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WEEKEND #13, 2018

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




Multiple agencies spent the early hours of Monday (today) searching the ocean off downtown Rehoboth Beach for a missing man.

Around 1:38 a.m., a woman who contacted police said her friend had entered the rough ocean surf off Rehoboth Avenue about 15 minutes earlier. She said she did not see him return to shore. His shirt, shoes, wallet and cell phone were reportedly found on the beach.

A Coast Guard helicopter searched by air while a Coast Guard vessel, Lewes fire boat and the DNREC marine police searched from the water. The search continues as of 5 a.m. Please check WGMD.com and WGMD for updates later today.


City Manager: Super-Brella flaps must be up!

If you think the beach in Rehoboth has been looking neater with fewer stray tents and canopies the past few days, you're probably right. Sharon Lynn, Rehoboth Beach city manager, said RBPD's Lt. William Sullivan initiated two educational sessions for all Rehoboth Beach Patrol members and seasonal police officers to emphasize the need for cohesiveness in interpreting the tent and canopy ordinance enacted last year.

"There have been various incidents of miscommunication this summer thus it was necessary to reinstate the educational program to all those officers and lifeguards remaining," Lynn said on Friday. "The same or similar program will be added to pre-season training in 2019. I know Chief Banks and I are very pleased with the training provided and I'm confident that staff is better informed of the specifics of the ordinance," she added.

Also new this past week is a tent/canopy "compliance officer." Bill Meehan, RBP's "everywhere man," is now working triple duty as the Rehoboth Beach Patrol's tent/canopy compliance officer, a beach wheelchair supervisor and from RBP headquarters when he is not on the beach. He is running around almost constantly now, helping the lifeguards by explaining the tent/canopy rules to visitors and signing out the beach wheelchairs.

Here he is with clipboard and tent/canopy fliers in hand explaining the ordinance to beach visitors near Wilmington Avenue this past Friday.

Both the beach wheelchair and the tent/canopy compliance staff are members of the RBP assigned to these positions by Capt. Kent. Buckson, Lynn said.

As for the Super-Brella, the "sports umbrella" with a center pole but flaps which made it basically a canopy, Lynn says the "flaps have to be up!"


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One can learn a lot about a town by studying its FOIA requests. Just mention the term "FOIA" in Dewey Beach and it evokes all sorts of emotion from fear, threats, outrage, distrust to pure curiosity.

Since January 1, 2016, the town has received 90 FOIA requests. Each request is meticulously documented with its response which is then filed in town hall in huge three-ring binders. Some requests are so voluminous, they fill half a binder!

Here is a peak into the seven binders that hold these most recent FOIA requests from 2016 to the current date (90 total). The top FOIA requestors are James Przygocki (former commissioner) with 15 requests, followed by the Dover Post (Shannon Marvel McNaught/Craig O'Donnell) with 12, Jeffrey Smith (Dewey Citizens for Accountability) with nine, Dell Tush (former mayor/commissioner) with eight and Stephen Spence (Alex Pires' attorney) with six.

They are mostly filed by date the request was submitted although they are not always in sequence. Requestors typically seek all records and correspondence, all forms of communication including paper and electronic documents, text messages, e-mails, logs, drafts, voicemail messages, documents, archived news articles, meeting minutes, etc. It has been condensed here to conserve space.

Date Requestor Info Requested (brief summary)
03/01/16 Przygocki, James Request does not use form requested. No such document available (request unclear).
03/24/16 Appelbaum, Marc All correspondence to/from any town employees, public officials, journalists and/or Phil Davis referencing the recently approved town manager contract.
03/29/16 Susalis Jr., Nicholas Copies of municipal ordinances, resolutions, lifeguard policies and posted signs regarding digging holes on public beaches between 01/01/12-12/31/13.
04/06/16 Spence, Stephen Conditional use approvals for restaurants from 01/01/08-04/06/16.
04/08/16 Danaher, Ellen FEMA audit of Dewey Beach report.
04/19/16 Sergovic, John If a modification had ever been made to town zoning map between Cullen St. on either side of Charles Hwy. through lands north of Chesapeake St. to town northern boundary, provide documentation.
06/07/16 Przygocki, James Last three years of IRS Form 990 for Dewey Beach.
06/07/16 Przygocki, James List showing that requestor was not authorized to a seasonal parking pass.
08/15/16 Spence, Stephen See below.
08/19/16 Spence, Stephen All communications to/from town manager, commissioners, police, town reps, journalists regarding matters involving Alex J. Pires or any of his establishments from 01/01/14-08/15/16.
08/29/16 Przygocki, James Meeting minutes and meeting dates that authorized town manager to override vote of town commissioners in 2010 to entitlement of seasonal parking pass.
08/30/16 Przygocki, James All documents regarding Bill Brown's resignation from finance office.
09/28/16 Przygocki, James All electronic messages to/from former Mayor Diane Hanson, Marc Appelbaum, Chief Sam Mackert, commissioners regarding employment/resignation of Bill Brown, former finance manager.
09/28/16 Przygocki, James Salaries, dates, gifts, bonus amounts and other compensation for full-time employees for 2014-2016 with related council minutes.
08/19/16 Spence, Stephen All records to/from town manager, commissioners, police chief, officers, town reps, journalists related to Alex J. Pires or any of his businesses for 01/01/14-08/15/16.
10/17/16 Gibbs, Robert All records for Highway One/Northbeach including zoning, licensing, business operations.
10/24/16 Przygocki, James Full-time employee names, title, salary, bonuses/incentive pay for 2014-2016.
10/24/16 Przygocki, James Documentation for votes taken/authorization for funds for cruise given to retiring town employee in 2016.
10/28/16 Lauro, Joanne RFP 10/05/16 collection/disposal of trash/recycling contract; who bid and how much?
11/01/16 Przygocki, James Documentation for cruise gift cards given to retired town employee.
11/01/16 Harrington, Ryan Database of all noise complaints for 01/01/12-11/01/16.
11/04/16 Przygocki, James Documentation showing authorization of employee gift cards.
11/08/16 Przygocki, James Most recent IRS form 1099 for town employees working since 2014 including salary and all benefits.
12/19/16 Mason Esq., Dennis Business licenses issued for Ivy Restaurant, 136 Dagsworthy St.
12/21/16 Baker Esq., Aaron All residential business licenses/applications submitted by Robert A. Canham, Jr. or for 110 Chicago St. for license year beginning 04/01/17.
01/17/17 Lauro, Joanne Same as below.
01/30/17 Lauro, Joanne RFP 10/05/16 collection/disposal of trash/recycling contract; was this bid awarded, who to and how much?
04/04/17 Baker Esq., Aaron Missing
04/20/17 Frith, Stephanie Site plans, documentation, septic system/construction permits issued prior to 1989 for 1409 Coastal Hwy. or complaint violations.
05/30/17 Goss, Scott How many rental licenses town issued for 2016 vs. 2011 for vacation rentals story.
06/23/17 Sherman, Tom All records/messages related to changes of town website between 06/16/17-06/23/17 to remove town alderman, court clerk contact info. Any requests to remove pages from town directory from Google.
06/22/17 Przygocki, James All communication between Marc Appelbaum and any town employees, consultants, commissioners for period beginning 2 p.m. 06/14/17 and date of fulfillment.
07/05/17 Przygocki, James Provide wages, bonuses, raises for all town employees 10/17/16-07/05/17; include all benefits, medical/dental plan info and retirement compensation.
06/26/17 Henney, Alan Copies of all contracts with wireless cellular providers that lease space from town.
06/29/17 Cross, Richard Copies of all contracts the town has or has had with Marc Appelbaum.
07/06/17 Sergovic, John All activities, complaints, investigations or convictions under Chapter 117, Article 2, 85-1301A related to property of Robert A. Canham, Jr. at 110 Chicago St. for 2013-2016 between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
07/07/17 Chase, Randall Copy of town manager contract approved by council 03/12/16.
07/05/17 Spence, Stephen List of registered voters.
07/19/17 Sherman, Tom Who runs the town website? Who can edit? What are the procedures?
07/21/17 Spence, Stephen Current employment contract and all prior employment contracts with current town manager.
08/07/17 Przygocki, James Records on Jim Dedes and Mary Dunmyer.
08/09/17 O'Donnell, Jim/ Furlong, Tim Info on stolen and seized firearms 01/01/12-08/01/17.
08/18/17 Tush, Dell See below.
08/22/17 Tush, Dell Review all 2017 rental license applications and inspect engagement letter/contract between town and Walton's law firm.
09/01/17 Tush, Dell All minutes of town council executive sessions for past 12 months.
09/20/17 Henney, Alan Copies of all bank statements for past three years for beach replenishment fund.
08/31/17 Tush, Dell Any video or photos of bags, shredded docs or other documents thrown out from business office on 08/22/17 as reported by local media.
10/12/17 Tull, Shawn Elevation certificate for Sea Mist condo complex on Collins St.
10/14/17 DiMaio, Vito Any electronic stored records for purchase orders, invoices, check registers for all purchases 01/01/13-10/14/17.
10/16/17 Flood, Chris Separation agreement signed between mayor and town manager.
10/16/17 Overturf, Madeleine Separation agreement between town and Marc Appelbaum.
10/20/17 Dunmyer, Mary Financial disclosure reports for all currently elected town officials and candidates as required by code.
11/03/17 Marvel, Shannon Provide complete final report from American Law Enforcement Training & Consulting re: DBPD
11/11/17 Tush, Dell Provide advertisements, bids and bids received for new air conditioning for police-side of town hall.
11/09/17 Henney, Alan Written correspondence between police and town hall regarding LESSO 1033 program from 01/2015 and all monthly bank account statements held by town hall since 01/2015.
11/11/17 Tush, Dell Statements of all investment accounts held by town from 2011-2017 and all statements for restricted beach account from 01/01/11-01/01/15.
11/14/17 Smith, Jeffrey Invoices, contracts, purchase orders, payments for Envirotech 09/01/17-11/07/17. Any nuisance animal removal complaints between DBP Capt. Todd Fritchman and any town property owner. Related animal control permits and any police reports involving gun discharge 09/15/17-10/10/17.
11/15/17 Marvel, Shannon All police documents regarding Defense Logistics Agency LESO program from 2014-11/15/17.
11/15/17 Marvel, Shannon LESO equipment transaction history, Wilson Auctions, etc. (addendum to previous request).
11/20/17 Compello, Jill Docs/e-mails to/from Ashleigh Hudson, Marc Appelbaum, Diane Hanson, Dale Cook and Jim Dedes.
12/04/17 Feldman, Kelsi Same as Dennis Mason's request, below.
09/18/17 Mason, Dennis Number of police calls where DBPD was dispatched to Ivy Bar in 2015 and any related police reports and/or charges.
12/12/17 McNaught, Shannon All documents provided to attorney Max Walton by former town manager Marc Appelbaum.
12/22/17 Compello, Jill Messages between Ashleigh Hudson and Marc Appelbaum from 06/15/17 and present.
01/09/18 Smith, Jeffrey Additional info requested regarding town insurance carrier.
01/09/18 Smith, Jeffrey Police chief Sam Mackert's contract. All correspondence among employees and council regarding said contract.
02/05/18 O'Donnell, Craig DBPD LESO 1033 requests for equipment received during 2013-2016.
02/06/18 Smith, Jeffrey All documents related to letter dated 10/23/15 showing approval by Marc Appelbaum to program manager of the LESO 1033 program as seen on the PowerPoint slide #19. Any related messages regarding this letter.
02/21/18 McNaught, Shannon Contracts DBPD has with private businesses, including towing/booting, for 2014 to present.
02/21/18 McNaught, Shannon DBPD EDIE bank statements 04/01/15-04/01/16 and check images #1091-1097.
02/21/18 Smith, Jeffrey AG complaint seeking response to FOIA request on 01/09/18 for copy of town's insurance policy.
03/06/18 McNaught, Shannon All info provided by TGM Group to the town or reps.
03/07/18 Smith, Jeffrey Resolution 183 to restructure government which was adopted on 08/28/15 and rescinded on 10/10/15.
03/07/18 Smith, Jeffrey Bank statements from 01/01/17-02/28/18 for the four restricted (police) accounts.
03/07/18 Smith, Jeffrey Meeting minutes for budget & finance committee, audit committee and town council for 01/01/15-02/28/18 including executive sessions.
03/02/18 Baron, Danick All purchasing records from 2013 to current. Requested by SmartProcure.com.
03/14/18 Tush, Dell All messages for past three months to/from all members of the audit committee or among Elaine Bole, Jeff Smith, Marc Appelbaum, Diane Hanson or to any members of the press regarding the independent auditor's report. Copies of audit committee minutes and all changes proposed to the auditor's report.
03/14/18 Tush, Dell All messages for past six months to/from Gary Persinger, Diane Hanson, Elaine Bole, Jeff Smith, Marc Appelbaum, Dale Cook, Ashleigh Hudson, Jim Dedes and including anyone copied on such message.
03/19/18 Hanson, Diane Copies of both e-mails referenced by TJ Redefer to the press after being notified of Silver's resignation. One of the resident's e-mails, he reportedly said, mentioned that the resident had a copy of the TGM Group report.
03/19/18 Appelbaum, Marc All documents/messages written/authorized to/from Paul Bauer or TJ Redefer where former town manager Marc Appelbaum is named for 10/14/17-03/19/18. Documentation regarding letter dated 10/23/15 relating to acknowledge of the LESO program that bears the signature of Marc Appelbaum, specifically that Bauer/Redefer forwarded said letter.
04/03/18 O'Donnell, Craig Insurance docs, vehicle registrations for non-patrol vehicles in possession of DBPD, lease for "bullpen" storage area in Lewes, cash log funds held in DBPD safe as described in the TGM report.
04/16/18 Farese, Janis Employee roster for 2017 including name, zip, year of compensation, full name, hire date, base salary amount, bonus, overtime amount, gross annual wages, position and title for openthebooks.com.
04/20/18 Smith, Jeffrey All correspondence sent to council by DBPD on 03/20/18 regarding DBPD response to 11/11/17 council motion requiring DBPD provide info regarding its participation in the LESO program.
06/11/18 Goebel, Taylor Full name, date of birth, place of residence and full report of charges filed against man who temporarily escaped the DBPD holding cell on 05/27/18.
07/10/18 Ryan, Amanda Copy of building plans/survey for 111 Clayton St.
07/18/18 Henney, Alan Copy of this FOIA log and review request of the FOIA files.
08/06/18 O'Donnell, Craig All correspondence to/from TJ Redefer, Paul Bauer, Courtney Riordan, Larry Silver on 08/03/18 between 8 a.m. and noon. Town business, audit committee, TGM financial statements, TGM report and all committee messages.
08/08/18 O'Donnell, Craig Copy of original agreed upon procedures report made available to those at 08/03/18 committee meeting.
08/09/18 O'Donnell, Craig AG complaint alleging that town council violated FOIA/opens meetings act.
07/31/18 DeLutiis, Lawrence All owner info of owners who applied for rental permits for 2018.

See the town's website for details on Dewey's FOIA fees and procedures.


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Current Dewey Beach Commissioner Gary S. Persinger will be facing newcomers David Moskowitz, James Petruccelli and William J. Stevens for one of the two soon-to-be-open commissioner seats (click on the names for the bios). Comm. Courtney Riordan said he decided not to run again. The deadline to file was 5 p.m. this past Thursday. No photo/bio was available for Petruccelli as of press time.

The Dewey Beach Civic League will be holding its Annual Candidates Forum on Saturday, August 25, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (doors open at 3:30) at the Dewey Beach Lions Club at 115 McKinley Ave. Conversation and light refreshments will follow after the forum.

Election day this year is Saturday, September 15, 2018. For more details see the town website.


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Dewey Beach police received several calls when the man driving this Toyota Camry drove it onto the bayside beach on Van Dyke Avenue and dove into the bay just before 7 p.m. this past Friday.

Police took the man to the police station. A relative was supposedly en route to take the car. No word if the driver will face any charges.


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A massive multi-agency search was launched this past Tuesday after Ocean City police reported that a 17-year-old male with intellectual disabilities had disappeared around 1:40 p.m. Police said he was last seen walking north on the beach near 133rd Street and was likely in Delaware. They also noted that he could be startled if approached.

Police agencies from both states joined the search. Around 8:30 p.m., rescuers were called to the Indian River Inlet after a person was reported in the water. Bystanders came to the rescue and pulled the man from the water. He was soon identified as the missing teen. He had walked about 12 miles. He was uninjured and was soon reunited with his family.

Photo courtesy O.C.P.D.


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Evan had been a familiar sight along the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk in years past. His family had a home on Norfolk Street and his father, Bob Sokolove, a Bethesda lawyer, ran unsuccessfully against then-Mayor Sam Cooper in 2005. Evan attended Beacon Middle School at the time. The family eventually moved its home from downtown Rehoboth to the Kings Creek Country Club.

After having been an intern for the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office in the Sexual Assault & Child Abuse Units and having worked in Vegas at the Stratosphere Casino as an explosive K9 detection officer with his dog "Max," he will soon be in training to become a police officer. Upon successful completion, Evan, now 25 years old, will have a promising career with the Enfield, NC Police Department as a narcotics and explosive K9 officer.

Last week he attended the HITS (Handler Instruction and Training Seminar) K9 conference at the Gaylord National Resort in Oxon Hill, Md. He has also attended numerous crisis intervention trainings along with Crimes Against Children conferences in Dallas, Tx. Evan says he looks forward in using the training he received in sex assault/child abuse investigations and K9 to assist victims and survivors of crime to obtain justice.

As for his father, Bob, he primarily lives now in Langhorne, Pennsylvania where he owns his father's (the late-Bucks County, Pa. Judge Leonard Sokolove's) law firm.

Evan says he has chosen to go into law enforcement to honor the many officers who have died in the line of duty including several from this area. "I am so grateful to have the love and support of the many hard-working members of our State of Delaware law enforcement community," Evan said. "Rehoboth is and will always be my true home!"

Photos courtesy Evan Sokolove



Early last Friday morning, Giggles gave birth to a pinto colt. The foal and band live most of the year in the busy developed area and campgrounds of the Assateague Island National Seashore. For this reason, National Park Service officials would like to warn visitors that it is essential to remain a minimum of 40 feet from the wild horses at all times.

The new foal will learn how to interact with the environment from Giggles and other members of his band. About two-thirds of foals in the National Seashore are born in April, May and June, but it is not uncommon for foals to be born during any month of the year, park officials point out. A mare will be protective of her new foal and it is important that visitors give them, and all of the wild horses, plenty of space.

In other equestrian news, the two-year-old stallion known as Adriana's Yankee Prince was involved in a motor vehicle accident the previous week on Assateague Island and was euthanized last Wednesday. This loss brings the total population of the Maryland herd to 78 horses, including 20 stallions and 58 mares.

The National Park Service completes a full census of the horse population in Maryland six times a year, in February, March, May, July, September and November. Managed as a wildlife population, the Assateague horses are free to roam over approximately 27 miles of the barrier island and can be difficult to find at times. During each census, horses are identified by their distinguishing characteristics, mapped and counted. Individual horses that are not observed during multiple census periods are presumed dead. The purpose of the census is to monitor the overall population dynamics of the horse herd in support of the long-term fertility control program that was initiated in 1994.

Photos/story courtesy Liz Davis, National Park Service


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"Early one morning this little guy washed up by our amazement alive," says Heather Rose Capano. "After snapping a few quick photos while he was squirming around, we went on a rescue mission to save him."

After taking him out passed the wave break off New Castle Street in Rehoboth, he swam away, Capano said. "Mission accomplished!"

Lined seahorses like the one in the photo are fairly common to the Mid-Atlantic region and Delaware, although they are not as abundant when compared to other smaller fishes, says Ed Hale of the University of Delaware Marine Advisory Specialist for the Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture Program. He says he has encountered these fish in the Cape Henlopen area before, specifically within the state park.

Lined seahorses usually prefer to inhabit areas with some type of vegetation such as eel grass or floating Sargassum, Hale points out, but they can be found away from areas of structure. "I can't tell if it's a male or a female from the photograph. But, one interesting fact is that the males actually carry the fertilized eggs until they hatch in an abdominal brood pouch. Pretty cool find," Hale adds.

Christopher Petrone, University of Delaware Marine Advisory Service director, says he too had received a similar e-mail last summer from someone in Bethany who also found a live seahorse on the beach. His suspicion is that these fish, which as Hale pointed out, prefer vegetation, originated in Indian River Bay or Rehoboth Bay, and got caught in an outgoing tide at Indian River Inlet and were transported into the coastal ocean. They would have trouble swimming against the wave action, and no vegetation to hold on to, to rest, so they end up on the beach, Petrone adds, where hopefully good coastal stewards return them to the water!

Photos courtesy Heather Rose Capano


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Gary Fisher opened his latest exhibition, Reflections, this past Friday at Gallery 50 and it quickly became one of the most popular solo exhibitions of the summer! All of the art in this show was painted just this year.

"Reflections is based on the work that I am doing in my studio, the beautiful surroundings around it, and where I am in life," Fisher says. "I've gotten looser and more abstract the older I get... abstract landscapes with I think beautiful colors, lots and lots of layers, and reflection on how calm, complex and collected I think my life is at this point," he observes.

Fisher moved his studio from Washington, D.C. to Bay Harbor just outside Rehoboth in 2015. He has quite a following in both areas. Joining Fisher at the opening were fellow Washingtonians Greg Albright, on the left, and Peter Rosenstein, on the right. Shown in the background is his work, Night on the Bay, on the top, and Blackeyed Susans, below.

Fisher is a skilled oil painter who uses a combination of brushes and a palette knife to apply his work on canvas. "I got beautiful 16-foot high glass windows that look out onto the woods," Fisher says of his new Bay Harbor studio. "My Brigantine Reflections [below] is kind of what I see out of my window," he states.

Fisher's exhibition will remain at Gallery 50 through August 30.



This is why "Deer Park" was named "Deer Park," says Jennifer Duncan! She took this photo on Kent Street between 5th and Dover streets last Monday. "Nice to see folks walking by or riding bikes by and stopping to take pictures," she adds!

Photo courtesy Jennifer Duncan




PARAMEDICS RESUSCITATE SUSPECTED OVERDOSE PATIENT IN CARDIAC ARREST--- A man in his 30's suffering from a possible overdose was found in cardiac arrest around 10:15 a.m. last Tuesday on Pier Point Drive in the Millville area. After rescuers shocked him several times with a defibrillator, he started breathing again and was taken to Beebe Hospital.


MAN CITED FOR DISROBING IN PUBLIC--- Rehoboth Beach police cited a 37-year-old Indian man for disrobing in public. The incident reportedly happened at the boardwalk shower on Delaware Avenue around 8:10 p.m. this past Saturday.


WAS THAT ROD ROSENSTEIN IN REHOBOTH?--- We had one report that Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, was seen this past Saturday with his security detail on Wilmington Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach. Anybody see him?


MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN FENWICK SURF--- A 27-year-old man suffered a serious neck/back injury after he reportedly dove into the surf in front of the Fenwick towers in the state park around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. He complained of no feeling below his navel. He was flown to Christiana Hospital.


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Suspected pythiosis in Ocean View German shepherd

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Bethany Beach candidates' night (Friday, August 24)

Bethany Beach baby tents get bigger... well, a little bigger

Frankford man arrested for burglaries in Frankford

Coast Guard Station Indian River medevacs man 8 miles off Fenwick

Fenwick considering parking review as town considers continuous sidewalks

Ocean City boardwalk access project scaled down

Ocean City police, dispatchers appear in lip-sync music video

Beach obstacle course approved for O.C. Jeep Week event

Topless case plaintiffs blast Ocean City's 'moral balance' argument

Ocean City paints new picture with ArtX event at Northside Park

Gov. Larry Hogan announces funding for final expansion of Ocean City convention center

Worcester County law enforcement agencies to co-host citizens police academy



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