WEEKEND #15, 2007

(Labor Day Weekend)

The Rehoboth Parking Challenge

Those who have private parking in Rehoboth Beach may not have appreciated how lucky they were this Labor Day Weekend with the onslaught of visitors cramming back streets hoping to find a space to park for a few hours of beach fun.

Although a good walk to the boardwalk, some visitors parked in the Country Club Estates area. The fourth block of Stockley Street near the tot lot (below) typically has parking. But it started filling to capacity around 2 p.m. on Sunday.


Some visitors "fudged" parking, and found themselves ticketed or even towed.

Coastal Towing removed this Jeep Cherokee on Saturday. Police received a complaint around 1:50 p.m. that it had been parked hanging over into the intersection of Prospect Street at East Lake Drive, restricting the flow of traffic. When the driver could not be located, police called for a tow truck.

Another complaint to police resulted in the ticketing of seven vehicles parked in the second block of Lake Drive along the north curb opposite Silver Lake (shown below).

The curb has a faded yellow line painted along side, which some people may not have noticed. But there is also a sign about mid-way down the block that reads NO PARKING; HERE TO CORNER.

All seven illegally parked vehicles on Lake Drive (above and below) were only issued tickets late Sunday afternoon.

This minivan was parked too close to the corner of Rodney Street at First Street and was issued a ticket Saturday afternoon.

Bikes may have been the best way to get around this weekend. The bike racks were packed. This is the rack on Queen Street on Saturday.


Last Lunch-Time Tow from Lifeguard Spot for 2007 Season

This black BMW SUV became the 22nd and last lunch-time tow from a reserved lifeguard parking space this season.

It was reported around 1:55 p.m. parked on Queen Street. When an officer arrived, the Parking Meter Department had issued it a ticket for no parking permit.

To make matters worse, police said the vehicle's registration had also expired. Blue Hen Towing removed it from the lifeguard parking space and towed it to the city's impound lot.


2007 Lunch-Time Tow-Request Totals for Lifeguard Spots

As it had done during the 2006 season, Stockley Street once again tops the list despite a sign change. The Parking Meter Department changed the sign reserving the pair of spaces on June 22 because it lacked the downward pair of arrows. But despite the new sign, the space has had four more tows since then.

In some cases the owner returns before the vehicle is towed. Those cases are counted in the totals below since they incur a fine and pay a show-up fee to the towing company. Additional vehicles have been towed in the morning when lifeguards report for work, but those are not counted.

6 Stockley St., west space
3 Brooklyn Av., east space
2 Brooklyn Av., west space
2 Hickman St., west space
2 Pennsylvania Av., west space
2 Queen St., west space
1 Hickman St., east space
1 Norfolk St., west space
1 Olive Av., west space
1 St Lawrence St., west space
1 Virginia Av., east space

Elderly Woman Falls on Boardwalk

Skip Millman, Rehoboth Beach EMT and parking meter technician, checks the boardwalk in front of the Boardwalk Plaza where an 81-year-old woman fell around 6:55 p.m. Sunday. An ambulance came to evaluate her condition, but she declined to take it to the hospital.

They couldn't spot any obvious trip hazard. But many boards on the south end of town have been sticking up. Below is the boardwalk south of Stockley Street.

Rehoboth Beach 2006 vs. 2007

Last year, on Friday of Labor Day Weekend, Tropical Depression Ernesto past through the area and damaged the beach, snow fence and sand dunes.

Here's a comparison of Rehoboth Beach this weekend (left), and what it looked like after the storm last year (right). The pictures were taken on the rock jetty north of the Henlopen Hotel looking in both directions.


















Drag Volleyball Tradition Continues

It seemed like thousands of spectators attended Sunday's drag volleyball tournament at the far south edge of Rehoboth Beach off Prospect Street. After a lengthy introduction, the match started around 1:40 p.m.

The drag volleyball games have been a popular Labor Day event since they started in 1988. Read more about the history in the August 2000 and August 2003 Letters from Camp Rehoboth.



Who Wants to Ban Captain Buckson, and Why?

A Rehoboth Beach police officer patrolling the south boardwalk around 9:10 p.m. Sunday reported finding a BAN CAPTAIN BUCKSON sticker stuck to a trash can at New Castle Street. Capt. Kent Buckson is the head of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol.

The officer said it looks like a "manufactured sticker... and there's a good chance they could end up on other city property."

A few others have popped up this season, but are typically quickly removed. The one below was stuck to the back of the Welcome to Rehoboth Beach sign in the Deauville beach area.

New Signs on Rehoboth Beach

Several NO SWIMMING NEAR JETTY signs made their debut this past week. Not all jetties are marked yet, and a Rehoboth Beach Patrol guard said the one on Rehoboth Avenue is already leaning.

Rehoboth Beach Patrol plans to patrol full-time through September 23 in the downtown area, and may hire guards from South Bethany, Middlesex and the state parks, who have become available after Labor Day.

The unguarded beach signs have been installed on both the north and south ends of town. The signs were covered with black plastic bags this past weekend while the beach was guarded. One of these signs was already reported missing Sunday from the Deauville beach area. To find out what areas of the beach are guarded, call the RBP (302-227-2280).

Bronze Dolphin Arrives at Rehoboth Beach Main Street HQ!

Good Dolphin Show Sunday Evening off Stockley Street



Mallard Ducks Sunbathing on Silver Lake Sunday


Cape Henlopen State Park Saturday Evening