WEEKEND #11, 2021

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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A grassroots movement is underway in Rehoboth to change the name for what we know as Grove Park back to its original name, Shaw Park. The project is spearheaded by Judy Atkinson and supported by local historian Paul Lovett who wrote this interesting history of the park.

Lovett says the park originally got its name from Benjamin F. Shaw who gave this property to the city for the purpose of providing visitors a place to camp. The half-acre wooded park was adjacent to and on the north side of the railroad tracks next to the canal. For 70 years it was known as Shaw Park. By the 1990s, however, townsfolk voted to discontinue the park's lease because in the eyes of non-campers, the camp had fallen into disrepair. Age-old camper trailers were removed and the park went through a makeover. It was at that time that the park was renamed Grove Park.

It is not likely that those who sought the park's name change were aware of the historic significance of its benefactor, Lovett points out. Shaw was one of several wealthy cottage owners on Surf Avenue (what is now the boardwalk between Baltimore and Maryland avenues) during the early 20th century. He made his fortune as the founder of a Wilmington steam piping company. He served on the boards of several organizations, civic and philanthropical, in both Wilmington and Rehoboth.

Lovett has found that Shaw even completely financed the construction and outfitting of the first Beebe Hospital in 1924 and he financed a major addition to that hospital in 1927.

"Now in 2021," Lovett says, "it is time to re-dedicate the park to its former name, Shaw Park."


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Food-cart vendor raises money for accident victim while evaluating customer response

"It was a great way to raise money for my friend's nephew who was paralyzed from a car accident," says Shyaira Michelle Dineen, who has been selling her special carrot hotdogs from this food-cart which she has named Silly Rabbit. The cart stands on the corner of Canal Crossing Road and Central Street in West Rehoboth, adjacent to Tomato Sunshine.

Dineen says she had been looking for a way to raise money for her best friend's nephew, Kenaz Tynes, 19, who was paralyzed from the neck down after the accident. She got the idea from TikTok then purchased a food-cart from Facebook Marketplace, applied for an LLC and the necessary health permits. She set a goal to fundraise whatever she could but at the same time wanted to see if there is any interest in this unique enterprise as people are looking for new ways to eat healthy and more veggie-friendly.

"We really were just excited. It is so fun and everyone is so happy, kind and supporting," she says. Dineen owns the stand but was quick to point out that it functions solely because of the love and support of others. With her this past weekend were her best friend, Carolyn, in the center, and her sister sitting on the drum. They have had so much fun selling the carrot hotdogs that at first they lost count of how many they had sold because the whole process was so overwhelming and new to them.

"We actually made an Excel sheet to keep track of everything and I mean everything but it got destroyed in the rain," she said. "It's all so new, definitely still a learning process and while being smart with my business in terms of costs versus profits is important, I can honestly say the goal was to raise money no matter the costs. People have told me this might be a waste of time and money especially if I am barely cutting it. I don't care about losing money. I have put all of my savings into this thing because I knew this would work in the long run. I knew Kenaz would be worth it," Dineen added.

Amazingly, she has been selling out of carrot hotdogs each time she sprouts up with the food cart. They estimate that they sell about 150 each weekend. Her recipe is a secret but she says she boils the carrots herself and her condiment options are on the healthier side. Many of those stopping at her stand are meat-eaters but she says they often cannot tell the difference between her carrots and regular beef hotdogs.

The three of them are amazed that Dineen turned the idea into something that appears to be a successful business so quickly. "Look who is hanging out at my carrot hotdog [stand]," Dineen points out, "my sister and my best friend. What more could you want in life? And we are raising money for a kid. That is what we are supposed to be doing in this life, giving back!"


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A suspected homeless man was found dead in this cemetery surrounding the Midway Presbyterian Church on Coastal Highway outside of Rehoboth around 11:40 a.m. this past Saturday. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I don't have much to release on the incident," Sr. Cpl. Jason Hatchell, state police spokesman, said Sunday. "Investigators are not investigating this as a suspicious death," he noted. The body has been turned over to the Division of Forensic Science (Medical Examiner Office) for further investigation.


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Last Wednesday, a teen from Annapolis became the second person to die in the Ocean City surf this summer. According to this Ocean City news release, on-duty lifeguards had responded to several swimmers in distress in the area of the Rainbow Condo around 3:50 p.m. when the guards noticed a group who appeared to be struggling to swim. "As three of the distressed swimmers exited the water," the statement reads, "OCBP personnel attempted to rescue one swimmer being swept away in a rip current."

Multiple agencies searched hours for that missing swimmer without success. The teen's body was eventually located the following day off 13th Street.

The previous death involved a Pennsylvania man who drowned off 19th Street during the evening of July 16.

Photos courtesy John Bacon


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What started as an art market near the Ale House in downtown Rehoboth Beach last summer has transformed into a popular and booming art show in West Rehoboth every Monday night.

The West Rehoboth Creative Market features the work of about 15 to 20 local artists and artisans each week. All items are handmade like this acrylic resin pour that visitors can make in the shape of Delaware!

Photos courtesy DAC

Artists must apply to the Developing Artist Collaboration which runs the market that continues to expand. The market now includes DIY cocktails, Revelations beer and food vendors with live entertainment. The combination draws a significant crowd now each week. People should consider walking or biking to the market when possible.

"Our main goal is not to make money off vendor events," says Pat Gallagher, DAC's marketing director, "but the goal is to provide resources to the artists to develop their careers." DAC provides artists with studio space, career workshops, printer services and guidance from fellow artists. DAC is an entrepreneurial-modeled nonprofit which means that the organization generates income from some of its programming to help sustain the organization.

The group started in 2015 as the Dewey Artist Collaboration by a few friends who were artists hanging out on the beach. Leah Beach is its founder and director. Here are Gallagher, Beach and Macy Beach, a DAC staff member.

"We wanted to help artists take their talent and passion and turn it into a career," Gallagher says. Keith Warren is one of the many artists you will find at the market with that passion. He is also an avid photographer, an art teacher specializing in watercolors and a bouncer at The Starboard!

The West Rehoboth Creative Market will continue every Monday from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. into October and then transition into a holiday market. It is on the corner of Canal Crossing Road and Central Street across from Tomato Sunshine. For details see the DAC website, its Facebook or Instagram page.


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Candidates have been busy again this past week canvassing for votes with just days remaining! Voters had a chance to meet Comm. Dick Byrne and Rachel Macha at this meet-and-greet hosted by Ann Bailey at the beautiful home of Jim Johnson and Matt Shepard on Park Avenue. Both candidates said they are voting for each other. Topics of concern included Clear Space, outdoor dining, city planning, what to do about parking requirements, attracting visitors and helping businesses, storm preps and the tree canopy.

Over the weekend, campaign signs for Byrne and Macha were erected at several sites in town on city property. Comm. Byrne said on Sunday that the signs were put out by a well-meaning and misinformed supporter who was applying DelDot rules to city property. "I personally removed the signs as soon as I knew they were in those locations at about 2 p.m. this afternoon," Comm. Byrne stated. The signs were out there for less than 24 hours, he said and he has clarified the rules with supporters.

Tim Bennett says he has been receiving questions about managing city growth, the over-crowding and condition of city beaches, and the overall future of Rehoboth Beach. "The residents have a real concern that [Sussex] County has little regard for the impact their decisions are having on places like Rehoboth Beach when it comes to traffic and quality of life and services," Bennett says, adding that he agrees.

Bennett provided this photo of a visit with voter Amy Reese who lives in Bermuda Row and his dog, Spike. The 19-year-old rescue Chihuahua has become a popular campaigner with him.

Former Comm. Toni Sharp sent along this photo from her last weekend on the campaign trail. "It was a fun event in the pouring rain, nevertheless Rehoboth Beach voters continue to talk about parking, zoning, recycling/trash, and 5G towers," she added.

The election is this Saturday, August 14, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Convention Center. Voters can still submit an absentee ballot. See the city's election page for info.


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Fundraiser scheduled for August 21 at Lavender Fields in Milton

For more info, see the Delaware Stonewall website or the Cape Gazette.


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You might be asking the same question if you found yourself caught in the crawling traffic this past week. It does not have to be raining. All it takes is some cloudy weather during the peak of the season and this is the result. This was Coastal Highway looking north from the Rehoboth canal bridge just after noon this past Wednesday.

A similar problem happened on Saturday when rain came through the area. This is Rehoboth Avenue headed out of town.

The backups extended from Rehoboth Avenue down the side streets that access it. This was Lake Avenue.

Traffic is crawling now even as far as Munson Street in addition to the usual diagonal streets.

Gridlock was discussed on the Rehoboth Nextdoor group this past week and has gotten more than 70 comments so far.



Despite what Karine Jean-Pierre, Pres. Biden's deputy press secretary, said during her July 30 press briefing, the President did not return to Rehoboth this past weekend. The expectant visit had been reported by the local and international press. But Pres. Biden went to Wilmington, again! So far, he has only visited Rehoboth once since taking office. This was his visit to the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center on June 4.

AP reported this past Friday that the President will spend some of this week "at the White House before he decamps again, either for Delaware he also owns a home in Rehoboth Beach or Camp David." So far, we have not seen the advance teams, support vehicles and personnel here in Rehoboth that would be typical of a coming Presidential visit. But last Thursday the Presidential HMX-1 Marine helicopter squadron practiced nighttime landings on the Gordon's Pond parking lot. Photos are on the Rehoboth Beach VFC website.

Earlier this summer multiple sources reported that he intended to be here more often than in Wilmington. So what happened?



Kayaking at Ruddertowne by Gil Hofheimer...

Sunset sky on Van Dyke Avenue in Dewey Beach by Jimmie Lee...

No "lifegulls" on duty at Deauville Beach tonight by David Koster...

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MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman from the MERR Institute says that last week her organization had responded to a dead loggerhead at Port Mahon and an unidentified sea turtle carcass in Bethany. There was damage to the shell of the turtle at Port Mahon but they could not confirm the origin.


WOMAN STRUCK IN HEAD WITH HIGH-HEEL SHOE--- A 29-year-old woman was struck in the head a couple of times with a woman's high-heel shoe. It was reported around 1:30 a.m. this past Saturday after the assault took place probably on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth. Police were looking for a female suspect who was accompanied by a man. The victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.


STATE RADIO SYSTEM FAILS FOR ABOUT 95 MINUTES--- The state's legacy 800 MHz radio system which is also used by Rehoboth Beach police and fire/EMS failed completely this past Tuesday around 1:20 a.m. First responders throughout Sussex County were forced to use alternative means for radio communication such as unencrypted analog interoperability channels. The system came back online just before 3 a.m. A state police spokesman says no calls were delayed in getting dispatched during that period.


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Automatically move Gmail messages from Promotions to Primary tab

Milton council plans Aug. 11 vote on cell tower appeal

Delaware celebrates Lewes canal living shoreline project

Two new grocery stores, Redner's Fresh Market and Aldi's, under construction

Friendly's on Route 1 is now closed

Hiring problems still holding back coastal businesses

Four candidates to vie for two seats in Henlopen Acres

City hosts new photo competition, Rehoboth Reflections

Rehoboth Beach plans to redesign Baltimore and Wilmington avenues

New street redesigns could mean even less parking in Rehoboth Beach

Meet 4 candidates vying for 2 Rehoboth commissioner seats

The Mill Creamery now open in downtown Rehoboth Beach

Dewey Beach beautification efforts continue

Dewey Beach's Tyler Hudson recovering 'like a champ'

Millsboro man indicted on incendiary device charges

Millsboro Fire Company to expand with substation

How Bethany Beach responded when teens disrupted its quiet, family-friendly reputation

Fenwick voters opt for change

$15.7M in funding announced for Ocean City beach replenishment

Plains Township girl survives presumed shark attack while vacationing in Ocean City

Ocean City says incident in which girl was injured in surf was 'not a shark attack'

Girl's injuries consistent with shark bite, a Maryland first

White Marlin Open draws 444 boats, offers $9-million in prize money

Video: White Marlin Open anglers rescued offshore by competitors as boat sinks



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