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WEEKEND #11, 2016

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware



Rehoboth Beach police have released these surveillance photos of a couple who stole a Chevy Suburban from an 80-year-old Hagerstown man who had given them a ride to the Royal Farms in downtown Rehoboth Beach this past weekend.

Police say the white man and woman shown in these photos stole the dark gray/charcoal 2002 Chevrolet Suburban with Maryland tags 3CK6851 from the victim around 10:15 a.m. Saturday. The couple had met the victim at the Wawa outside Rehoboth on Veterans Way and asked him for a ride to the Royal Farms on Rehoboth Avenue.

The victim told police that when they arrived at the Royal Farms the male suspect exited the SUV and the female suspect asked if she could drive. According to the victim, at this point he became suspicious and attempted to take the keys from the ignition and exit the Suburban. The female grabbed at the victim scratching his hand. The victim was able to exit the SUV at which time, police say, the male suspect jumped into the driver's seat and drove off headed toward the ocean on Columbia Avenue.

The stolen Suburban had three fishing poles attached to the roof, a rear lift gate, chrome bumpers and small dents to the rear driver's side door and front bumper.

Anyone seeing the vehicle is asked to call 9-1-1 immediately. Police say do not approach or contact the occupants. Anyone with information as to the identity of the suspects pictured is asked to call Rehoboth Beach Police at (302) 227-2577 or send a private message. Those with information can remain anonymous.

As of Sunday, one source says police have received several tips regarding the photos and are working some solid leads mostly from Maryland.

Surveillance photos courtesy Rehoboth Beach PD


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A man is lucky to be alive after he was discovered unconscious in the surf early Thursday evening near Olive Avenue in Rehoboth Beach.

According to witnesses, only 25 minutes after the beach patrol had gone off duty, the victim had been seen in the ocean in front of the Boardwalk Plaza where he was struck by a wave. A father and son noticed the man face down in the surf and brought him out of the water.

Off-duty Rehoboth Beach Patrol members along with police, the Rehoboth Beach ambulance crew and Sussex County EMS came to his aid.

The 65-year-old man, who was initially unconscious, complained of tingling in his fingers when he regained consciousness. He was taken to Beebe Hospital by ambulance.

The surf this past week has been becoming rougher after a relatively calm summer. Lifeguards have been making a special effort to warn beach goers of the dangers, especially given the increase in water rescues the past week.

Until this past week, the ocean has been mostly calm with few rescues and injuries. "Little activity in the Atlantic basin is a major reason for lack of waves and that results in lack of rip currents which cause 95 percent of rescues in Ocean City" says Capt. Butch Arbin of the O.C. Beach Patrol. "Waves are also caused by wind," Capt. Arbin points out, "and you never have hot-hot weather and rough surf because if there is wind generating waves then the air is not so hot by the fact that there is wind."

The O.C.B.P. stats through the week of August 1, 2016 are online. They show only 336 rescues through last week (week #9) this year as opposed to 1432 at this same point last year or 1164 in 2014. This was also the topic of this recent The Dispatch article as well as these tips as to what to do in shore break conditions.


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Since Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, Rehoboth Beach police have assisted with 17 misplaced vehicle complaints. These are visitors who had parked their vehicles in town, could not find them later and had to call police for assistance. They were not towed!

"There are no evident similarities among the complaints," says Lt. Jaime Riddle, "other than the fact that people are usually only a block or two away from their vehicle. In the case of nine of the complaints, the misplaced vehicle calls originated from Rehoboth Avenue."

Lt. Riddle likens it to visiting the shopping mall at Christmas time. "If you do not make it a point to note a landmark prior to leaving your vehicle," he says, "it can be difficult to find it. Having said that, the best advice that we can provide is to encourage people to make a mental note of a landmark, a particular store or house address, before walking away from their vehicle."

Those who park in the residential areas of the city are encouraged to not only make a mental note of the house number they parked in front of, but also to remember the name of the street they parked on and the number of blocks the street is from the boardwalk. "The boardwalk serves as a great landmark," Lt. Riddle points out.

The Parkeon parking meter kiosks print receipts which include the meter location and space number. Don't lose your receipt because that can also be used to extend time. Also, some people take a photo with their smart phones of a landmark or street sign before they leave the area. Otherwise, it can be all a blur when they try to find their vehicle again later!


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Simultaneous police complaints about traffic backups on Rehoboth Avenue combined with rumors that the driver of a Sysco truck had been seen sitting and eating while snarling traffic early last week resulted in this truck receiving a citation Friday afternoon.

Rehoboth Beach police received the simultaneous complaints around 1:40 p.m. Friday when the unattended truck was parked in the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue near 1st Street blocking traffic. This has been a "daily problem," one of the police officials stated over the radio, adding that the driver must be actively making deliveries or else he is violating the parking code.

The driver did return, but it was too late. Police were already in the process of issuing the citation. The truck later moved to the ocean block of Baltimore Avenue to complete its deliveries.


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This "is a bit concerning. Silver Lake is not an area that is amenable for plane traffic," says Rehoboth Beach Comm. Lorraine Zellers after this float plane was discovered docked along Lake Drive last week. Both state police and FAA say no reports of emergency landings were received.

According to FAA records, the owner of the plane with tail number N711 is Apache Cub Systems.

To add a bit to the mystery, the address for Apache Cub Systems is about a block from the notorious National Aircraft Leasing Corp. on Kennett Pike in Greenville, Del. According to various news reports, the National Aircraft Leasing Corp. has been leasing airplanes to the FBI which fly in circles all day long in metropolitan areas.

Photo courtesy Comm. Stan Mills


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Rehoboth Beach police once again responded to assist Dewey Beach police this past weekend when an out-of-control brawl was reported at one of the town's bars. This time it was the Rusty Rudder around 1 a.m. Sunday. According to a Dewey Beach police news release, the Rudder security staff reported that the altercation began within the restaurant when several patrons were ejected. As they escorted the troublemakers to Dickinson Avenue, several other patrons followed, began fighting and caused a disturbance, police said. The crowd grew to about 30 combatants by the time police arrived.

Police ordered the crowd to disperse and they refused. Several civilians and officers were exposed to pepper spray and one officer was injured when an unknown object struck him in the head. He was not taken to the hospital but simply treated at the scene. Several potential suspects were detained, police said, but none were charged because the victims were uncooperative.

The crowd cleared the Rudder deck and parking lot within about 15 minutes. Police immediately sent officers to guard the area Wawas in case troublemakers tried to continue their feuds there, as they have in the past. But no further issues were reported.


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But why are no troopers anxious to work at North Beach/Ivy?

"The Starboard goes over and above what most any establishments do," says Steve "Monty" Montgomery, Starboard owner. "Not only do we have our own Resort Patrol Security officers at our front door for nearly 25 years now, but ever since the horrific Orlando nightclub shooting, we have hired Delaware State Police to not only stand at our entrance, but also to park a vehicle in front of our business so that our customers can be assured we are a very safe place to enjoy while on vacation in Dewey Beach."

That state trooper vehicle sitting out front reminds folks that the Starboard takes safety seriously, Montgomery said. "We want people to have a total blast and as much fun as possible, but safety is a high priority for us. Beyond that, our entire door staff is fully trained by a special forces training team; same guys who train Delaware police so that we are always prepared to deal with any situation."

Dewey Beach police are not allowed to work overtime for the town's bars, which leaves the state troopers with excellent overtime potential, earning around $60 an hour with Dewey police handling all arrests and paperwork. But while sources say there have been plenty of offerings for North Beach and Ivy this summer for state trooper employment, few state police have taken advantage of the opportunity, leaving North Beach and Ivy without any troopers.


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Dewey Beach lifeguards called for police Thursday after receiving reports of a man wrapped in a towel exposing himself here near Houston Street.

Once the man got word that police were coming, he suggested it was accidental and left the beach before the officer arrived.



Rehoboth Beach police have been actively patrolling the beach all summer continuing to crack down on those who drink alcohol and/or possess glass containers while on the beach. Some receive warnings while others get cited.

After an officer spoke with one group sitting near the Henlopen early Friday evening, he let them go with a warning. The man discarded these bottles in the trash as the officer departed.

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RICH BARNETT BOOK LAUNCH: Fun with Dick and James

A star-studded line-up including the Rehoboth Foodie, Bob Yesbek, publisher Nancy Sakaduski from Cat & Mouse Press and graphic artist Mick Williams came to Browseabout Books Sunday afternoon to help launch Rich Barnett's latest book, Fun with Dick and James.

Lucky guests also enjoyed French 75, the signature cocktail from the character Dick in the book, along with antipasto from Frank & Louie's while listening to readings by the author himself!

Sakaduski had suggested the topic to Barnett, looking for a sort of Rehoboth version of Wooster and Jeeves. And she came to the right man! The book, about two guys who head out and around town and have all sorts of escapades with a very eccentric cast of characters takes place in Rehoboth.

The work is purely fictional, Sakaduski says, but "I think readers will recognize a lot of local locations, a lot of local figures, things like the pie ladies, things like different restaurants, and other locations around town."

Dick and James are unusual characters. Dick is sort of a wealthy but clueless fellow who keeps getting into jams, Sakaduski points out. Dick's boyfriend, James, is sort of street smart. She says he has to get Dick out of the jam often but not always playing by the rules. So the results are usually pretty funny, especially with Barnett's vintage comedic touch!

"I think of the book more as a sit-com with a wacky ensemble cast than as a traditional novel," Barnett says. "People have been telling me they can discern the identities of the main characters in the book and they don't quite believe me when I explain that each one is truly fictional, a composite sketch from a lot of different people," he says.

There's a lot of truth in fiction, Barnett adds, but he says he pulls from "life, bits and pieces here and there, in order to create interesting characters." Dick Hunter was Barnett's grandfather's name. He was a detective and also worked for the FBI. "Rehoboth is an eccentric little place," Barnett points out. "No place [is] quite like it with its mix of high-brow and low-brow, urban and rural, gay and straight, north and south. It's my muse that's for sure."

Mick Williams, the graphic artist who designed the book's cover, featured several of his local watercolors and explains how he designed the book's cover with the various elements from the book. See his website for more great design work.

Please see the Cat & Mouse Press website or visit Browseabout Books on Rehoboth Avenue to buy this great book!


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If you want to spend a most delightful day admiring enchanting art pieces visit Wendy Carr's latest exhibition at CAMP Rehoboth. Carr is not only enchanting but versatile in her art forms. She has studied in Europe and domestically and has received much recognition for her artist endeavors. Her art reaches from colorful, artistic artworks to boxes and mixed media.

This acrylic on canvas muted abstract is among Carr's current favorites. "It is a favorite," she explains, "because you can paint 100 paintings, and only one will be a great painting. It will be a great moment." The colors and the balance "just came out right. Everything worked out good with it," she added.

Carr has a studio in Dewey where she works on multiple works at a time and goes from one to the next, using acrylic paints because they dry fast. She hopes visitors to her exhibition will connect with the color, pattern and subject matter of her art and perhaps even be inspired to do something such as create more art.

Color, she says, has a tremendous influence on her style, noting how she loves the abstract expressionists of the 60's and 70's. Andrea Jones, her long-time friend, describes her work as "very pop" with the use of incredible textures and a wonderful selection of re-purposed items. Shown below is her "Scenic View," acrylic on canvas with mixed media and "Blue Abstract" on the right. "Scenic View" is a combination of a found window on top of a canvas painting with construction all over it.

Box constructions, one of her specialties, are an immediate work, Carr explains. She has a lot of collectors who collect the boxes she has made for the past 25 years. They are made from "a repetitive language," she explains, in that she uses, and reuses, items such as nails, bottle caps and what some may consider sexually suggestive or provocative images. "I use things that other people would consider junk or not beautiful and I try to use them in a beautiful way," she pointed out. "So I am giving purpose to something that you would never think twice about."

Her exhibition will be on display through the end of August. Please see the CAMP Rehoboth website for details.


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Early morning beach cleaning after Saturday's storm...

Friday morning on Chicago Street...

Photos courtesy Tony Crivella


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CORRECTION TO LAST WEEK'S PHOTO CAPTION--- The children shown in the Revelation Brewing article are Staggs' kids not Metcalf's!


MAN PUNCTURES FOOT ON DEWEY DUNE FENCE--- A 58-year-old man was injured when he punctured his foot on a spike from dune fence around 8 a.m. last Monday on the beach in Dewey. He was taken to the hospital by his family.


MAN INJURED IN O.C. SURF, FLOWN TO TRAUMA CENTER--- a 55-year-old man was injured in the Ocean City surf and struck his head off 75th Street around 11:15 a.m. last Monday. He had to be pulled from the water. He initially was unable to move his arms and legs, then complained of tingling when some movement returned. He was flown to a trauma center.


BOYS INJURED IN SEPARATE ACCIDENTS IN LEWES LAST WEDNESDAY--- Last Wednesday a 15-year-old boy was struck by a utility truck while running in the area of Hopkins and Beaver Dam roads around 8 a.m. See the state police news release for details. Just past noon that same day, a 7-year-old boy was injured in a bike accident along the bike trail near Lewes. He too was taken to Beebe Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


DISORDERLY, DRUNK GROUP MAY HAVE ARRIVED BY BUS--- During about a 15-minute period Saturday afternoon, Rehoboth Beach police responded to at least three incidents of intoxicated and disorderly groups on Maryland, Rehoboth and Wilmington avenues and at the bandstand. The groups may have arrived together in Rehoboth on the same bus. Police issued at least three civil citations. About an hour later, around 4 p.m., police arrested two men at Conch Island after they had been reported as disorderly.


POLICE ARREST BICYCLIST AFTER HE FOUGHT WITH OFFICER--- Rehoboth Beach police arrested a male bicyclist after he fought with a bicycle officer when he was stopped in the second block of Rehoboth Avenue. He had just given the officer his name and that is when the officer radioed for assistance because the man started resisting arrest. No word yet on charges.


3 MORE DEAD LOGGERHEADS--- Suzanne Thurman from the MERR Institute says her organization investigated the deaths of three more loggerhead sea turtles this past week. Two appeared to have been struck by boat propellers and one looks like a dredge victim, she said. MERR also assisted in transporting a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in New Jersey, where it was rescued, to the Virginia Aquarium and Science Center stranding program where it will continue its rehabilitation.



8 motorcycle fatalities on Delaware roads so far in 2016 (motorcycle safety patrols Aug. 12-15)

Delaware State Police investigate crash north of Georgetown (Thursday)

NTSB issues first report in death of Lewes firefighter Tim McClanahan

Traffic stop near Rehoboth nets heroin (previous Sunday)

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Drawn by Sand: Oceanic Imagery in Modern and Contemporary Art (August 11)

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Most of Republican candidate's declared worth comes from this Rehoboth beach-front rental home

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Rehoboth Beach 2016, yet another YouTube video log

A cross-country bike ride ends in Rehoboth for people with disabilities

Free pizza Monday (TODAY) at American Pie!

Rehoboth commissioner candidates face off at forum

Dave Grohl, Ryan Phillippe vacationing at Del. beaches

Fans get Dave Grohl beer, party with him at amusement park

Meeting Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl made my day -- Dave Grohl, Ryan Phillippe vacationing at Del. beaches

Starboard in Dewey Beach, taking a bite out of breast cancer

Dewey Beach 2016 (interesting drone video)

Dewey Beach 2016 (good early morning drone video)

Burglary suspect arrested after traffic stop in Ocean View

Frankford audit report raises eyebrows

Maryland boating fatalities up to 8

Worcester County, state agree to sewer overflow settlement

New Jersey woman seriously injured in O.C. boating accident

Route 90 sinkhole repairs

Route 90 sinkhole renews Route 90 dualization push

Route 50 O.C. drawbridge gates damaged by winds; lane closures, flooding make last Monday traffic a nightmare

Tornado confirmed in downtown Ocean City last Monday; storm flooding, accidents lead to traffic nightmare

Ocean City water rescues way down so far this summer

Ocean City Beach Patrol employment opportunity, pre-employment testing for Summer 2017

Joint venture to buy casino at Ocean Downs; Churchill Downs, Saratoga Casino partner for purchase

Seasonal housing project eyed in downtown O.C.; state grant sought to help with demo costs

O.C. council approves $5.5M radio system lease

Greenwood, Del. man dies in custody of Ocean City PD

Sleeping in car complaints on rise in Ocean City

What to do in shore break conditions

On Assateague, circle of life on full display this week; surprise filly's birth happens 3 days after stallion euthanized



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