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WEEKEND #11, 2013

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




Perhaps you've caught a glimpse of something or heard a bump in the dark, but do you know what critters are in your yard at night?

The TruthCam 35 helps answer those mysteries. It is an automatic camera, often used by hunters, that straps to a pole or tree. It shoots video or photos and does so using IR technology so there is no flash to startle the wildlife.

Even in downtown Rehoboth Beach, it is interesting to catch so much wildlife in one's backyard. Here is what the camera caught this past weekend.

Using some food scraps for bait, a skunk and fox are pictured sharing the same feeding area.

The fox is among the earliest feeders but rarely seen.

The TruthCam captured photos of several cats. The night-time cats are interesting in that they are not the same group of cats seen during the day.

The raccoons are regulars, sometimes even in the daylight hours.

One of the harder critters to capture on camera is this fast-moving opossum.

This is what the TruthCam 35 looks like.

Any suggestions where to take it next?



Police were summoned to the Rehoboth Beach Post Office around 6 p.m. Saturday when a couple found Coastal Towing hooking their car. For more than 15 minutes police remained in the lot. One officer explained that this was a civil dispute. Meanwhile, Coastal removed another unauthorized vehicle from the lot.

In response to a FOIA request in 2010, Postmaster Richard DeWitt explained the situation in this letter.

Although the Sand Castle Motel is not oceanfront, Post Office tows provide entertainment for guests on balconies.




Yet another store clerk was nabbed this past week by Rehoboth Beach parking enforcers. Around 1:30 p.m. Friday, a ticket writer found this Chevy Cobalt LS in the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue. The owner owed the city $525 in fines. The man was given until 2 p.m. to pay his debt but failed to appear at the parking meter department. Coastal Towing removed the Chevy.




A familiar fixture in downtown Rehoboth Beach, Thomas Napier-Collins, the innkeeper of the Rehoboth Guest House, has decided to retire from the inn-keeping business.

Here he was on his last day this past Wednesday.

Napier-Collins says he got into the business after Sept. 11, 2001. "My company, Delta Air Lines," he said, "offered an early retirement package that I could not resist. I then was put in contact with Bill Courville, past owner of the Guest House. He offered me a job and I took over Oct. 15, 2002. I have not looked back. It has been a fantastic ride and Bill and Bob, the past owners, have been very supportive of me and the staff. We made changes to the house and now the new manager is 'making' it his B&B."

"I had never run a B&B before," Napier-Collins added, "but my background with Pan Am international division afforded the experience of living in six countries all over the world. I always remember what it was like to go on vacation and to check into a hotel or inn and appreciated a warm welcome and excellent service. I took this feeling and expanded it to the Guest House. Thirty-four years in the airline service industry afforded me the experience in dealing with diverse and culturally different guest. It's been a joy. However after 45 years of working it was time for me to step down and let someone else manage our beautiful property."

Napier-Collins says he plans to live a quiet life in Dagsboro with his Airedale, Maxine.

"I will miss all of my guests," he said. "I have enjoyed meeting such a diverse group of people and telling them about Rehoboth Beach events and places to eat! I have enjoyed living and working in Rehoboth Beach. I have met so many wonderful people and have made friends that will last a life-time. That's the best thing, friends!"

The new owners have hired Steve Napoli to assume his role as innkeeper.



Saturday was the 35th annual Rehoboth Beach sandcastle contest.

The designs ranged from the traditional sandcastles to those with political commentary.

Andy West from Harrington, Delaware, along with his niece and brother designed "Good to be King." He was responsible for the carvings and said he's been doing this for 10 years. Their work was among the top 10.

Sheila Stephanis, a 20-year sandcastle vet, said she was concerned that a religious theme with the Madonna and child and the "I Wonder as I Wander" Christmas carol might count against her team with the judges. She built the work along with Renaud and Erin deVitry. The three of them come from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. They too finished in the Top 10.

Veteran sandcastle builders mentioned that the sand this year was full of contaminants such as broken glass, gravel and "blacktop," but they made it work. It appears the dirt that was trucked in to cover the Henlopen rock jetty over the winter was full of construction debris. The dirt has since mixed with sand, but it remains below the surface.

Winners from the 2013 contest are on the Chamber of Commerce website.


by Dagmar Henney

Ward Ellinger's gallery was packed Saturday night for artist Sondra N. Arkin's return to Rehoboth Beach.

Arkin's work is as beautiful as it is complex. She uses bees wax and shellac from beetles. She applies the substance to a surface such as aluminum or wood, paints the melted wax while it remains molten and continues the cycle.

She has been exhibiting in Rehoboth Beach since 2002, when she appeared at the Blue Moon. Her fascinating work will be on display at the Ward Ellinger Gallery at 39 Baltimore Avenue through August 15.



Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias. Notice the red spot at the top of the folded wings.



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REHOBOTH BEACH POLICE INVESTIGATE MOPED/SCOOTER THEFTS--- Rehoboth Beach police investigated two scooter/moped thefts on Sunday. One is a silver Vespa and the other was a gray Cobra Key West. They were taken from Columbia and Henlopen avenues. On Tuesday, police were called to the second block of Baltimore Avenue to investigate mopeds reported stolen, but no word if the incidents were related.

GIRL ON SCOOTER INJURED IN CAR ACCIDENT--- A 5-year-old girl was injured when struck by a vehicle while crossing Bayard Avenue at Stockley Street in Rehoboth Beach around 10:20 a.m. Friday. She wore no helmet and suffered a bruise to the head, and cuts to elbows and knees, dizziness and neck/back pain. She was taken to Beebe Hospital.

EARLY MORNING O.C. CONDO FIRE--- A kitchen fire broke out around 3:40 a.m. Saturday at the Marshall Inn condo in Ocean City at 62nd Street. The fire was reported in unit #307 and was under control within minutes. Firefighters returned around 6 a.m. when water possibly flooded electrical work in a lower floor.

WOMAN TAKEN TO BEEBE AFTER COLLAPSING IN REHOBOTH SURF--- A 30-year-old woman appeared to suffer a seizure, got tossed in the surf and was unconscious when lifeguards pulled her from the water around 1:35 p.m. Saturday. It happened near Brooklyn Avenue. She was described as confused and was taken to Beebe Hospital by ambulance. Police discovered what appeared to be drug paraphernalia in her belongings.

DOGS OVERBOARD FROM BOAT AT INDIAN RIVER INLET--- DNREC assisted searching for two dogs that reportedly jumped from boats on the south side of the Indian River Inlet around 11 a.m. Sunday. One dog was later found, no word on the other.

MAN DIVES FROM PONTOON BOAT, FLOWN TO TRAUMA CENTER--- A 28-year-old man dove from a 45-foot pontoon boat into shallow water and suffered a spinal injury around 2 p.m. Sunday. It happened in the Rehoboth Bay near Bluff Point. He had no feeling below the waist. He was taken to Christiana Hospital by helicopter.

2 MEN TAKEN TO BEEBE HOSPITAL AFTER STINGRAY ENCOUNTERS--- A 37-year-old man was in extreme pain with shortness of breath after he got stung by a stingray in the left wrist around 6 p.m. Saturday. It happened near Keybox Road in the Delaware Seashore State Park. Around 7:15 p.m. Sunday, a 47-year-old man suffered a similar injury when he got a stingray barb stuck in his right forearm on Prospect Street in Rehoboth Beach. Both men were taken by ambulance to Beebe Hospital. No word if they were swimming or fishing.


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Dolphin strandings in South Jersey have experts on alert (The Press of Atlantic City)

Are other states stealing tourists wary of Sandy-hit shores? Asbury Park Press (New Jersey)

High Delaware pedestrian deaths concern highway safety officials

2013 Coastal Management Assistance Grants awarded by DNREC's Delaware Coastal Programs

Two charged in multiple burglaries in northern Sussex County

Rehoboth brothers accused of burglary, identity theft

Ann Ellen Kenney Walls McCool obituary (Walls Cottages and Apts)

Troopers investigate attempted robbery near Rehoboth

Troopers investigate moped crash near Rehoboth

Three town council seats open with seven candidates for Sept. 7 election (Bethany Beach)

Woman arrested for second-degree assault on boyfriend in Ocean City

Ocean City police accepting applications for fall 2013 citizens police academy

OCPD, neighborhoods celebrating National Night Out

Motor scooter collides with large truck in Ocean City

VIDEO RELEASE: Coast Guard rescues F-16 pilot after plane crash near Chincoteague, Va.



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