WEEKEND #13, 2020

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Assistance needed to locate stray kitten still on the loose

With the help of dedicated volunteers, mostly Bob Harrison and Marcia Maldeis, the feral cat problem in Rehoboth Beach today is almost nonexistent.

For years, feral or "community" cats have been taken from Rehoboth Beach to be neutered and then returned to the wild as part of the city's Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. The program operates at no cost to city residents and has been funded by an annual fundraiser on the Rehoboth boardwalk in September for the Brandywine Valley SPCA (BV-SPCA), which provides the veterinary services.

Over the years, Harrison says he has taken care of hundreds of these cats. But the number has drastically fallen as they had hoped when the TNR program was implemented more than 20 years ago. "TNR worked," Harrison points out, as there are only a few feral cats left in the city.

Harrison and Maldeis are both charter members of the city's Animal Issues Committee. An important part of the story, says Comm. Richard Byrne, who chairs the committee, is how the city partners with the BV-SPCA to trap-neuter-release or put up for adoption feral and/or abandoned cats.

The city's TNR program has been so successful, Harrison says, only one cat so far this year needed to be taken to be neutered. That cat had given birth to four kittens at the home of Katherine and Daniel O'Leary here on Sussex Street this summer.

"I contacted Rehoboth government online and received inadequate information by email," Daniel O'Leary said. He replied to the email and copied Mayor Paul Kuhns and Sharon Lynn, the city manager. The following morning Comm. Byrne called him after Mayor Kuhns had urged him to offer assistance. "I should note," O'Leary points out, "that Richard personally visited my property, coordinated with Bob and kept me well informed."

Interestingly enough, the BV-SPCA was closed for the weekend when they had captured the mother. So Mayor-Elect Stan Mills ended up driving her to a vet in Seaford. The mother was then neutered and released. Three of her kittens were put up for adoption. But one kitten remains on the loose, last seen on Grove Street. It is a tuxedo much like its sibling shown here.

Harrison says he would like to catch it before it becomes feral. Please email him if you see it.

Photos courtesy Daniel O'Leary and Bob Harrison


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Nicola Pizza posted the surprising news on its Facebook page around noon on Sunday that it will be leaving downtown Rehoboth Beach in the fall of 2021 for a new location on the outskirts of Lewes.

"Before you hear it from somewhere else we wanted to be the first to share our exciting news," the Facebook post reads, "Nicola Pizza will be relocating!"

After nearly half a century in downtown Rehoboth Beach, the news comes as a shock to Rehoboth Beach regulars. This is almost as bad as losing Funland! "This is a sad development for sure," says Comm. Susan Gay, "because it is an institution in Rehoboth."

No word yet as to what happens to the current restaurants when Nicola's reopens at the Ocean One Plaza in the fall of 2021.

"Stay tuned as the details unfold but just know we are very excited for what the future holds and we hope you will share in our excitement," the announcement reads.


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It almost appeared as if the man who drove this Toyota convertible into a parked Subaru in the second block of Baltimore Avenue around 2 p.m. last Monday had made good his escape.

As an odd twist, an ambulance was called here to 6th Street along the canal around 5 p.m. for an injured man found on the ground next to his car. The man denied any alcohol use and declined an ambulance to the hospital.

But by that point, police officers had already arrived, noticed the damage to his front bumper and connected the dots...

Lt. Jaime Riddle, police spokesman, says the driver was charged with leaving the scene of a property damage collision, driving while revoked, no proof of insurance, unregistered motor vehicle and no registration card in possession.


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State troopers are searching for the man who has been using a pair of bolt-cutters to cut locks off cash boxes at farm stands in Sussex County. He apparently struck at least four times Thursday evening in the Millsboro and Laurel area. Troopers obtained video in one case that showed the suspect in pouring rain trying to force open a cash box at one of the stands. Despite the fact that at least one of the stands had signs warning of video surveillance, the thief was not deterred.

Both Little Farmer Evan's Produce and Gordy's Produce posted video to Facebook on Friday. On Saturday, state police released several screen shots of the suspect.

"I truly feel sorry for this person that has to go to a produce stand at 9:30 p.m. at night in the pouring rain to steal $$$!!! Jokes on him," Kara Hastings Short wrote on the Little Farmer Evan's Produce Facebook page.

Based on the posts on social media, it appears some folks are already familiar with the man's identity and why he is doing this. But police have been unable to catch him. Tips can be provided to troopers via the DSP website.

Photos courtesy Little Farmer Evan's Produce, Gordy's Produce and Delaware State Police.



Last Thursday afternoon, DNREC sunk this former military freighter that was used most recently as a menhaden fishing vessel onto Delaware's artificial reef system.

DNREC has continued to expand the recreational appeal of the state's artificial reef system by sinking this 180-foot vessel, the Reedville, that was originally a World War II and Korean Conflict-era coastal freighter and supply ship. The Reedville was converted to a commercial fishing vessel after military decommissioning, and is now part of Delaware's artificial reef system!

Because of the ship's profile featuring a cavernous hold and 38-foot keel to top of stack, the Reedville promises to be a boon to Black Sea bass and tautog, both prominent in Delaware inshore waters.

Delaware's reef system includes 14 separate reef sites in the Delaware Bay and along the Atlantic Coast. Now with the Reedville, DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin pointed out, the state has four reefed vessels of the same class. The ships were sunk where they will be accessible, attract the most fish and where divers will want to explore them, he said.

The Reedville is the first such ship to be placed on Reef Site No. 11, better known to anglers as the Redbird Reef because it largely consists of 997 retired New York City "Redbird" subway cars. The Redbird Reef covers 1.3-square miles of ocean floor and besides fish habitat created by the subway cars, includes the 215-foot-long Chesapeake Bay cruise ship, 86 Army tanks, eight tugboats, a fishing trawler and two barges. The Reedville rests now at a location about 18 miles east/southeast of Rehoboth at a depth of 87 feet.

See the DNREC website for more details.

Photo courtesy DNREC


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Just watch you-know-who's Twitter feed light up when he finds out that Biden chocolate bars are outselling his at Snyder's Candy in Rehoboth Beach. Jeff Balk, owner of the popular candy store, says last election, the Trump bars sold 5-to-1 compared to the Clinton bars.

"This election we are seeing the Biden bars selling 3-to-1 over the Trump bars," he points out. The milk chocolate bars cost $3.99 each. Ingredients are the same for both.

The shop also carries political heads, trolls, splat balls and party animals, among other campaign-related merchandise.

Photos courtesy Jeff Balk


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The storm clouds over Rehoboth were spectacular this past Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. David Koster of PortraitsInTheSand caught these beautiful shots of both storms while on the Rehoboth Bay.

Meteorologist Tony Pann describes it as a wall cloud with an updraft intake for the storm while fellow meteorologist John Wetherbee explains how he sees the impressive rain shafts and the mid-level drier air creating the "pillar effect."

"I think most might start the description as a 'shelf cloud' but the anvil presentation above and your wonderful perspective of the entire convective event would definitely suggest a wall cloud," Wetherbee explains. "I'll bet to the back left, there were several waterspouts that we didn't see," he added.

Photos courtesy David Koster of PortraitsInTheSand


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Rehoboth Sunrise by Rick Tananis...

Rehoboth Seagull by Kelley Gillespie with an iPhone 11 Pro...

Deauville Sunrise by Lynne Bowman with a Samsung Galaxy S9...

Great Paddle on Rehoboth Bay by Diane Scobey with a Samsung Galaxy S9......



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MERR NEWS--- Suzanne Thurman from the MERR Institute says that her organization had a busy weekend investigating three dead loggerheads and two dead Kemp's Ridley sea turtles all found in the Delaware Bay. She also had a common dolphin wash up alive on Fenwick Island but soon died. As for the causes of death, preliminarily she said the dolphin had some type of impact but it is still under investigation. One of the Kemp's Ridley sea turtles had signs of a shark bite. Also see this amazing video of dolphins in the O.C. surf.


UPDATE: WORKER STRUCK BY BOOM AT BEEBE SURGICAL CENTER SITE DIED FROM INJURIES--- Officials with Beebe Healthcare confirmed last week that the 41-year-old man who was struck by a fully-extended boom at the construction site on Warrington Road for the new Beebe surgical center had died. More info is on WGMD.com.


WOMAN WITHOUT FACE COVERING ON BOARDS REFUSES TO STOP FOR POLICE, GETS CITED--- Around 7 a.m. last Thursday, a woman who was not wearing a required face covering while on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk refused to comply with officers' commands to stop. She repeatedly walked away from them, says Lt. Jaime Riddle, police spokesman. For nearly a distance of four blocks, he said, officers repeatedly attempted to obtain compliance before officers finally stopped and detained her near the Henlopen. Although by law she did resist arrest, he pointed out, she was only charged with a civil town ordinance for violation of the state of emergency (face covering requirement). There were 25 civil citations issued in July for violation of the emergency order and this was the fifth citation issued in August, Lt. Riddle added. Also see this related WRDE story.


2-ALARM FIRE AT STOWAWAY GRAND IN O.C.--- Firefighters in Ocean City responded to the Stowaway Grand Hotel-Boardwalk on 21st Street after fire was reported in a 6th-floor electrical room with sprinklers activated on the 5th and 6th floors around 2:35 p.m. on Sunday. They had the fire under control but called for a second-alarm to help assist with the water and smoke conditions.


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Automatically move Gmail messages from Promotions to Primary tab

D.C. removes Delaware (and its beaches) from list of 'high-risk states'

Researchers ID locations for offshore wind turbine ports in the Delaware Bay

Woman almost strikes women, cars with her vehicle near Ellendale

Two killed in crash on Harbeson Road in Harbeson (6:40 a.m. last Tuesday)

Woman killed in single-vehicle crash in Harbeson area (around 10 a.m. Sunday)

USPS: Slow mail delivery temporary in Cape Region

Pickup trucks collide near Five Points

Lewes committee to vote on mural proposals

St. Peter's Church dedicates new steeple cross

Biden mulls his VP pick from his beach house, as Trump supporters dot the boardwalk

Despite public opposition, planning commission approves site plans for Clear Space Theatre

Man prone-paddles 25 miles and raises over $11,000 for Grove Park canal dock

Persinger files to run again for Dewey commissioner

DelDOT secretary agrees that dangerous Camp Arrowhead curve crosswalk must go

Police delay PETA protest at Mountaire

Rising price of wood is a reason behind O.C.'s decision on boardwalk re-decking plan

Lifeguards, Coast Guard rescue swimmers swept into O.C. Inlet

Photos from the Ocean City air show

2020 White Marlin Open is in the books

Apollo Global to invest $265M in Maryland offshore wind developer



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