WEEKEND #6, 2022

July 5, 2022

(Independence Day Weekend)

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Michael Wardian, the cross-country runner raising funds for World Vision clean water programs, completed his 61-day 3000+ mile trek across the continent when he arrived in Rehoboth Beach early Friday morning.

That final segment included a long all-night run through the Delaware countryside.

This is video of his jubilant sunrise boardwalk arrival.

He decided to end his journey here because his family has a beach house in Rehoboth and one of his sponsors is the Dewey Beer Company. He actually comes from Arlington, Virginia.

Amazingly, Wardian kept going all weekend. On Saturday he ran the Firecracker 5K in Rehoboth, took a VO2 max test on Sunday and participated in the Dewey Beach Liquors 5K on Independence Day!

While he had a brief mention in the Cape Gazette, Wardian received significant recognition from news outlets across the country as well as national publications such as People.

Photos courtesy Michael Wardian and Seashore Striders


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The other big news story to come out of Rehoboth this past week was the new home for the Dolle's sign on the Rehoboth Beach Museum. The long-awaited installation on the museum was completed Wednesday afternoon with a brief ceremony. More than 250 donors contributed $35,000 to fund the installation on the canal side of the city-owned building.

Photo courtesy Wesley Combs

The sign's arrival at the museum offers an excellent example of the power of creative thinking, cross-organization cooperation and generosity, Mayor Stan Mills told those attending the ceremony. "Thank you to the history museum for stepping up and offering a fitting home for our 30-foot bright orange friend here," he added.

To many people, it's more than just a sign.

"The sign's history reminds us of some of life's basic lessons," Mayor Mills explained. "For example, when you're knocked down as the sign was in at least two different storms, over the decades you get back up again and while change — which often seems inevitable, can sometimes be hard and heartbreaking — it can also open the door for new opportunities. It's not the same as it always was and it's not necessarily better, but it provides new opportunities and in this case, I believe that is a very good thing to have preserved this sign for generations," he explained.

"When we saw the Dolle's sign in person, on the boardwalk or in photos, you knew exactly where you were on the boardwalk and in the Town of Rehoboth Beach," Mayor Mills pointed out. The sign, he said, represented "Rehoboth Beach for perennial vacationers and year-round residents. So I'm pleased the sign remains a highly visible part of our community and will continue to welcome visitors and residents to Rehoboth Beach every time they enter the city via the bridge here at Rehoboth Avenue-Extended…"

David Mann, Rehoboth Beach Historical Society board president, said they left the sign as it came down. "It's showing its age just like I am. So we're going to do our best to keep it together and then down the road we'll probably have a restoration project on our agenda," he added.

Nancy Alexander, museum director, invites visitors to see the museum's collection of historical signs from various businesses in its sign gallery. The exhibition was designed by David McDonald and Roland Forster who also curated the lighthouse exhibition. The sign gallery's latest addition is the Nicola Pizza sign! Here is Robert Thompson with his old B&B sign.

This news was prominently featured in the Cape Gazette and Delaware Today and aired locally on WRDE and WMDT as well as on WCAU in Philly.


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Woman leaving show taken to hospital in cardiac arrest

Toward the end of the Rehoboth Beach fireworks show on Sunday, around 9:50 p.m., police responded to a "disorderly" complaint here on the beach in front of the Star of the Sea where three visitors were eventually arrested. One of the three reportedly had a concealed handgun. No word yet from police on charges.

Photo courtesy Eric Allen

Just before 10:10 p.m., a 59-year-old woman leaving the beach after the fireworks show off Olive Avenue collapsed, stopped breathing and then went into cardiac arrest. She had existing health problems. No word yet from police if she survived. She was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest.


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Rehoboth Beach police caught a man who attempted to steal artwork from city hall this past Friday.

He removed and tried to hide a piece of art beneath his clothing around 12:15 p.m. He had allegedly taken it off the hallway wall near the alderman's office.

As he was leaving the building, the suspect was confronted and gave up the artwork. He was successful in getting into his minivan and fleeing town.

But police were on his tail. Despite the holiday traffic, a Rehoboth officer spotted him on Coastal Highway, stopped and arrested him.

So far, there has been no comment yet from police. Missing from the Coastal Camera Club's exhibition is this $85 photo, Whirly, Twirly World, by Barbara Rodgers, which perhaps was the one that had been taken.


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A group of environmental activists came to the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand early Tuesday afternoon to express their concerns regarding the fossil fuel industry which is proposing to build new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals along the Louisiana coast.

"We have traveled over 1500 miles to be here for a very, very important reason and that is to defend our beautiful coasts and to keep it as beautiful as the beach here in Rehoboth is," says Anne Rolfes, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade's director.

Why would a group from Louisiana come to Rehoboth Beach to express its environmental concerns? "Because there are a lot of federal officials — including our president — who hang out here," she pointed out.

The group warns that the corporations want to build a dozen or more gas export facilities the size of football stadiums or even larger along the Louisiana coast. And they ask, would that be tolerated in Rehoboth?

The group is staying in town and plans to be active here through Labor Day. "We're going to be out just in the streets talking to people to engage them… We have events planned to engage people to get them to send letters to FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] and President Biden," Rolfes said.

"You're going to be seeing a lot of us this summer with the Defend Louisiana T-shirts," she added.

Lynne Coan, Rehoboth Beach spokeswoman, says the Louisiana Bucket Brigade obtained a special event permit from the city for use of the bandstand for the press conference. The cost to them was $50 for the application fee plus a minimum $200 bandstand usage fee.



Another big news item from this past week was the announcement from Steve "Monty" Montgomery that Bethany Blues would take over the original Nicola space on North First Street. Here's Montgomery's news release.

Also see the Cape Gazette and Delaware Business Times for more info.



It did not take police long to locate this black Lincoln SUV after it was reported entering town around 12:15 p.m. on Independence Day.

Police stopped it at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand and cited the driver.

Photos courtesy Diane Querey


Welcome to The Starboard!




Bruce Clayton opened his latest exhibition, "Hello, World," at Gallery 50 this past Friday. It consists mostly of photographs captured using his iPhone 12 Pro Max. He is a triathlon coach and fitness trainer who lives in Rehoboth and is accustomed to the early morning beach routine. "I do find myself out quite a bit... I see the sunrise over the ocean almost every single day," he says.

"I believe that I always have my iPhone with me," Clayton explains. "And if you don't have a camera with you," he says, "you don't get the shots such as Purple Rain with the Mennonites on the boardwalk… If I didn't have my phone with me, I wouldn't have gotten that shot and that's a very popular picture."

This show includes many black-and-white prints because sometimes it's just the image that he wants to convey without the distraction of color. Whereas color plays a significant role in a picture such as his Purple Rain. It just depends on the message.

"I also feel like I'm documenting much of this area that seems to be changing so rapidly," he points out, especially with changes like Dolle's.

Clayton considers this exhibition to be a reflection of his world and travels. "I thought, well, what does that mean? What does my world mean?"

When he did some online research, Clayton discovered that back in the 1970s there was a primitive early computer program test code called "hello, world" that was used as a test to see if the words "hello, world" could be shown on a computer display. "And so I thought how appropriate because my photos are all digital," he explained, and thus it's appropriate that it connects back to the 'Hello, World' computer program.

This is the picture he used to showcase this exhibition. It's a self-portrait of him waving. He said "Hello, World" was the right title!

Because of the glass and lighting, it is hard to get good pictures of these photos. So please see the exhibition in person! It remains at Gallery 50 through July 19.



Once again, this was another popular show with beautiful photography.

Photo courtesy Rick Tananis.

Check his photo website for historical captions that are in order and match the fireworks!

Photo courtesy Sam Markman

Here is the link to his Rehoboth Beach fireworks 2022 images.

Chris Flood has an assortment of Independence Day photos on the Cape Gazette website.

And finally, Stephen Simmons produced this fireworks video using an Apple iPhone.


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Rehoboth Storm by Rick Tananis...

Lake Gerar Gaggle x 16...

Fawn at Rehoboth Beach Yacht & Country Club by Susan Howard...

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MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman from the MERR Institute says MERR responded to a deceased Kemps Ridley sea turtle on the north side of the Indian River Inlet this past week. It was a juvenile and had been eating and thriving so it suffered some type of acute death that causes drowning but no obvious signs of what caused it to drown, she said.


GIRL FLOWN TO HOSPITAL AFTER NEAR DROWNING--- A girl was flown to Nemours Children's Hospital after she was briefly submerged in water. It happened around 2:30 p.m. last Wednesday on Ritter Drive in William Ritter Manor in Long Neck. She was reported conscious and behaving normally when taken to the helicopter.


ELDERLY WOMAN INJURED IN GOLF CART CRASH--- A 82-year-old woman driving a golf cart ran off the roadway and crashed as she attempted to turn onto Windjammer Road from Sloop Road in White House Beach in Long Neck, says Sgt. India Sturgis, state police spokesperson. It was reported around 9:35 p.m. on Sunday. She was flown to a trauma center with what sounded like non-life-threatening injuries. More info, photos and golf cart safety tips are on the Indian River VFC website.


SHOT FIRED IN BURTON VILLAGE AREA OUTSIDE REHOBOTH--- There was a fight near the Rehoboth YMCA early Monday morning where a shot was fired, but no one was struck, says Sgt. India Sturgis, state police spokesperson. One suspect was taken into custody but Sgt. Sturgis said more info can be released once the subject has formally been charged.


R.B. FIREFIGHTERS RESCUE DOG IN MARSH--- Rehoboth Beach firefighters responded to the area of Kingsbridge Road on Bald Eagle Creek after a man was seen struggling to remove a 90-pound dog from the marsh around 10:45 a.m. on Independence Day. That is in the Rehoboth Beach Yacht & Country Club. It took about 45 minutes to rescue the dog.


OUTLET ROBBERS LEAD POLICE ON ~10-MINUTE CHASE--- Two suspects in a Kia Optima fled police after they reportedly robbed a shop in the Seaside Outlets around 3:45 p.m. on Monday, says Cpl. Leonard DeMalto, state police spokesperson. Police chased them south on Coastal Highway where they briefly drove on the wrong side of the road. They sped past Bethany, but turned around and drove back into Bethany where police eventually lost them.


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