WEEKEND #12, 2022

August 15, 2022

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Perhaps it was just an interesting coincidence that a Supreme Court justice had just been vacationing in Rehoboth Beach this past week when a group of about 15 protesters came to town Saturday afternoon to contest the Court's recent decision. They gathered at the bandstand where several of them designed their signs before marching along the boardwalk.

Ronnie Elliott, who organized the rally, says the goal on Saturday was to let others know that his group can relate and that we all have a voice. We "might not feel like we're doing anything today but we want women and the Trans community to know that we support their beliefs and abortion rights," he said.

There are many people who vacation here from other states, Elliott points out. "We know that we're safe and okay here in Delaware," he said, but people from other states might not feel as comfortable back home. "So we're just here to show it is okay," he explained. Elliott said the mission of the group, which doesn't have an official name, Facebook or website yet, will expand to other issues such as LGBTQ rights, for example. All of them come from Delaware, he noted.

As for the conservative justices on the Supreme Court, he says "they're very public about wanting to change things, which isn't that conservative... I get that there are newer laws that had been passed, but I would like to conserve them. I'd like to keep what we have a little bit and try to further that."


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A graffiti artist -- or artists? -- continues his/her mischief in downtown Rehoboth. It is as if the culprit is becoming more brazen too. This past week, one of the targets was this Citizens Bank ATM in the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue which got tagged in broad daylight on Wednesday! With so many ATMs under continuous video surveillance, that would seem risky.

On Thursday, Lt. Jaime Riddle, police spokesman, said that the RBPD detective has investigated several leads regarding the graffiti spree, but none have resulted in a viable suspect. "He is currently working a lead that appears to be promising," Lt. Riddle added, "however, I do not want to release any of those details so as to not affect the investigation."


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When the man driving this Ford Explorer crashed into three parked cars near 1st Street and Wilmington Avenue just before 2 p.m. last Wednesday, he kept going.

But police tracked him to 2nd Street and Baltimore Avenue where they were able to get him to stop.
After a sobriety test, he was cuffed and taken to the police station.

No injuries were reported.


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This wasn't the first time that a driver of a low-riding car had mistaken this handicapped sidewalk access for a driveway entrance and gotten stuck. It happened around 7 p.m. last Tuesday at the Royal Farms on the Rehoboth Avenue traffic circle.

Photo courtesy David Koster, PortraitsInTheSand.com

Lt. Jaime Riddle, police spokesman, says the man driving the black Lincoln MKS was cited for driving on the sidewalk.

Taking a closer look at the curb, this appears to be a regular problem that especially impacts the low-riding cars.

Here is another example of a Toyota Corolla that became stuck here in June of 2019.

This driver was also cited for driving on the sidewalk.


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Biden's beach house was among more than 300 residences that lost power last Tuesday after a brush fire was reported near a utility pole here on Ocean Drive around 2:20 p.m.

It was hot last Tuesday with temps in the 90's. Power was out for about eight hours and one man was taken to the hospital after fainting while in a home with no AC. The only route into/out of North Shores was blocked while firefighters were extinguishing the blaze.

According to the fire company, there was a failure in an underground power line that caused the brush fire.


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A toddler was seriously injured after its mother fell down a stairwell at an Ocean City hotel. It happened around 1:25 p.m. last Tuesday at the Holiday Inn on 66th Street.

EMS personnel called for a medevac helicopter when they found the child unconscious with a head injury. The helicopter landed here at Jolly Roger. The mother injured her ankle in the fall and was also taken to a hospital.

Photo courtesy Mike Steinberg


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More than 400 fishing boats were registered in this year's White Marlin Open.

On Friday, the fishing vessel "Billfisher" out of Ocean City with Jeremy Duffie from Bethesda took First Place with this 77.5-pound white marlin.

Duffie, shown here waving to the crowd, claimed the title for the largest price ever paid for catching a fish, more than $4.53 million.

Interesting details are on the White Marlin Open website.

Photos courtesy Greg Guise


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Thom Millsap, an acrylics painter from the realism school somewhere between Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse, opened his latest exhibition, "A Weekend with Thom" at Gallery 50 this past Friday. He painted in the gallery throughout the weekend!

In this exhibition, Millsap explains how he started with smaller simple pieces working with beach scenes. As each piece increases in size, he adds elements such as more flowers and boats and different colors into the water with houses appearing in the largest pieces.

Millsap generally paints from memory using photos. "I'll start with drawing small drawings and then each painting like the first paintings I start out with are just flat landscapes and then once I get past the landscape, I'll start putting in more colors in the bushes and that sort of thing. But then I'll add boats, and in the next paintings all the boats will have sails, and as these paintings grow, so does the subject matter in the paintings; they become more complicated as the painting gets bigger," he explains.

He typically starts by painting his background canvas a different color. "The piece I'm working on right now, the background is painted in red, and I know that I'm going to be working in blues and greens so I'm going to counterbalance color," he explains. "With that, I'll draw with a dark black line and that acts like almost a stained glass window where it actually just makes the colors pop. And I'll use opposite colors on the color wheel," he says.

This exhibition will be on view through August 30 at Gallery 50.


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Bikes at Deauville by Kelley Gillespie...

Sunday's Star of the Sea Sunrise by Richard Tananis...

Ocean City Harbor from Fishing Pier Ferris Wheel by Greg Guise...

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THE MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman, MERR executive director, says her organization this past week had responded to a young deceased loggerhead sea turtle that a boater collected out in the water off Lewes and brought to shore. It had a massive boat propeller injury, she said. Thurman said they saw loads of dolphins on the MERR fundraising cruise the previous Sunday with lots of mothers and calves.


MAN TAKEN TO HOSPITAL AFTER FALL INTO REHOBOTH HOTEL POOL, POSSIBLE NEAR DROWNING--- A man in his 60s appeared to go unconscious and fell into the pool at the Oceanus Hotel on 2nd Street in Rehoboth Beach around 11:50 a.m. Saturday. He was found face down but once out he regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital.


MAN INJURED IN BETHANY SURF, FLOWN TO TRAUMA CENTER--- A 58-year-old man was injured just before 12:40 p.m. Sunday after a mishap in the Bethany Beach surf near 1st Street. The state police helicopter flew him to a trauma center because of a lack of movement below his neck.


ONLY INCUMBENTS FILE SO FAR FOR 2 DEWEY BEACH COMMISSIONER SEATS--- So far, only Mayor William Stevens and Comm. Gary Persinger have filed to run again. The filing deadline is this coming Thursday.


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Kia-what? Kia-where? President Biden returns to Kiawah Island

Delaware Electric Co-op proposes $24/month rate increase

Delaware Electric Co-op to build new generator near Lewes

Judge sides with Auditor McGuiness in Medicaid standoff

McGuiness pushes back after DE Dems endorse primary opponent

Parking at the beach: Everything you need to know from hourly rates to free travel options

Plans announced for an increased number of vehicle charging stations (including Rehoboth)

Jessica Hazzard named assistant principal at Cape High

Work underway at Magnolia Street lot in Milton

Milton Fire Department seeks demolition for Chestnut Street property

The Granary asks for special development district designation (Milton)

Milton planners approve YourSpace storage facility special-use permit

Donated Route 1 billboard highlights need for donation for 21-year-old Matt Barry

Pilottown Road could be raised 2.5 feet

Lewes suspends dedicated on-street parking applications

Lighthouse summer work trips delayed by weather concerns

Coral Lakes development hits another roadblock (southwest of Lewes)

New luxury hotel (Cambria Hotel) not walking distance of beach

Artisans' Bank opens new business center on Route 24 near Rehoboth

Lines in the Sand, Rehoboth Beach city newsletter, online

Design for new Rehoboth Beach Patrol HQ unveiled

Two-story headquarters proposed for Rehoboth Beach Patrol

Addictive Tacos now open on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth

Drift now open on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth Beach

Drift offers fresh, local seafood in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach police search for assault suspect

Grotto eyes former Dolle's corner, possibly a hotel

Second hotel proposed for Rehoboth Boardwalk

Rehoboth installs new signs warning of stormwater jetties

Author's D.C.-inspired book hinges on 'beach week' plot point

Outdoor dining could become permanent in Dewey

Starboard Raw wins the cup at Restaurant Olympics

Country music star Kane Brown joins Dewey Crush as Chief Flavor Officer

State looking to clean up sand-covered ramps in state parks

Haul seine survey offers interesting results

Millsboro police chief requests new rank be added

Botanic gardens' new bathroom facility ranks as exceptional

Millville approves subdivision, rezoning and site plans

Ocean View council meetings moving to 3 p.m.

AMAZING VIDEO: Crazy storm sent umbrellas flying (previous weekend)

There goes my umbrella! Here's how to stay safe when unexpected storms pop up at the beach

Rymer, Bishop and Benn win Fenwick election

Two incumbents, one newcomer elected to Fenwick Island Town Council

Maryland gets federal grant for job training in offshore wind industry

$23M influx of funds for Maryland offshore wind workforce

OCBP adjusts as coverage dips

Diamondback terrapins, stolen by tourists, returned to Ocean City

A month after a teen pedestrian was killed near Berlin by hit-and-run driver

Cottage Court Site Plan Approved For Route 611

Assateague park visitors share horse management concerns

Virginia regulators approve largest U.S. offshore wind farm



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