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WEEKEND #15, 2012

(Labor Day Weekend)

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




Delaware State Police are investigating a double fatal pedestrian accident that was discovered around 2:20 a.m. Sunday in the southbound lanes of Coastal Highway outside Rehoboth.

Police say 25-year-old Lisa M. Governa was driving a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta in the far left southbound lane just south of the John J. Williams Highway intersection. The two pedestrians, 33-year-old Scott M. Emory, who was pushing a bicycle, and 28-year-old Cheryl M. Dunn-Winchester, were walking east across the southbound lanes of Coastal Highway when they were struck by the Jetta. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Coastal Highway was closed in both directions while the crash was investigated and the roadway was cleared.

A state police news release noted that the area of the accident is dimly lit and both pedestrians were not walking in a crosswalk.

The Jetta continued south and stopped in front of the Wendy's in the Rehoboth Mall parking lot, approximately one-tenth of a mile south of the accident.

Police say Governa had been "properly restrained" and was not injured in the accident.

The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is investigating this accident. A police news release says alcohol is being considered a factor in this crash.

This section of Coastal Highway is no stranger to fatal pedestrian accidents. Nine years ago, an elderly couple was struck and killed on Saturday, August 2, 2003 while crossing Coastal Highway between the Anchorage Motel and the seafood restaurant just north of John J. Williams Highway. The victims were a 74-year-old man and a 78-year-old woman. They were struck by an 82-year-old woman driving a Lexus.

Three years ago, a 29-year-old Scott M. Emory was listed in a Rehoboth Beach PD news release after he was arrested in the kitchen of Shag Restaurant on Sept. 25, 2009 fixing something to eat.



Representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers and DNREC met with Mayor Sam Cooper and Commissioner Stan Mills last Monday to discuss this summer's flooding problems.

They also visited Delaware Avenue where storm water last week created this ditch as a pool of flood water flowed under the boardwalk from the foot of Delaware Avenue -- just as surrounding businesses were starting to flood.

Since the recent beach replenishment, the Army has been responsible for clearing the outfall pipes that drain storm water into the ocean which have frequently clogged with sand and have been suspected by many for causing the recent flooding. Both the Army and the city say the city lacks the heavy equipment and personnel to clear the outfall pipes. "The primary reason the City has not taken over the pipe cleaning," said Mayor Cooper, "is that the City does not have the equipment to perform this function. Also, the City would likely then assume any liability."

Stephen Rochette, Army Corps of Engineers spokesman, said last Tuesday that "We are currently working with the town and DNREC to complete an analysis of the situation. It appears that it [last weekend's weather] was a severe flash flooding event," noting that other places in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland had flooding troubles as well. "We don't know yet the extent the outfall pipes contributed or impacted flooding in those areas," he said, "but are looking at this."

He noted that the Army Corps of Engineers had a team in Rehoboth Beach last Monday, gathering information and meeting with DNREC and town officials. "In the interim," Rochette added, "we plan to continue to regularly clear the outfall pipes at low tides until we are able to fully close the beach to extend the outfall pipes. The city has asked that we wait until October to do so."

The outfall pipes clog easily and are challenging to keep clear. This is the outfall pipe at Rehoboth Avenue. During high tide it is typically submerged and easily buried in sand.

"I want to reiterate," says Commissioner Mills, "that the Army Corps has been a great partner with DNREC and the City during the beach nourishment project."

Concerns for any possible nourishment-related flooding issues, Commissioner Mills said, were reflected by the attendance of DNREC and Corps of Engineers representatives at the emergency post-flood meeting last Monday to assist the city in analyzing the causes for the flooding in the area of Wilmington, Delaware and Brooklyn avenues and a portion of First Street between Wilmington and Delaware. He said the Corps offered assistance in planning to alleviate future flooding as well.

The Corps, Commissioner Mills said, "indicated commitment to maintaining the free flow of the storm drain outfall pipes by use of the excavator as they also are currently engineering permanent extensions to the now-too-short outfall discharge pipes as a better alternative to manually cleaning out clogged pipes until such time when the sands would naturally erode away from the pipe ends."

The city says the outfall pipe extensions could be installed as soon as the Army completes its plans and would not have to wait until October. Commissioner Mills said "The time restriction of waiting until October was to be imposed on an alternate method of removing a huge volume of sand from around the troublesome outfall pipes and trucking it up the beach, such as to near Grenoble Street and north -- obviously a process that would have tremendous negative impact for our beach users with trucks driving up and down the beach."

"Out of the post-flood meeting," Commissioner Mills added, "the City lifted any time restrictions and noted that the beach areas next to the pipes to be extended could be closed at any time forward to extend the pipes as it would be less disruptive than trucking sands and would provide a more permanent fix the sooner the better."



Rehoboth Beach police received a call about a fox acting strangely in the area of Park Avenue around 8 p.m. Tuesday. The fox had been chewing a child's boogie board. When police arrived, the fox was gone.

But minutes later, police received another call that women had been bitten in the back of the leg by a fox in the second blocks of Pennsylvania and Oak avenues.

Police started an extensive search for the fox. The fox had been making a crying sound and was eventually tracked by police in the woods along Oak Avenue near Lake Gerar at Gerar Street. One report suggested that the fox did not appear to look sick. It was not mangy and not foaming from the mouth.

However, when the officer finally found the fox, it charged him. That was when the officer shot and killed the fox with his shotgun.

The fox was placed in a plastic trash bag and taken by animal control for rabies testing. Animal control contacted the city on Thursday to report that the fox tested positive for rabies.

Animal control trucks were in town Thursday evening in the area of Lake Gerar.

Both women went to Beebe Hospital where they were treated and released.

A fox has been spotted several times this summer in and around the dunes at Deauville by people on the beach. But that fox appeared mangy.

The Rehoboth Beach Police Department recommends never approaching an animal displaying strange or aggressive behavior. Always call the authorities. Make sure all family pets are up to date with immunizations and are checked for bites or scratches.



It would not be Labor Day Weekend in Rehoboth Beach without the most anticipated sporting event of the season. The drag volleyball players entertain hundreds, perhaps thousands of beach goers each Labor Day Weekend on the far south end of Rehoboth Beach. And best of all, it's free!

The men in drag pose for photos and then entertain the crowds with their elaborate skits and play a volleyball tournament dressed in drag costume.

Team Orange (The Inmates of PRIC) beat the sisters of Sigma Tau Delta (STD) 15 to 9.

The games started in 1988. Read more about the history in the September 2008 Letters from Camp Rehoboth and the Rehoboth Beach Drag Volleyball Website.

Photos courtesy Hoyte Decker



Two of the four candidates for Dewey Beach town commissioner met with voters at the home of Karen Jacoby on Saturday. About 25 people attended.

Among the biggest concerns addressed are the quality of life and the ongoing struggle between the big bar owners and many residents who say they want to strike a better balance between enjoying the popular beach town and excessive alcohol consumption: "a better balance for a better Dewey," as one of them says.

They seek to retain the maximum building height of 35 feet, just as Mayor Diane Hanson had supported.

Mayor Hanson introduced the two candidates, Gary Mauler and Courtney Riordan.

Mayor Hanson, Commissioner Joy Howell and the Citizens to Preserve Dewey are among those supporting the candidacy of Riordan and Mauler.

The annual municipal election is on Saturday, September 15, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Dewey Beach lifesaving station at 1 Dagsworthy Avenue. Voters may vote in person or in advance by absentee ballot.

Voters will be asked to fill two commissioner seats with terms beginning October, 2012 and ending September, 2014.

The candidates are: Denise Campbell, Gary Mauler, Courtney Riordan and Richard Solloway. Mauler is the only non-resident candidate.



A banner plane towed this ad past Rehoboth Beach on Saturday. Is this banner -- which advertises the VoteEmOut2012.com Website -- part of a political agenda or simply a business selling T-shirts, bumper stickers and other items?

A "whois inquiry" shows the Website domain belongs to Stephanie Rueda of Hockessin, Delaware.



"I am very excited to announce that the new MERR license plate is a reality," writes Suzanne Thurman, MERR Institute executive director, in an e-mail to supporters. She says the Delaware license plate is now available at the DMV as an official license plate for state residents. The plate has a one-time fee of $50, of which MERR will receive $35.

She says you can transfer your current plate number or vanity, and you do not have to wait for your sticker to expire. The DMV will prorate the new sticker for those who obtain the plate right away. For now one must go to DMV, but the plates are expected to be offered online by the end of the month.

Karin Snoots is the artist who designed the license plate which will help support the MERR Institute and promote marine conservation.

In other MERR news, Thurman said a young male bottlenose dolphin was discovered dead at the Cape Henlopen Point this past week. She also has received three reports of deceased loggerhead sea turtles sighted by charter boat captains floating dead at sea.


by Dagmar Henney

New artworks by Denise Dumont delighted her charmed audience at the Rehoboth Art League's Homestead Gallery this past weekend.

Denise's paintings enchant everyone who is in love with the sea and nautical art. Her subjects include the sea, the beach, a boatyard, a country street or an old Victorian home.

Each painting comes to life with an inner glow and warmth. You feel surrounded by her unique love of the landscape surrounding her and any coastal lover. Denise portrays the coastal beauty to make any sea-lover homesick for her land or sea. Denise is recognized as an accomplished painter having received numerous awards.

Here she is in front of two of her recent paintings, Boatyard-Lewes and Last Snow-Prime Hook, both are oil on linen.

Her work is held in various galleries, in private collections, and museums! She exhibits regularly in this area as well as galleries all over the Atlantic region. It is a joy to find such an inspiring collection and a remarkable collection for such a young artist!

Her paintings will remain on display in the Homestead Gallery through the rest of September.



A three-day Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) fundraiser by Rehoboth resident Ted Pokorny, the 2nd annual "Art for the Cause," is scheduled for next Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 7-9).

Friday is an art preview with food, dessert and wine tasting at Camp Rehoboth. On Saturday, there will be an art sale starting at 4 p.m. with the live auction beginning at 8 p.m. at the Breakers Hotel. Sunday is "What's the Buzz, Shave Your Head for Ted" at Camp Rehoboth.

Shown is the featured piece at the auction entitled, "Teddy's Reef," by Mac McKeown, a nationally known artist from Millsboro. This special piece is mostly made from rare shells that Ted has collected for more than 40 years. The piece is 24" by 16" and double-framed. Mac worked more than 70 hours using more than 300 shells on this special one-of-a-kind piece.

More than 70 other artworks have been donated by local artists in various mediums including oils, watercolors, pastels, fabric, digital photography, custom jewelry, sculpture and glass. The public is invited to attend this free event and light refreshments will be served. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Association through the fundraising efforts of TEAM TED, Ted Pokorny, who was diagnosed in February, 2010. Please see the TEAM TED Website for more info.






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WEEKEND WATER INCIDENTS--- Perhaps the overcast weather and calm surf had something to do with the lack of water incidents this holiday weekend. Sussex County firefighters responded to these incidents since Friday:

Sat. 7 p.m., Saint Lawrence Street on the beach, Rehoboth Beach, reported man swam several hundred feet out in ocean and disappeared. Rehoboth Beach firefighters arrived several minutes later and at 7:13 p.m. determined that the man was already safe on the beach. DNREC, the Coast Guard, state police helicopter and Lewes fireboat were en route.

Mon. 9:20 a.m., Roosevelt Inlet, Lewes, white and green Jet-Ski reported stranded in the inlet floating out. At 9:48, the Jet-Ski and rider were reported safe being brought back to shore by the Lewes fireboat.

Mon. Just before 2 p.m., boat accident, in the area of Burton Island and Indian River Inlet, Buoy #14. DNREC was the first to arrive and find two damaged vessels. Both were anchored and five people were safe. Two reportedly had minor injuries but declined an ambulance. The boat with the most significant damage was able to return to North Shore Marina on its own. See the WGMD Website for info.



He's baaaaaaaaaack: Dan Gaffney returns to the airwaves today (Tuesday)

Westbound span of Chesapeake Bay Bridge reopened after unusual vertical movement

Chesapeake Bay Bridge span reopens following safety inspection

Two weeds (Palmer amaranth and Texas panicum) added to Delaware's "Noxious Weed List"

DEL BIZ: Waste not at restaurants; Rehoboth food scraps sent to compost

Dog park among possible uses discussed for land parcel in Lewes

Underage drinking discussed at Delaware Prevention Coalition town hall meeting (Rehoboth Beach, Tuesday)

Plunge designed just for "chickens" - Georgetown SPCA Adopt A Pet (next Sunday)

Cleanup at Brighton Suites Hotel (Rehoboth Beach)

Suit forces Dewey Beach to list names

Dewey Beach mayor cleared of wrongdoing in ethics case

Superior Court overturns PIC decision against Dewey Beach Mayor Diane Hanson

Ruddertowne rebuild gets underway in Dewey Beach

Ruddertowne construction starts in Dewey Beach

Appeal filed to overturn chancery court dismissal of complaint filed over DBE-Dewey Beach commission agreement

Ruddertowne redevelopment resumes (Dewey Beach)

Delaware State Police investigate crash involving three bicyclists (Georgetown, Thursday)

Man arrested after barricade situation (Ocean View, Monday)

Pot-Nets Bayside residents had front-row seat to last weekend's storm

National Weather Service concludes that straight-line winds did damage in Pot-Nets Bayside

Millsboro man charged in boating, fishing equipment thefts

Millsboro house fire under investigation (last Tuesday)

Man charged with DUI-drugs following head-on collision in Millsboro (Sunday)

Seasonal police fly the coop

Ocean City boardwalk employees honored

Ocean City police seeking man who stole from vending machines

Member of OC Beach Patrol arrested for DUI (Monday)

Pennsylvania woman charged with giving false statement to police after visiting Ocean Downs casino (last Monday, West Ocean City)



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