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WEEKEND #11, 2018

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




An outraged Gary Glass has been fighting back this past weekend after an anonymous letter was mailed to many Rehoboth Beach registered voters misstating his viewpoints. "An illegal, anonymous campaign letter has been mailed to Rehoboth Beach voters, which makes false statements about me and my positions, and which endorses the other two candidates by name," Glass states.

Richard Byrne, Pat Coluzzi and Glass are competing for the two soon-to-be-open commissioner seats in Rehoboth Beach. The election is this coming Saturday, August 11.

Glass is calling on the other two candidates to "disavow this illegal election activity by their supporter, and to do everything in their power to publicly identify that person who is responsible for this false and anonymous letter. A candidate has the responsibility to control his or her campaign. The other candidates in Rehoboth cannot put their head in the sand about this serious violation of election law by their supporter."

Voters have been receiving this letter in the mail in handwritten envelopes with a July 31 postmark. Glass is providing this response he has been sending to Rehoboth voters "pointing out specific falsehoods in the letter."

Immediately after he learned of the letter, Glass said he contacted Bo McDowell, the Sussex County Director of the Delaware Department of Elections on Friday, August 3. He noted that he filed a written complaint, which has been sent to the State Commissioner of Elections, Elaine Manlove.

Not only is this anonymous letter categorically false, Glass states, it violates the state election laws. He points out that an anonymous letter like this constitutes an illegal election advertisement because it does not comply with the attribution requirement that requires all election material to state who has paid for the advertisement.

If the other candidates or their advisors had any role in this mailing or knowledge of it, they must report this to the Commissioner of Elections identifying the person who paid for the mailing and the cost of the mailing as a campaign contribution, he said. Given the expense of a mailing like this, Glass points out, it probably violates the contribution limits. The city has about 1700 registered voters.

"If the other candidates and their advisors had no knowledge, then the person who is behind this mailing is violating the law by failing to file a third-party advertisement report with the Commissioner of Elections," Glass adds.

Byrne said this past weekend that he did not know who sent the letter or to whom it was sent. "I personally will not be involved in any negative campaigning or negative comments," Byrne stated.

"I'm running for the future of our city and for the residents and the businesses, and not against anyone," he added. "I disapprove of any activity that brings an element of negativity to this campaign. We should all be above negativity in this campaign."

"It saddens me that an anonymous letter was sent out with such negative campaigning," says Coluzzi. "This has no place in our community. Candidates should run on their experience, background and record. We are better than that," she added.

Because the election is less than a week away, Glass says "it is urgent that we inform the public about this illegal violation of election law in Rehoboth Beach. In this country, our elections and the democratic process are under attack on multiple fronts, and it is extremely sad to see that someone in our local community is joining the attack on democracy."

In other election news...

Mark Saunders and Bob Thoman hosted one of the last meet-and-greets this campaign season for Dick Byrne at their beautiful home in Country Club Estates on Saturday. Byrne says a lot of people are asking him about parking especially this time of summer. "I think we need to look at what is good for residents so they can park in front of their house and they don't have to park a block away at this time of the year." He also notes that parking is a major concern for the business owners and their customers. He is anxious to hear what recommendations the city's parking advisory committee makes.

"If a new source of revenue is needed," Byrne had said, "I think we need to look very closely at adding two percent to the current hotel tax... that is fair all the way around." In that regard, he said he shares common ground with both of the other candidates. "All three of us care deeply about the future of this city," he pointed out, "and I think we are fortunate to have three good people running."

Registered voters can vote "absentee" this week or in person on Saturday, August 11!


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After already one bizarre auto accident involving alcohol this season, one can't help but wonder if there is a drunk-driving problem here in town. Rehoboth Beach police arrested the man driving this Chevy Sonic LT after he struck a Chevy Equinox parked in the second block of Olive Avenue and rolled the Sonic onto its roof around 9:30 p.m. last Wednesday.

The driver, and only occupant, fled on foot, but witnesses helped police locate him minutes later in a nearby hotel lobby. Police had him step outside where he performed a field sobriety test and was later placed under arrest. He was taken to Beebe Hospital for blood alcohol analysis, but there were no injuries.

Police identified the driver as Justin C. Anders, 39, of Bear, Del. He was charged with DUI-alcohol, reckless driving, leaving the scene of a property damage collision, failing to provide information at a property damage collision scene, failing to report a collision to a police agency, failure to have registration card in possession, failure to have proof of insurance and failure to comply with taking of photos and fingerprints. He was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution in default of $2000 secured bail.

Just before 2 a.m. this past Saturday, a witness called police stating that what looked like an old-model Ford Explorer sped down the walking path at the end of Park Avenue and drove onto the beach at Deauville. The men who were inside came out yelling and screaming. Police tested and arrested the driver for DUI and requested a tow truck to remove the vehicle which had gotten stuck in the sand.

Police say around 1:30 a.m. this past Wednesday, a silver Chevy Tracker, possibly a 2002 to 2005 model, struck this Volvo S40 parked along the shoulder of Sussex Street just east of 4th Street. As a result of the crash, the Volvo was forced into the curb and sustained extensive, disabling damage, police said.

Police said the parts shown below from the Tracker were left behind at the scene. Also shown is a representation of the make, model and style of the suspect vehicle.

Police said it was unknown if the driver was injured. Nor do we know for certain if the driver were intoxicated. Anyone with information as to the location of the vehicle or the identity of the owner and/or driver is asked to please contact Cpl. Jeffrey Bixler at (302) 227-2577.

Mug shot/Chevy Tracker photos courtesy R.B.P.D.


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Social media was all abuzz this past week after a Rehoboth regular was featured in this recent L.A. Times article: Who is Anna March?

In researching this story, The Times said Anna March first appeared around 2011 when she started publishing online. Before that, the paper reported, she was known by other names in different cities including: Delaney Anderson, Nancy Kruse and Nancy Lott.

In three places Los Angeles, San Diego and Rehoboth Beach March became a part of the literary community, The Times pointed out. "She won over new friends, even accomplished authors but especially writers trying to find a way into that world, with her generosity, her enthusiasm and apparent literary success only to leave town abruptly."

In two other areas, Montgomery County, Md., and Washington, D.C., she has had financial judgments against her, one for more than $380,000, the newspaper reported.

When we came into contact with her in the spring of 2010, she was anxious to move into our beach cottage on Sussex Street. She spoke of writing a novel and having another "whole year's worth of writing projects while that's being edited," so she decided to stay in Rehoboth.

Among other projects, March wanted to re-paint the cottage, take up the carpeting, restore the hardwood floors and install a bay window. She would pay for everything! Since we were still in Maryland, all of our correspondence was by e-mail and telephone. She e-mailed us this photo so we would have a face to go along with the name!

We sent her a lease which she promised to return with a deposit. Weeks later, in anticipation of her move, March moved our furniture out of the cottage and incurred bills for painting which she never paid (we did). We got suspicious when she continued to make excuses why she could not return the lease with the deposit. When we tracked down her landlady, her story fell apart. She owed thousands of dollars and they were having trouble getting rid of her. Amazingly, we were able to stop her from moving in and got the furniture back!

March had reportedly posted these comments in response to the questions from The Times earlier this summer. Her website is still online but her Facebook and Twitter profiles have disappeared.


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A neighborhood near Silver Lake has had more than its share of vehicle break-ins and related mischief this summer. Resident Rick O'Shea says people are going into unlocked vehicles at night taking spare change, cash and electronics on Robinsons Drive, Terrace Road and Blackstone Avenue.

This past week he said he has had cash and a radar detector stolen. Then this past Friday night he said he witnessed someone searching through cars across the street from his home but the suspect fled after being seen. "After checking out cars I found that tires were slashed on two of our cars," he added.

Police came and took fingerprints from one of the vehicles.

Photos courtesy Rick O'Shea


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After being told by the city the previous week that bubbles from the shop were not allowed to float over the sidewalks because it could be considered soliciting, Bee Linzey of the Rehoboth Toy & Kite Company reports that the city has gone back to the position it held in June.

"We are again allowed to 'bubble' as long as we are standing on our property to do so," Linzey said. "It is now ok that bubbles are above the sidewalk/boardwalk. That being said we have reiterated to our staff the importance to be aware of where the bubbles are going and try not to have any pop on people walking by. We also will uphold the promise we made to the neighbors on our east side last year not to blow bubbles at all when the wind takes them in front of their businesses," he added.

City Manager Sharon Lynn said on Sunday that she and the assistant building inspector and code enforcement officer personally visited the Toy & Kite Company this past week and two neighboring shops in an effort to speak with store managers. The code enforcement officer, she said, "later explained to the owner of Toy and Kite that they need to be on their property and that they need to tone it down a bit (not use the guns). They were also informed that we will respond to future complaints from the neighbors, make note of the complaint, and inform complainant that they will need to take steps to work it out. My understanding is that the owners of Toy & Kite have already started a civil discussion with their neighbors regarding the bubbles."

"Conversations and meetings were held to resolve and reach a position of upholding a decision rendered almost two decades ago," Comm. Kathy McGuiness said.

"I'm optimistic that our negotiations aided to remedy this ongoing dispute," Lynn added.

"As soon as the wind cooperates," Linzey said, "we'll be blowing bubbles there again!"


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Two large limbs from this oak tree at 5th and Sussex Streets came crashing down around 3:15 p.m. this past Friday, knocking out power to more than 60 customers until late into the evening.

Delmarva Power had an initial crew on the scene within minutes to make the area safe. But it took additional personnel along with a tree crew and the public works to get the job finished.

Photos courtesy Evan Stoddard


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"It is full of wonderful color, texture, motion and lines," says contemporary abstract artist Beth Cartland about her latest show at Gallery 50. "I do a lot of collage where I use pieces of art that I have created before," she points out, "and I'll collage them into a new piece of work so they have a double history!"

This is Cartland with three of her show's artworks, Party Mix, Expectations, and Summer Storm Clouds.

As she explains, her art features a combined history of old work and new work. Cartland will frequently use paper collage taken from an older painting of hers along with paper, rice paper and other elements, including printmaking. As a former printmaker she is accustom to using different textures and often adds actual prints to the paintings. She will also draw on top of the paintings to create a combination of lines or use a palette knife, whatever she feels it needs. This is her Renew, Recycle, Rejoice, mixed media on canvas.

Cartland's show will be on display in Gallery 50 through August 16.



These are scenes from the 45th Annual Outdoor Fine Art & Fine Craft Show.

Featured are some wonderful artists like Nina Mickelsen.

The show ran this past weekend and will return next weekend as well.

Photos courtesy Jennifer Rubenstein



Photo courtesy Evan Stoddard


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STATE PARK LIFEGUARDS PULL WOMAN FROM SURF IN CARDIAC ARREST AND RESUSCITATE HER --- An approximately 40-year-old woman suffering seizure-like activity was pulled from the ocean by Fenwick Island State Park lifeguards around 1 p.m. this past Tuesday. She was in cardiac arrest. They shocked her several times with their AED and she started breathing again when taken to Beebe Hospital.


RAY STINGS MAN--- A 50-year-old man was in serious pain after he was stung by a stingray on his right foot. It happened around 1:40 p.m. this past Tuesday on Louisiana Avenue on Broadkill Beach. No word if he was fishing or swimming. He was taken to Beebe Hospital.


MAN FALLS/JUMPS FROM 3RD FLOOR OF DEWEY HOTEL, SURVIVES--- A 39-year-old man jumped or fell from the third story of the Atlantic Oceanside in Dewey Beach around 3:50 a.m. this past Thursday. He fell about 30 feet landing on the parking lot but was conscious when first responders arrived. Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, police spokesman, says the victim was in stable condition but had multiple serious fractures to his legs and spine. He was later flown to Christiana Hospital from Beebe. Sgt. Dempsey says they suspect it was a suicide attempt.


MAN RUN-OVER ON CONSTRUCTION SITE--- A 52-year-old man had his lower body run over by construction equipment on a construction site on Heavenly Way at Paradise Lane in the Solitude on White's Creek development. That is in the Ocean View area. It happened around 8:15 a.m. this past Thursday. He was alert when taken to Beebe Hospital with a suspected ankle fracture.


PADDLE-BOARDER, LIFEGUARDS RESCUE DOG IN OCEAN--- Just as Rehoboth Beach lifeguards were reporting to duty around 9:50 a.m. Sunday, a dog was reported swimming in the ocean and in distress on the far south edge of town. At one point the dog was reported to be as far as 500 yards from shore. A paddle-boarder assisted by lifeguards helped bring the dog safely back to the beach.


MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman, MERR Institute executive director, said that this past week MERR investigated a deceased dolphin floating off Cape Henlopen and two deceased loggerhead sea turtles, one at Broadkill and the other in Bethany.

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