WEEKEND #16, 2020

(Labor Day Weekend)

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Rehoboth Beach lifeguards pulled a man from the surf on Sunday who was in cardiac arrest. He had collapsed around 12:25 p.m. north of the Henlopen Hotel off Pennsylvania Avenue. They began CPR and brought an automated external defibrillator (AED) to the scene. The AED shocked him once and he immediately regained a pulse. He reportedly had a cardiac history.

The lifeguards were soon assisted by Rehoboth Beach police, the RB VFC ambulance, Gator and Sussex County paramedics. They brought him up to the street using the Gator where they were met by the ambulance.

Robby Murray, Sussex EMS director, said the last report he heard, the man was talking with the paramedics while en route to the hospital.


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Elections Board to discuss Comm. Moskowitz's candidacy after complaint by Dave Davis.

Topics covered at Sunday's Dewey Beach 2020 Candidate Forum included managing the town's budget, infrastructure funding, should larger houses be allowed, rooftop decks and setbacks, implementing a hotel tax, covid-19 recovery, police and lifeguards, selecting a new town manager and making parking simpler and friendlier.

The forum has been posted on YouTube and as of Monday evening only had around 125 views.

In other election news, an email newsletter dubbed the "Dewey Truth" last week claimed that Comm. David Moskowitz is not eligible to vote or be a commissioner because he changed his property ownership to an LLC. As a result, Dave Davis, a former commissioner candidate himself, filed a complaint with the Dewey Beach Board of Elections.

"Everyone knows I have owned property in Dewey Beach for over seven years and now live here full time with my 16-month-old daughter," Comm. Moskowitz said. "The complaint is baseless. My driver's license, bank accounts, utility bills, health insurance, voter registration, library card and tax returns are all Dewey Beach. I look forward to presenting my case on Friday," he added.

Comm. Moskowitz provided copies to WGMD of his current Delaware driver's license, IRS tax form, voter registration, among numerous other documents, and they support his claim that he is a resident of Dewey Beach which would qualify him to vote and run for commissioner.

The Board has scheduled a hearing on this issue for 4 p.m. Friday.

Only 19 days to Dewey Beach election day! For more election info, see the town website.


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When a merchant called Rehoboth Beach police last Friday reporting that a woman in a motorized wheelchair had stolen a T-shirt from the shop about 10-15 minutes earlier, it did not take police long to find her. The theft was reported around 2:20 p.m. in the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue and the police found her at the boardwalk about two minutes later.

In her bag officers discovered various items that appeared to have been taken from five different stores. Shopkeepers from only two of those stores decided to press charges, says Lt. Jaime Riddle, police spokesman. He said the stolen items were returned to the businesses. A police officer escorted the 57-year-old Lewes woman to the police station where she was charged with two counts of misdemeanor shoplifting and released.


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By Sallie H. Forman, Founder & President

Save Our Lakes Alliance3 (SOLA3) presented its recommendations for the City of Rehoboth Beach's 2020 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) to the Rehoboth Planning Commission on August 28. While the recommendations are comprehensive, SOLA3 put special emphasis on the need for Rehoboth to develop a comprehensive storm water management plan to address flooding throughout the city.

SOLA3 states that the impact of climate change could result in coastal inundation from the Atlantic Ocean by as much as seven feet and areas around Lake Gerar and Silver Lake by as much as three feet, and recommends that Rehoboth install a citywide green infrastructure to address these and related issues. Furthermore, Rehoboth should provide incentives to property owners to install green remedies, such as downspout disconnection, rain barrels, rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, permeable surfaces and riparian buffers.

SOLA3 was founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, restoring and maintaining Silver Lake, Lake Gerar and Lake Comegys. Click here for the full text of the presentation.

Photo courtesy Peggy Douglas


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The Rehoboth Beach Drag Volleyball grand finale planned for this past holiday weekend has been postponed until Labor Day weekend 2021. That is the third time the popular tournament has been canceled in its 33-year history. The group still plans to hold its final match next summer, but what then?

Mark Kimble, one of the captains of the Delmarva Divas, is one of the original players from when drag volleyball started in 1988. Kimble says it is certainly a unique sport but requires "a lot of work." The group consists of two teams of nine players each who spend quite a bit of time not only practicing volleyball but also rehearsing for their performance. Kimble has been participating for more than half of his life like so many of the players. He said it is time for them to retire and make 2021 their final match.

As for drag volleyball's future, he says somebody will need to take over the popular Labor Day attraction or it will disappear. Despite the national attention the tournament has gotten, so far, the younger guys have yet to offer to join and help preserve the group. So next year's match could be the end.

The witty, raunchy, often self-deprecating and sarcastic game is typically more theater and fashion show than actual sport. Most spectators leave never knowing who actually won! In recent years they have attracted thousands of spectators to their net on Poodle Beach on the city's far south edge. The tradition began when Forrest Park -- yes he is still alive and still playing -- brought some women's bathing suits to the beach on that Labor Day in 1988. "A group of lesbians challenged us to a game and drag volleyball was born," he explains!

That was just the right recipe to create a successful following with a huge base of adoring fans. The game has quickly become a staple of the Rehoboth Beach Labor Day weekend celebration. The annual event, played the Sunday of each Labor Day, became a town tradition, much like "Running of the Bulls" is to Dewey Beach. It's one of those local events you have to be familiar with to fully appreciate.

"We just love celebrating the end of summer in a fun way," Kimble said. "It was fun and glad that we could provide entertainment to everybody," he added. Would you like to save drag volleyball? Please contact him via Facebook for info. More historical details are in Rich Barnett's CAMP Rehoboth article from 2008.

Photos courtesy Hoyte Decker and Philip Reich


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What started as a childhood hobby has transformed into an occupation to help beach visitors preserve their vacation memories.

David Koster has been a photographer all his life. His godparents gave him his first camera as a child which led to his hobby that he took with him through high school and eventually to his college major. Here he visits with them holding the Penmax camera that got him started along with his high-end Canon.

Koster specializes in beach portraiture. He came to Rehoboth in 1997 and three years later found a niche and a website, portraitsinthesand.com. You will find him often on the beach, typically in the state parks, with his clients. He accepts one customer a day so he can spend quality time helping them with both taking the photo and also making it.

What he loves about beach photography is that it is not like shooting subjects in front of a studio backdrop. He has to consider challenges such as staging, weather, lighting and protecting his Canon gear from the elements.

But the effort is worth it, he says, as the clients remember the smell of the salt air, seagulls, the wind in their hair… and not a cramped studio. Those are the memories he is trying to help people preserve for their families for years to come.

Koster finds it rewarding that he has repeat customers whose children he has photographed as babies and he continues photographing them all the way to their college years. Here he is with his family in his own "self-portrait!"

For more on Koster's photography, please see his website and his YouTube channel. Here is a good example of his portraiture.

Photos courtesy David Koster


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What a frustrating summer this has been for us all. If the pandemic situation has not improved by next Memorial Day, my mother -- who has been having significant medical problems -- and I might just take the summer off. So don't be shocked if we do not report in 2021.

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N721TS, a home-made AirCam by Rick Tananis...

Labor Day Sunrise by Bill Henschke with a Sony a6000...

Sun setting on Old Landing Golf Course last Wednesday by David Koster with a Samsung Galaxy Note10...

Clam from Rehoboth Bay on the bar of the Tiki boat at sunset by David Koster...




MERR NEWS--- Suzanne Thurman from the MERR Institute says that her organization responded to two sea turtle incidents last week. One was a live Kemp's Ridley that was stranded in Fenwick Island, suffering from a probable boat propeller injury to the head/eye. That turtle is now at the National Aquarium for rehab. The second was a dead loggerhead at North Slaughter Beach. No cause of death had been determined.


MAN FOUND DEAD IN CRASHED AUTO, MAYBE SUICIDE--- A man was found dead in a car after it had crashed just before 6 p.m. last Tuesday on Janice Road in Whispering Pines. His dog was also in the car. He was pronounced dead at the scene and the dog was taken by ambulance to a vet. One source says his death appeared to be a suspected suicide, but Cpl. Jason Hatchell, state police spokesman, would only say that investigators are not releasing details at this time as this is an ongoing investigation.


LOTS OF RAIN LAST THURSDAY/FRIDAY WITH FLOODING--- This past Thursday night/Friday morning had probably the worst flooding this area has seen all summer. According to the Rehoboth Beach DEOS weather station, nearly four inches fell with about half of that between 11 p.m. and midnight, and another half inch between midnight and 3 a.m. on Friday. In downtown Rehoboth, flooding was reported at the usual locations and then some, including Norfolk Street, State Road, Wilmington Avenue, Lake Avenue and the areas around Silver Lake.


MYSTERIOUS GAS ODOR RETURNS, AGAIN--- Around 10 a.m. last Thursday, the Rehoboth Beach 9-1-1 center received numerous calls for an odor of gas from south Rehoboth, Silver Lake, Dewey and down to the state park. The problem was suspected to be an odor released from a passing tanker. According to the Rehoboth Beach DEOS weather station, between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. wind was almost 4 m.p.h. from the north/northeast.


CRITICAL INJURY AFTER BALCONY FALL IN O.C.--- An approximately 30-year-old woman was critically injured around 3 a.m. this past Saturday after falling or jumping from the 3rd-floor balcony of a condo on 94th Street in Ocean City. A state police helicopter landed at Northside Park and flew the patient to a trauma center.


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DNREC kicks off extended Delaware coastal cleanup

Loblolly seeks new, 525-foot broadcast tower in Milton

Milton officials plan next water improvement project

Brain injury rehab center opens in Harbeson

Jay Kirby ghost bike memorial has returned to Coastal Highway near Lewes

Nicola Pizza owners open pet-friendly Home2 Suites by Hilton near Lewes

Lewes Loves Masks contest seeks safety selfies

Menhaden artifact reels in Lewes controversy

Lewes BPW fined $64,000 for wastewater failure

Fort Miles celebrates 75th anniversary of V-J Day

Conservative group trolls Biden's Rehoboth Beach House

Possibly last Labor Day for Rehoboth Toy & Kite's original location

Agave no longer coming to Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Museum explores city's religious history

Verizon set to install nearly 30 small cell towers in Rehoboth

Rehoboth "Meterless Mondays" continue to end of meter season

Rehoboth Beach businesses reflect on summer season

Jack Lingo Realtor launches wrapped vehicles in city markets

Fatal crash near Selbyville previous Monday night

Devlin sworn-in as new Fenwick Island police chief

Maryland approves 12mw Haliade-X for use off Delaware's coast

Ørsted/Skipjack wind farm gets Md. PSC OK for larger turbines

COVID-19 test positivity rate spikes in Ocean City/Worcester County

Coronavirus positivity rate in Ocean City area is twice as high as Maryland's

Ocean City prepares for vehicle rallies

Four suspects charged in Ocean City boardwalk armed robbery

Ocean City Airport may receive funds for fire and rescue truck

Man charged in West Ocean City stabbing

Maryland no longer considering cuts to state police aviation service

Navy airplane crashes at Wallops Island, previous Monday



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