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WEEKEND #13, 2015

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




Rehoboth's perfect record of finding missing persons remains untarnished!

Twice this past week, the Delaware State Police helicopter, Trooper 2, has been called to Rehoboth Beach to search for missing persons.

On Thursday, an 11-year-old boy was reported missing around 4:15 p.m. from Rehoboth Avenue. He had already been missing for about 45 minutes before officials were contacted. Officers searched every business on Rehoboth Avenue and along the boardwalk while others searched the beach.

Police enlisted help from numerous agencies to assist in the search, including the fire department, Dewey police and Trooper 2. Two minutes after Trooper 2 arrived in the area, a Dewey Beach police officer discovered the missing boy within the town limits around 5:24 p.m.

A similar search was carried out on Friday when a 20-year-old special-needs woman went missing from the Wilmington Avenue area. That search was initiated around 12:40 p.m. Once again, like magic, when the helicopter arrives in the area, the missing person is found within minutes. She was spotted on the beach by lifeguards and finally stopped at the southern most lifeguard stand in Rehoboth around 2:48 p.m.


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Rehoboth Beach police have been regulars at the Cold Stone Creamery shop on Rehoboth Avenue this month, and it is not for its famous ice cream.

Nearly every day this month, and 23 times so far this year, the store's alarm company has notified police that a silent burglar alarm/motion detector has been activated. Most of the activations occur between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., but not always.

Despite the repeated false alarms, police have been good at checking the business and doors every time. Never has anything suspicious been reported. When the police receive the intrusion notification, neither the alarm company or Cold Stone send a representative to the location to assist the police.

On Friday, a Cold Stone employee said she was aware of the problem and had been trying to contact the alarm company. Something has been triggering the alarm, she said, and they did not know what it was. Rehoboth Beach police were back at the shop again at 1:50 a.m. Saturday and at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday.


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Experts from the MERR Institute were on the beach in Rehoboth last Monday afternoon examining the remains of an adult male loggerhead sea turtle. Just a few days earlier, MERR had investigated the deaths of three other loggerheads. They came to shore at Cape Henlopen, Pickering Beach and Broadkill Beach.

Suzanne Thurman, MERR Institute executive director, said the turtle was badly decomposed, making the cause of death hard to determine. She did note that the turtle, probably 30 years or older, had cuts to his neck and flipper which could have been caused by getting stuck in a net or whelk pot. She said the previous three turtles appeared to have been victims of boat propellers.

Spectators gathered throughout the afternoon to watch. Thurman said "there were lots of people on the beach so it was a great teachable moment."

Lifeguards had dragged the remains to the dune fence between Delaware and Wilmington avenues where MERR's team examined the turtle before it was buried on the beach. Here is a Youtube video by Daniel Olean showing how the beach patrol moved the approximately 400-pound loggerhead.


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Man killed, both homes heavily damaged

Firefighters have been kept busy the past few days fighting blazes in both Cotton Patch Hills and Ocean View. A man was found dead in the Ocean View fire.

A half dozen fire companies from across coastal Sussex County responded to assist Bethany Beach firefighters after a blaze broke out in a beach house in the 29500 block of Cove Way in Cotton Patch Hills just before 11:15 p.m. Wednesday. That is north of Bethany Beach but south of Indian River Inlet on the bayside of Coastal Highway.

Photo courtesy Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company

Flames could be visible for miles. Shown below was the view from the DelDOT traffic camera at Indian River Inlet. Traffic along Coastal Highway was impacted as fire crews ran hoses across the highway to establish additional water supplies. The occupants escaped uninjured. The fire appears to have started in the garage area and damages were estimated at $750,000.

See this WGMD report for additional info.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, multiple fire companies responded to assist Millville firefighters after a fire was reported in a dwelling in the area of Woodland Avenue and Balsa Street in Ocean View. After fighting the fire for about 30 minutes, firefighters discovered the victim on the second floor. He was removed but pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Additional details are on WGMD.com.


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Beach visitors have been enjoying daily "dolphin shows" this past week in Rehoboth.

Late Friday afternoon, the dolphins came about five to 10 yards from shore on the south side of town.

The dolphins drew crowds of onlookers and lifeguards had to keep people from touching them!


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Both Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach police are searching for these three suspects who police say have been breaking into arcade machines in Ocean City to steal the change. This past week the trio also attempted to break into three machines at the North Beach Arcade in Rehoboth Beach, shown below, but Lt. William Sullivan says they were unsuccessful.

The same suspects were in Ocean City earlier that day, Lt. Sullivan added. While they did not get any money from machines in Rehoboth, they "caused a lot of damage trying to pry the machines open." He noted that both the female suspects worked together in an attempt to conceal what the male suspect was doing.

They struck four arcades in Ocean City and were successful in stealing some money.

Police ask anybody with tips to call Rehoboth Beach police at (302) 227-2577 or Ocean City police at (410) 723-6632 or submit a tip online.

For more on the O.C. thefts, see the WBOC website.



Unlike the previous weekend when lifeguards were kept busy responding to surf rescues and emergencies, this past weekend was relatively calm by comparison. But just before 5 p.m. on Saturday, Rehoboth Beach lifeguards assisted this boy who suffered facial cuts after being tossed in the surf at Philadelphia Street.

Evan Stoddard, a witness on the beach, said the lifeguards stabilized his head until the beach patrol medic arrived. After examination, he was treated with a cold pack and released to his family with minor facial cuts from the stones at the surf line. "This occurred despite the waves appearing to be much less powerful than last weekend," he adds.

This past week, articles appeared in both the Baltimore Sun and the News Journal regarding the previous weekend's dangerous surf.

Photo courtesy Evan Stoddard


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Planes range in age between 37 and 62 years!

Ocean Aerial Ads is the only company left at the Delmarva shore providing aerial banner advertising. Bob Bunting's family has run the unique service for the past 32 years.

Bunting says they own 17 aircraft but only these seven are equipped to tow banners. Incredibly, he says three of the planes are from the 1950's and one has logged 23,000 hours (that is more than 2.5 years) of flight time. They fly from the family farm at 9758 Carey Road, north of Berlin off U.S. Route 113.

Once airborne the planes typically fly at an altitude between 250 and 350 feet. A typical flight goes from the farm to the south end of Ocean City to Cape Henlopen and back. He says he does not worry too much about drones because they should not be flying over populated areas.

Bunting likes the older planes because they are easier to modify to tow the banners. The banner fleet consists of the four Piper and three Bellanca airplanes shown below. They range in age between 37 and 62 years.

This "type of flying is disappearing more and more all the time," Bunting adds. "The boys who learn to do this are very talented."

He says people frequently visit the farm to watch how the process works.

To place an ad or for more info call (410) 641-2484 or visit the Ocean Aerial Ads website.

Photo courtesy Bob Pugh



His enthusiasm is incredible and his work, most unique. Terry Isner's latest exhibition, Comic Commerce, is already selling out at CAMP Rehoboth. He is a pop artist who enjoys storytelling and having a story fall into place on his canvas.

Some people are shocked that he would consider using a classic comic book in such a fashion. But what's the point of having them packed away in your house, he asks. He makes it into art on the wall for everybody to enjoy.

Isner is an expert on comic books, paper from various decades and how to make the best use of it for his art. He says the more recent paper starting in the 1990's is slick and glossy and poor for paint. But the older comics from the 1960's through the 1980's and the Japanese newsprint from the 1970's and 1980's offer a softness and texture ideal for paint.

He enjoys storytelling using the comic books and pop art. There is the story in the comic book, then there is the alternate story Isner tells with his acrylic painting on the comic book paper. In his satire storytelling style he paints the other side of the story not reported in the comics.

The paper typically yields a cream color backdrop. There is a sense of transparency for lighter color paints but not for darker ones. It is challenging he says because he wants to paint over the comic pages without losing the comic book plot.

He has fun in the depth of the story. "I'll never grow up," he adds, "I'll be a kid."

Isner's works have again proven popular. Of the 10 in this exhibition, several have already sold. The entire exhibition will be on display at CAMP Rehoboth through Labor Day.

Please see the Cape Gazette for more information.


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When she found Susan Thornberg's image on Pinterest, Susan Kehoe, Browseabout Books general manager, said she immediately envisioned it as a jigsaw puzzle. "The colors and perspective were perfect for this sort of project," she pointed out. "I e-mailed her and she responded enthusiastically about the project," Kehoe added. "Browseabout is her favorite store in Rehoboth and she was eager to have her work showcased here in this super-cool format!"

"We were looking for an iconic image," Kehoe said, "and the perspective of the boardwalk with the Dolle's sign just screams 'Rehoboth Beach!'" The jigsaw puzzle is a 1000-piece image of the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk surrounding Dolle's and is available exclusively at Browseabout Books.

"As far as we know," Kehoe says, this is the first jigsaw puzzle to feature a Rehoboth Beach theme in Browseabout's 40-year history. "It has been very well-received by our customers," Kehoe adds, noting that she does not like to reveal actual sales numbers.

Creating the ideal image is the hard part. The entire process is done with digital technology, Thornberg says, from taking the picture to creating the final artwork. "I use various software programs and digital paint brushes to create my images," she notes. Thornberg does her own printing and matting and several of her prints are also selling at Browseabout.

"After we did the puzzle," Thornberg said, "Browseabout also asked about my other work and since then they now carry a full line of my artwork of places in Rehoboth such as Dolle's, Penny Lane, the ghost towers, a jetty, beach umbrellas, Candy Kitchen and of course, the Browseabout Bookstore!"

Most of the pictures she creates are from places she has visited with family or friends. "My artwork is my way of capturing the feeling I had when I was there," she says. Most of her work is commissioned except for what is now selling at Browseabout Books. Thornberg posts artwork on her Facebook page and often receives requests for prints. "I do a lot of donations for fundraisers," she adds.

Thornberg and her family live in Haymarket, Virginia and they have a second home in Rehoboth. She is an avid photographer and digital artist.

"I hope that when they see [the jigsaw puzzle] they smile and have a fond memory of their time in Rehoboth Beach," she adds.


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CORRECTION ON LAST WEEKEND'S SHOOTING ACCIDENT--- Delaware State Police say the 21-year-old man, Juan J. Shirey, had been standing outside the house when his mother attempted to take the gun from him. Shirey, police say, "began to hand the firearm to his mother when a round discharged from the weapon and traveled through the exterior wall and into the living room striking a 23-month-old male in the leg." The bullet traveled through the toddler's leg and into the hand of his 24-year-old uncle (not mother) who was standing directly behind him. Shirey was arrested and charged with assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and six counts of reckless endangering. His mother wanted to make it clear that her son "did not fire the gun. He was handing it to me and it accidentally went off. He did not pull the trigger," she said. The incident happened on Mayhew Drive in Cedar Creek Estates in the Lincoln area.


REHOBOTH AVENUE DRAWBRIDGE BACK IN SERVICE--- The Rehoboth Avenue drawbridge is once again opening for boat traffic. Boaters should call 800-324-8379 and request an opening 24 hours in advance.


DEWEY'S UBER CRACKDOWN--- One outraged Uber driver wrote a letter to the Cape Gazette regarding his experience in Dewey Beach. That was followed by this Cape Gazette article by Chris Flood. Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, Dewey police spokesman, said on Tuesday that town police reported 18 contacts with Uber drivers and 15 citations for no business license.


NEAR DROWNING AT INDIAN RIVER INLET--- A 19-year-old man was submerged in the ocean after becoming entangled in a rope or cord during a lifeguard competition around 7 p.m. Friday, says Bobby Schoonover, Sussex County EMS spokesman. It happened on the south side of the Indian River Inlet. The victim later regained consciousness and was taken to Beebe Hospital with some water in his lungs.


DEWEY ELECTION SEASON IS HERE-- Three commissioner seats are open for the 2015 Dewey Beach municipal elections. Officially filed candidates as of Thursday afternoon, August 13, are former Mayor Dale H. Cooke, incumbent Mayor Diane Hanson and Mike Dunmyer, says Beverly Corelle, from the Dewey Board of Elections. Mayor Hanson sent this message last week stating that she has teamed up with both Cooke and Dunmyer. So far, no challengers, but the filing deadline is this Thursday, August 20, at 5 p.m. The candidate's forum is scheduled for August 29 at 4 p.m. at the Dewey Lion's Club. Dewey election day is Saturday, September 19. For info on elections and voter registration, check the town's website.



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Troopers seek victims of home improvement fraud, Millsboro

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No adult stores in Millville

Looking to open a "massage parlor?" Not in Millville

Man struck and killed by bus (Frankford, Saturday)

O.C. city manager search process to cost resort $22K

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Ocean City/Sea Colony lifeguard sprint team wins relay event at lifeguard championship

Ocean City Sandfest is coming, August 24-30

Gannett drops appeal in drowning victim name suit

Artists play key role in ocean rescue, then capture inlet event on canvas (Ocean City)

Hoverboard rentals in O.C.

Proposed law changes aimed at O.C. vehicle events; public nuisance issues targeted

New Worcester County emergency radio system to cost $5M

Swimmer who nearly drowned Wednesday yet to be identified (Assateague)



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