WEEKEND #9, 2022

July 25, 2022

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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He was among six passengers abruptly discharged by Lyft driver on roadway

A 43-year-old man from Clarksburg, Maryland was struck and killed early Sunday after a Lyft driver terminated the ride, stopped on southbound Coastal Highway and demanded that he and his five friends exit the vehicle, police said. This was reported around 1:40 a.m. just south of Conquest Road south of Dewey.

Photo courtesy Rehoboth Beach VFC

The six of them had hired the Lyft driver to pick them up in Dewey Beach and take them to Bethany Beach. But as the Lyft was headed south on Coastal Highway, police said, a disagreement occurred between the group and the driver and that's when the driver stopped in the left travel lane of Coastal Highway and ordered all six of them to leave.

Photo courtesy Rehoboth Beach VFC

At that point, a 2016 Toyota Corolla was approaching the stopped Lyft vehicle, police said, and the Toyota driver had changed lanes to avoid striking the rear of the Lyft vehicle. But he failed to see the pedestrian who had just exited the right rear passenger seat and was standing in the roadway. The man was struck and later pronounced dead at the scene by EMS.

The Toyota driver remained on the scene after the impact, but the Lyft driver and vehicle fled south on Coastal Highway. Police said the driver of the Lyft vehicle -- possibly a white Honda Pilot -- has not been identified. The roadway was closed for about four hours while the collision was investigated and the roadway cleared.


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For the second time this summer, climate activists chose to protest in Rehoboth Beach because it is the location of Biden's vacation home. This time they marched to the President's beach house where they chanted and posed for photographs. Rehoboth Beach, state police and Secret Service vehicles lined the side of the street so as to block access to Biden's house.

Also targeted on Saturday by climate activists was the Chevy Chase home of White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain.

The Food and Water Watch group had obtained a permit from the city for Saturday's rally at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand. They were joined by several other affinity groups including the Louisiana Bucket Brigade which held its own rally at the bandstand last month.

Noa Gordon-Guterman from Food and Water Watch said specifically they want Biden to declare a climate emergency. They want him to ban LNG by rail and to stop any new LNG export projects at the beach, among other demands.

The bandstand portion was live-streamed here on Facebook.

They had close to 40 attend the bandstand event but only 20-some marched in the heat to Biden's beach house. More coverage is on the WMDT website.


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A man riding a motor scooter was struck here on the northbound side of Coastal Highway at Church Street around 5:45 p.m. Sunday. As of late Sunday evening, state police have not yet released any details, but scooter crashes here on this section of Coastal Highway are not uncommon.

One problem here has been that the scooter riders travel more freely in the BUS/BIKE lane while motorists are often traveling at slower speeds because of heavy traffic on the regular traffic lanes. But the scooter riders are vulnerable here to autos crossing through the heavy traffic not expecting a fast-approaching scooter in the BUS/BIKE lane. The scooters are often hidden behind the autos stuck in traffic as the scooters approach an intersection or driveway entrance, and that is where the collision happens, in the BUS/BIKE lane.

One EMS report described the injured scooter rider here as an approximately 18-year-old male. He was unconscious and suffered serious injuries. He was taken by ambulance to the Rehoboth Elementary School and flown to a trauma center via Delaware State Police helicopter, Trooper 2.

Photo courtesy Henry Bright



The woman driving this Toyota was involved in a collision with an SUV around 11:10 p.m. Saturday.

After the collision, the driver of the white SUV sped off. Police were looking for a white SUV with heavy rear-end damage. It fled west on Rehoboth Avenue-Extended. The westbound lanes were closed while police investigated the incident.

An ambulance came to check the Toyota driver for injuries. Her airbags had deployed. But she declined an ambulance to the hospital. No word yet from police.



It was already hot on Saturday when the situation became unusually tense on the beach as this man was asked to take down his tent. The RBP "compliance" officer called for help around 5:10 p.m. Several cadets arrived and cited the man for having a tent on the beach. He may have received one of the first tent citations of the season, if not the first.

But the argument continued. He demanded to speak with a supervisor. So he had a visit from one of the department's lieutenants along with the on-duty sergeant. He eventually dismantled the tent.

One witness later said some beachgoers attempted to intervene without success. Note the woman holding the cell phone recording the discussion.


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Police have not yet released charges for the driver who rolled this 1999 Acura Integra in the median of Coastal Highway outside of Rehoboth just before 2 p.m. Saturday during heavy peak-season traffic!

Photo courtesy Mark Giuliani, The Talk of Delmarva

However, Sr. Cpl. Jason Hatchell, state police spokesman, says this was not a pursuit. The 18-year-old man was driving the Acura in a reckless manner, lost control in the area of Agave and crashed.

Although the vehicle overturned, the driver fled but was later located. He had minor injuries.

There were also reports that a passenger was in the car when it overturned. But Sr. Cpl. Hatchell said he did not have any additional information.

More photos are on the Rehoboth Beach VFC website.



Did you know that Rehoboth Beach Public Works has a specially trained cell phone extraction team? Well, they don't but these guys are pretty darn good.

Glenn Brown, from Dover, said he was texting on his smartphone at the bandstand horseshoe around 8:30 p.m. Saturday when his phone slipped through his fingers and fell into the storm drain! Don't you hate it when that happens?

He contacted a police officer and they tried to open the storm grate without success. Who are you going to call in a situation like this? Fortunately for Brown, several public works personnel were still on the clock and that is who came to the rescue minutes after 9 p.m.

With rock music from High Noon playing from the bandstand in the background, the four of them tried repeatedly to pry open the stuck grate using various tools. But it wouldn't budge. It looked for a while as if the rescue was not going to happen.

But they didn't give up! They tried different techniques, prying, scraping out debris along the edges and hammering with a mallet! No luck!

Persistence does pay off! After 16 minutes, with the help of a fifth arriving public works employee, they were energized and the five of them working together amazingly popped it open and saved Brown's phone!

Here he is receiving it back!

Watch those storm drains when cell phoning! A related problem frequently in town involves the foot shower grates along the boardwalk where keys and rings sometimes get lost!


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Diane Scobey's sharp eye caught this new buoy that a Coast Guard buoy tender, the Cutter Maple, installed this past Saturday morning in the ocean near Gordon's Pond. But what is it for?

After checking with the Coast Guard Command Center as well as the Coast Guard Cutter Maple, "both have confirmed that the buoy is a Coast Guard mooring buoy and marks no significant event," says PA3 Breanna Centeno, Coast Guard spokeswoman. "The buoy was placed solely so Coast Guard assets can moor up in lieu of anchoring," she says, noting that "Coast Guard mooring buoys are common throughout waterways."

But why here? She didn't speculate further. But this is the same general area that is used by Coast Guard cutters when Biden is in town. This was Cutter Bonito here during Biden's first visit as President in 2021.

PA3 Centeno said this buoy can be located in the Local Notice to Mariners (LNM). The LNM number is 29/22, released on July 19, 2022. Specifically, it has been documented on page 22 in this notice to mariners which provides advance notice of this buoy's setting, she pointed out.

The buoy is here, about a quarter-mile from shore.


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More than 450 bicyclists are scheduled to bicycle to Dewey Beach this coming Friday in support of local non-profits.

This annual tradition is now in its 15th year. When they first started, the event ended at Mango's in Bethany, says Ben Dalley, Bike to the Beach director of operations, but now it ends at the Dewey Beach Lion's Club with a celebration at North Beach.

Riders have several choices of starting points. The 100-milers will start at 5:30 a.m. at Union Market in Washington, D.C. or at Federal Hill in Baltimore. They will bike 30 miles to the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis where a shuttle will take them across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Queen Anne's High School in Centreville.

For those who do not want to take a shuttle -- but still want to ride a full 100 miles -- they may start a 30-mile course on the Eastern Shore prior to Centreville. That was done, Dalley says, for those who during Covid were reluctant to ride on a bus with other people. Because of its popularity, they have kept it as an option.

Participants may also start at Centreville and ride 70 miles, or 50 miles from Denton or ride as few as 25 miles from Georgetown, Delaware. They will all end in Dewey Beach.

Everybody rides at his/her own pace, but the majority of the bicyclists arrive in Dewey between 1 and 3 p.m.

This is a fully supported ride with chase cars, mechanics, a sidecar and a SAG (support and grub) wagon. There will be rest stops sponsored by the local non-profits that directly benefit from the event.

Riders can choose to support a particular non-profit or the general fund which supports multiple non-profits.

It's still not too late to join the ride for a good cause, Dalley points out. For more info please see the group's website: BiketotheBeach.org

Photos courtesy Biketothebeach.org


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This Gofundme campaign has been established to help send the Rehoboth Beach Patrol USLA National Championship Team to the National Lifeguard Championships this August in Hermosa Beach, California.

RBP plans to send nine athletes to represent the City of Rehoboth Beach. But they need donations to offset expenses. "We have been working so hard this summer for a chance to compete at Nationals and now need some help to make it a reality," says Lt. Josh Walker.

Sgt. Peyton Weaver added that "We are very excited for the opportunity to represent Rehoboth at the USLA Lifeguard National Championships. The team is ready to make it happen!"

Photos courtesy RBP


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The Rehoboth Art League opened its popular 84th Members' Fine Art Exhibition this past Friday along with several other smaller shows.

Nick Serratore, RAL exhibitions director, says he has been noticing more abstract trends as far as painting is concerned. "I think our artists are experimenting more," he explains. Some of these artists doing abstract are new to the Art League, but he said he also noticed that some more traditionalist painters that the League has dealt with for years are also going along that same line. "I think they're becoming more bold with their work and are not afraid to strip away the detail and go for the essence," he explained.

RAL is also showcasing the pastels of Donna Finley in a show called Hidden Waters in the Ventures Gallery. "I tell people to immerse yourself in these pastels," Serratore says. "It's a very intimate show and she has captured pretty much the time of day throughout one year. So it's a great show and those works are small and are accessible and affordable," he adds.

In the Homestead are works from Melissa Husted-Sherman and her work is also the title of her show which is called Still. "These are still-lifes of course they're in a small scale but the interesting thing about her still-lifes are very impressionistic, very, very muted colors," Serratore points out. "You have to really look into it to extract the shapes and it makes it very exciting. The fact that the Homestead is a backdrop for it even makes it more of an intimate show," he adds.

These exhibitions will remain on display through August 21.

The 49th Annual Outdoor Fine Art and Fine Craft Show is scheduled for August 6-7 and 13-14.


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RBP stand at sunset by Kelley Gillespie...

Rehoboth and Beyond by Richard Tananis...

A bachelorette party enjoying a Rehoboth Bay sunset with CruisinTikis Capt./Photographer Dave Koster...

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THE MERR REPORT--- Suzanne Thurman, MERR executive director, says her organization investigated a report of a dolphin calf found on a sandbar in the Rehoboth Bay but they were unable to relocate the animal after some boaters helped it into deeper water. MERR also received a report of a live loggerhead turtle in Indian River Bay with its front flipper severed near Pot-Nets Seaside. "We are hoping to receive additional sighting reports because we have not been able to locate it," she said.


20 MISPLACED VEHICLE COMPLAINTS SO FAR THIS YEAR IN R.B.--- Lt. Jaime Riddle, Rehoboth Beach police spokesman, says RBPD has so far had 20 misplaced vehicle reports in 2022 with 14 in June and July alone. In most cases, police find the missing car for the owner within a few minutes of detective work and driving around town.



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