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· Anne Arundel Co. PD encrypting
· WMATA still not using P25 trunk
· Oddball DC government FCC licenses

· Justice Integrated Wireless Network

· New DC area REACT chapter
· Ledo’s guest speaker: Steven Herman (VOA)

· The DC area GMRS repeater boom
· Amateur Radio VoIP
· Mont. Co. PD considers a 7th District
· Radio magazines and newsletters coming online

· Helicopter spotting
· Tracking snowplows
· Changes for PGFD dispatching
· Montgomery County ARC
· The Unication G4/G5
· Future CHM get-togethers
· Scanning the 59th Presidential Inauguration
· CHM Get-Together THIS SATURDAY (Feb. 8, 2020)!

· Montgomery County to ENCRYPT police dispatch in new P25 radio network.

· Anne Arundel County also switching to P25.

· WMATA to encrypt and switch to wide-area P25 trunked network.

· Update on the D.C. news media choppers.

· Scanning factory-preset radio channels.

· Join The Scanner Junkies on the TGIF DMR hotspot network.

· Interested in local breaking news reports? Join the NCR Zello group.
· CHM Get-Together THIS SUNDAY (Feb. 10, 2019)!

· Push-to-Talk is back and more affordable than ever!

· Scanning O.C. this summer? P25 has overtaken EDACS.

· Montgomery Co. moving forward with P25 trunked network.

· Same for WMATA and Orange County (VA)!

· Fairfax County expands public safety through bonds.

· Scanning Germanna Community College.

· U.S. Park police finally abandon analog for digital encryption.

· Spotsylvania and Stafford abandon VHF fire/EMS simulcasts

· Talkgroups in the new NCR maritime zone
· CHM "South" Meet-UP May 9, 2018 in Fredericksburg!

· DMR and Amateur Radio

· Scanning with Software-Defined Radio

· U.S. Park PD new conventional P25 network may be online for July 4th fireworks!

· New radio zone ("Mike") for water incidents in the National Capital Region.

· Montgomery County fire-rescue on track for 2019 cut-over to P25 network.

· Ocean City and Worcester County migrating to P25 trunking networks.
· U.S. Park Police Dept. encrypted radio system on target for 2018 completion

· D.C. now has two news helicopters!

· City of Bowie PD gets its own dispatch center and talkgroups

· Montgomery Co. plans Project 25 cutover next summer!

· WMATA (Metro)'s P25 system on track for 2022 completion!

· Join the D.C. Zello incident notification group and get the scoop on breaking news!
· Scanning the 58th Presidential Inauguration
· Join the D.C. Area Zello Incident Notification Network!

· Ron Perron's Latest Military Aviation Freqs and Call Signs for the Mid-Atlantic.

· Implementation of Maryland's Statewide P25 FiRST Network Halfway Completed!

· Maryland's Mutual Aid Channels and Interoperability Groups.

· Latest News on WMATA (Metro)'s P25 Proposal.
· D.C. Area's Last Media Aircraft (N98CL)

· Scanning Metrobus

· D.C. Fire/EMS Joins MPD with Encryption

· Monitoring Military Aircraft Radio Communication in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore region
· Scanning the 57th Presidential Inauguration
· Prince George’s Co. launches 700 MHz TDMA trunked radio network.
· Loudoun Co. goes TDMA as well.
· What TDMA means for scanner listeners.
· U.S. Capitol PD plans new radio system.
· Virginia STARS online in D.C. area.
· Maryland’s EMS categories explained
· Scanning Coast Guard Sector Baltimore
· Scanning CSX Railroad in the D.C. area
· Marine One (HMX-1) freq presets
U.S. Capitol Police
Other U.S. Capitol Hill Radio Users
National Park Service
Federal Protective Service
NTIA Passport Trunked System
Health & Human Services Department
Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT)
National Disaster Medical System (NDMS)
National Medical Response Team (NMRT)
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Capital Region (NCR)
Mobile Emergency Resource Support (MERS)
Urban Search And Rescue (USAR)
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Bureau of Investigation
State Department
Secret Service
Uniformed Division, Secret Service
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
Common-Use, Joint Law Enfo and Incident Response
Armed Forces Inaugural Committee (AFIC)
Joint Force Headquarters — National Capital Region
White House Communications Agency (WHCA)
Andrews Air Force Base
Fort Belvoir/Davison Army Airfield (DAA)
Pentagon Heliport (JPN)
USMC Executive Flight Squadron
Combat Air Patrols
Military Intra-Squad Radios
D.C. Fire & EMS
Metropolitan Police Department
Other District-Related Agencies
Common Mutual Aid Channels
Suburban Police Agencies
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Auth (WMATA)
Amtrak and Union Station
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)
Washington National Airport (Mount Vernon Sector)
D.C. Harbor, Coast Guard, Fireworks Details
Local Stations
Television Networks
Cable News Networks
Voice of America
Prince George’s Co. builds new radio net
Scanning U.S. Marshals Service
New Ride-On Bus Channel Plan
Scanning Summit Point Motorsports Park

Arlington County goes true P25.
Naval District Washington’s VHF EDACS network.
Naval Academy's VHF channels.
New line-ups for Kent Co., Md.
Links for air show season.
Virginia medevac programs
Fairfax County Police
VSP Med-Flight
Omniflight Pegasus
Omniflight Nightingale
Carilion Life-Guard
PHI AirCare
WMATA's Comprehensive Radio Communications System (CRCS)
Monitoring School Bus in Montgomery and Prince George's counties
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad's new repeater
New trunked freqs for D.C. police
P.G. fire/EMS reassigns firegrounds
Culpeper abandons low band
Free-State Trunking
The Future of Radio; Solutions Radio (Web Radio)

    Federal Agencies:

        U.S. Capitol Police
        Capitol Hill Voice Pagers
        Other U.S. Capitol Radio Users
        U.S. Supreme Court
        National Park Service
        U.S. Park Police
        National Park Ops – Nat’l Capital Area
        Kennedy Center
        Federal Protective Service
        NTIA Motorola and Passport Trunked Systems
        National Gallery of Art
        Disaster Medical Assistance Teams
        Urban Search & Rescue
        Federal Communications Commission
        Federal Bureau of Investigation
        U.S. Marshals Service
        State Department
        Secret Service
        Uniformed Division, Secret Service
        Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
        Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
        Inter-Agency and Common-Agency Federal Channels

    Military Agencies:
        Armed Forces Inaugural Committee
        Fort Belvoir Motorola Trunk (2C36)
        Future Belvoir System? (A73B)
        Military District of Washington
        White House Communications Agency
        Andrews Air Force Base
        1st Helo Squad (89th Air Wing) ("Mussel")
        USMC Executive Flight Squadron
        Pentagon Force Protection Agency (Defense Prot Svc)
        Civil Air Patrol
        380 MHz DoD Trunked Systems
        Military Intra-Squad Radios
    Local Government:
        D.C. Fire & EMS
        D.C. Emergency Mngt Agency/Other City Agencies
        Metropolitan Police Department
        Other District-Related Agencies
        Business Improvement Districts
        Common Mutual Aid Channels
        Suburban Police Agencies (possibly involved)

        Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
        Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
        Amtrak and Union Station
        Aircraft Freqs (recommended by Ron Perron)
        D.C. Harbor, Coast Guard, Fireworks Details
    News Media:
        Television Networks
        Cable News Networks
        Radio Networks
        Print Media
        Local TV Stations
        Local Radio/Traffic

        WEBE has decided to add six MHz to the UHF-TV ch.15 allocations used during 2001 (477-482 MHz)

    Inaugural Sites:

        D.C. Armory (RFK Stadium & Armory)
        Hilton Washington
        National Building Museum (Pension Bldg)
        Washington National Cathedral
        MCI Center
        Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium
        Union Station
        Washington Convention Center
    Common-User, Family and Itinerant Freqs

    Secret Service Uniformed Division

    Maryland Emergency Management Agency

    Washington, D.C. area traffic reporting freqs


    Combat Air Patrol freqs

    Defense Department 380 MHz trunked systems

    Fauquier County, Virginia trunked system

    Web Corner

    Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) project

    Maryland Trunk System updates (by county)

    More changes for Prince George's County Fire/EMS Radios

    News choppers for D.C. TV stations

    MPD goes trunked

    Anne Arundel County going digital

    Complete trunk talkgroup fleetmaps for Montgomery County police, fire/EMS [HTML] [PDF]

    Montgomery County's PS-2000 nears completion

    Channel changes for Prince George's County Fire/EMS

    Howard County Fire/EMS 800 MHz system

    Worcester County EDACS trunked system

    Harford County's future trunked system

    Charles County's future trunked system

    Cecil County considers VHF trunking

    Kent County Fire/EMS VHF channel plan

    U.S. Customs air patrols over D.C.

    D.C. Emergency Radio Network [HTML] [PDF]

    Scanning combat air patrols over D.C.

    Virginia's Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) [HTML] [PDF]

     International Monetary Fund/World Bank -- the "lost episode"

     This issue, intended as a comprehensive IMF/WB listener's guide, was never mailed.

     It includes information for the following radio users:

          IMF/World Bank/Marriott Wardman Park;

          D.C. Government (MPD, DCF/EMS, EMA, DPW, D.C. misc.);

          Transit (Amtrak, WMATA, MWAA);

          Common regional mutual aid radio channels (F/P/COG-MARS);

          Visiting out-of-area PDs (NYPD, Baltimore, Charlotte, Charlestown, Philadelphia)

          Visiting state PDs (Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania)

          Nearby FD/PDs (Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Montgomery, Prince George's)

          Federal (US Capitol PD, NTIA trunk, FEMA USAR, GSA-FPS, HHS-DMAT/MMST,

                         US  Park PD, various law enfo agencies from Justice, State and Treasury Depts)

         Military (WHCA, Ft Belvoir)

          Scanning area news media desks and FRS

     Charles County, Maryland Orders Trunked Radio System

     Combined 9-1-1 Center for Washington, D.C., At Last!

     Unified Maryland Eastern Shore Consortium Trunked Radio System

     University of Maryland, College Park, Goes Trunked

     Andrews Air Force Base Contemplates Digital Trunking

     MedSTAR Medevac Helicopter Updates

     "W" Sector Coming to Prince George's County

     Delaware Leaves 33.78 for Fire Dispatch

     Scanner Listener visitor's guide for Washington, D.C.

     The 2001 Presidential Inauguration Special Edition

     Federal Agencies:

          U.S. Capitol, Congress and Supreme Court

          National Park Service/Kennedy Center

          General Services Administration

          NTIA-Coordinated Trunked System

          Smithsonian Institution/National Gallery of Art

          Disaster Medical Assistance Teams

          U.S. Marshal's Service

          State Department

          U.S. Secret Service

          Executive Branch Security Details

     Military Agencies:

          Armed Forces Inaugural Committee

          DoD Multi-user Trunked System

          Military District of Washington

          White House Communications Agency

          Andrews Air Force Base

          USMC Executive Marine Helicopter Squadron

     Local/District Government:

          D.C. Fire/EMS/Emergency Management

          Metropolitan Police Department

          D.C. Public Works

          Washington Convention Center

          Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority/Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

          Amtrak/Union Station

          D.C. Harbor

     Common Mutual Aid Channels

     News Media

     Places of Interest/Lodging

     D.C. Fire/EMS finally going digital?

     Fairfax County, Virginia close to completing digital switchover.

     Scanning FedEx Field

     Howard County, Maryland proposed trunked radio system

     Harford County, Maryland considers trunked radio system

     Prince George's County PD gets mobile data computers

     Delaware State Police simulcasts now online

     Fauquier County, Virginia ponders radio options (NewsScan)

     Scanning Ocean City, Maryland

     Sussex County, Delaware VFD "company channels"

     Trunked system updates (Charles, Montgomery, Queen Anne's, Talbot, Fauquier and Prince William counties)

     New channel plan for Montgomery County Ride-On Bus

     Bush campaign frequencies

     New Northern Virginia police and fire stations planned

     Washington, DC Fire/EMS trunked system cutover

     Public-access plans for trunked radio systems

     Alexandria new Type II talkgroups

     Arlington County new Type II talkgroups

     Fairfax County communication system updates

     Spotsylvania County EDACS trunked system

     Montgomery County awards contract for trunked system

     Prince George's County communications center frequency list

     Scanning Harford County

     Wicomico County trunked system

     Ski-scanning A-Basin

     Scanning Y2K

     Digital Upgrade for Metropolitan Police Department

     Scanning area pipelines

     Prince George's County communications center

     New US Park Police Eagle Helicopter

     Frederick County Detention Center/GS Communications

     The Scanner Digest

     Area incident paging notification systems

     Prince George's County communications center

     Montgomery County ECC information

     Montgomery County's 9-Whiskey Unit

     Carderock Rescue

     Wicomico County's Trunked System

     Delaware Trunked System Update

     MIEMSS EMRC Region V Communications

     Amtrak Police Department

     New Castle County ReCom

     Homemade direction finding

     Scanning Blue Knob, Pa.

     Ocean City makes changes

     Washington, DC Fire/EMS trunked system online

     Prince George's County Police MDTs

     800 MHz TrunkTracker Special

     Quadrangle Development Corp

     NDW Goes Trunked

     Seashore Scanning (area beach resorts)

     MCI taking over Saint Mary's County 9-1-1

     Prince George's County Police MDTs

     American Personal Communications/Sprint PCS

     Montgomery County council endorses trunked system

     Baltimore City trunked system

     Shadow Traffic service

     New radio codes for DC Fire/EMS

     Mystery frequencies needing identification

     Million Man March frequency finds