanes it entered the northbound shoulder and collided with the scooter.

As of Thursday, Cpl. Leonard DeMalt, state police spokesman, says no charges have been filed in this incident. The rider was last reported in stable condition. The investigation is still active and ongoing, he added.

But what can be done to prevent these shoulder collisions with scooters on this section of Coastal Highway, like this crash from 2017?

George Panarello of All Wheels Bike Shop which is right there on the highway has spent years thinking about the problem and warning his customers. He does not recommend riding on the shoulder. Riders should be mindful of every mailbox, driveway and cross street, he points out, as motorists typically don't look at their right-hand mirror when turning right. Panarello says he would like the law changed for scooters riding on the shoulder to require them to turn right at the first availability or otherwise ride in the main traffic lanes at the posted speed limit.

He is in favor of a dual-speed zone, something which he says DelDOT has opposed. For example, regular auto traffic could travel at 40 m.p.h. on the traffic lanes while scooters could be restricted to 17 m.p.h. on the shoulder. Scooters could also use the regular traffic lanes at 40 m.p.h. This would prevent these frequent collisions on the shoulder.

If any of these suggestions sound familiar, it's because he made them several years ago.

Here are a few examples of similar scooter crashes on the Coastal Highway shoulder from 2015, 2017 and 2019.

"We recognize that moped [motor scooter] incidents are a serious matter in the resort areas during the summer months and want to make sure that those drivers remain safe while operating mopeds," says Pam Lilly, DelDOT spokeswoman. DelDOT worked with the Delaware State Police and the Office of Highway Safety to develop this brochure on moped safety, she points out. Copies of the brochures were also sent to several businesses that rent mopeds in resort areas for customers.

Additionally, Lilly points out, the overall Strategic Highway Safety Plan categories are based on federal recommendations, and mopeds are not one of those categories. In past conversations with public officials and with the public at various meetings, mopeds were not mentioned as a pressing, statewide issue, she said. "Again, we recognize this as a seasonal issue and hope that drivers are vigilant to keep an eye out for moped riders in the resort areas and know the rules of the road to keep everyone safe while on our roadways," she added.


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The death of Sidney Wolf the previous weekend made both national and even international news. He was a former staff member for former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. A GoFundMe page has been established for his family.

Photo courtesy GoFundMe

Cpl. Leonard DeMalto, state police spokesman, said the Lyft driver has since been identified and has been cooperative with the investigators. "No charges have been filed at this time," he added, "and we do not release the names of those involved unless they have been charged. Whether or not charges will be filed will be determined as the investigation unfolds. This may take several months as the case continues to be investigated."


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DNREC had issued a recreational water advisory this past Thursday for Rehoboth Beach, the first of the season. The advisory warned swimmers to "use caution and/or avoid prolonged periods in the water from Baltimore Avenue to Stockley Street" because of "bacterial results which were above the recreational water quality standard." The water sample results came from Rehoboth Avenue.

Once again DNREC claimed that "these bacteria most likely originate from wildlife sources and increased rainfall, waves or wildlife feeding near the surf."

The advisory was in effect from 12:30 p.m. on Thursday to 12:45 p.m. on Friday and did impact the lifeguard Olympics which moved its swimming events farther north.

Info is on the DNREC websites for recreational waters and recreational water monitoring where you can join the Recreational Water Quality email list.


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Photo and video courtesy Jennifer Rubenstein

Beach visitors got an opportunity to see the helicopter studying groundwater salinity this past weekend for the U.S. Geological Survey. The Eurocopter AS-350 AStar (N109TA) flew three missions on Saturday, the first of which brought it right over the beach area at 100 feet elevation!

It has been operating from various area airports as its research area progresses.

The helicopter was featured in the Cape Gazette.


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The 14th annual "Run for the Paws" is a family-friendly 5k run and a 1-mile pet-friendly walk which is held annually in Dewey Beach. The 2022 fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, August 6.

Participants enjoy a flat and welcoming race course with bay views and breezes, followed by a one-of-a-kind after-party! All of this is possible through generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers.

Hundreds of runners and animal lovers come from all over to help support local animal rescue and shelter efforts. Every year, there are stories and positive outcomes directly related to the event, including adoptions, donations and collaborations.

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Rehoboth Sunset by Kelley Gillespie...

Rehoboth Sunrise with Venus by Richard Tananis...

Rehoboth Bay Sunset by Captain/Photographer Dave Koster on the tiki bar boat...

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THE MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman, MERR executive director, says her organization had no strandings last week. "We saw lots of dolphins on our fundraising cruise last Sunday," she added!


GIRL INJURED AFTER FALL FROM MAN'S SHOULDERS--- A four-year-old girl was taken to a trauma center after she fell about six feet head-first off a man's shoulder and struck her head. It happened around 3:20 p.m. last Monday at the Diamond Beach Condo on 38th Street in Ocean City. She was still conscious when taken by EMS.


RACCOON ATTACK IN REHOBOTH--- A woman was bitten by a raccoon in a residence in Rehoboth. It happened on Scarborough Avenue-Extended just before 6 p.m. last Monday. Police later found the raccoon and shot it. No word yet from police if it had rabies. Timothy Turane, a Delaware Division of Public Health spokesman, said last Wednesday that DPH was awaiting results of a reported raccoon bite. "If such results are positive, we will issue a press release if there is concern for additional exposures to humans or pets in the reported area where the bite occurred," he said.


TEEN CRITICALLY INJURED AFTER FALL FROM SKATEBOARD IN O.C.--- A 16-year-old boy was critically injured after he struck his head when he fell from a skateboard. It was reported around 1:25 p.m. last Wednesday in the ocean block of 41st Street in Ocean City. He was flown to a trauma center.


WOMAN CRASHES JEEP AT DEWEY WINGS-TO-GO--- A woman was arrested after she crashed her Jeep at Wings-to-Go in Dewey Beach off Dagsworthy Street. The crash busted a water line and caused some property damage. She had left the Jeep's engine running and left the scene on foot. Police found and charged her with DUI. It happened around 12:05 a.m. last Friday.



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